Polar Shortcut


Haru and Houki were in silence, watching the woman behind them.

Haru had never seen this woman before, but he could tell that this woman should be Houki's family since he could see some resembled on their faces. As for why he didn't say anything when he noticed her, it was because he pretty much didn't care, but when he saw Houki who was frozen in his arms, he felt that she was pretty cute.

Houki's aunt, Yukiko, gave an awkward smile to Houki and Haru, then said, "Um... sorry for bothering you."


Yukiko walked back slowly, but then she said, "By the way, Mr. boyfriend."


Houki blushed when Haru subconsciously answered her aunt who called him her boyfriend.

"Can you come to the house later? I want to know you better," Yukiko said with a smile.

"Er..." Haru felt that it was a bit too much since he had dated two sisters at the same time and if he added the aunt too...

"Ouch! Ouch!"

"What are you thinking?" Houki asked with a snort as she twisted his waist.

Yukiko chucked and said, "Well, you guys have fun first. I'll go back."

Houki and Haru watched Yukiko's back, then he said, "Who is that?"

"My aunt..." Houki was so embarrassed at that moment.

"She's pretty cute..." Haru wanted to praise Houki's aunt, but when he noticed Houki's gaze on him, he quickly said, "As expected of your aunt, I can tell that you're a family."

"If you dare to seduce her..."

"I won't. I won't."

Haru might not seduce Houki's aunt, but what if Houki's aunt seduced him?

"Still, let's stay here for a moment."


Houki rested her head on his shoulder again and somehow felt embarrassed when she thought about what had happened. "It's all your fault!" She bit his neck, giving him some hickeys here and there.

Haru sighed and wondered whether this girl didn't realize that her aunt was still observing them, but he didn't think too much and knew that there was one more woman. He thought about that strict expression and wondered what that woman was doing right now.


On the quiet bar, there was a beautiful woman that silently sat while drinking a martini. Even though she was beautiful, there was no one who dared to approach her since the aura that was emitted from this woman caused anyone who saw her to walk away without hesitation. It was so cold that it made their bodies tremble, which made them wonder whether they were in the bar or in Antarctica.

The woman had a voluptuous figure and had been dressed loosely since summer.

"Orimura-sensei, why don't you stop drinking?"

Beside the beautiful woman, there was a woman with glasses and short green hair, sitting here nervously, wanting to stop this beautiful woman from drinking again. "I know that you're worried about Kasugano-kun, but you shouldn't drink too much."

"Who is worried about him?!" The beautiful woman's face was red and retorted the woman with glasses. As for whether her face was red because of the embarrassment or the effect of the alcohol, only she knew the answer. "Maya, you don't have a boyfriend, right?"

"Huh? Boyfriend?"

The two women who were sitting at the bar were Orimura Chifuyu and Maya Yamada. They were the teachers of the IS academy and during their off time, they often stayed together.

"You want to stop me drinking because you want to go back, right?" Chifuyu wrapped her hand around Maya's shoulder and said, "Tell me the truth, you have a boyfriend?"

"Of course not!" Maya refuted without hesitation and sighed. "With our work, do you think that when can I find a boyfriend?"

Chifuyu looked speechlessly at Maya, but Maya wasn't wrong.

They were teachers at IS academy and there weren't any males in that place except for Ichika and Haru.

Maya sighed. "I miss Haru..." But then she quickly closed her mouth and looked at Chifuyu who had a gloomy expression.

Chifuyu was in a gloomy mood, but then she also sighed, wondering where that bastard was. Still, when she thought that Haru would be in trouble because he had disappeared, she didn't expect the government would be okay and didn't do anything when Haru disappeared, which made her glad and also curious what the hell was happening.

However, the thing that Chifuyu was most annoyed about was the fact that Haru didn't say anything when he had gone to Tabane!

"Can you make three Polar Shortcuts for me and one for the two ladies?"

When Maya and Chifuyu were in deep thought, suddenly a familiar voice sounded beside them. They turned their heads and were dumbfounded when they saw the bastard that they had been thinking about.

"It's been a while, Sensei," Haru said with a smile.

"....................." 2x


Chifuyu wanted to beat this guy up, but Maya directly hugged Haru.



Haru, who was hugged by Maya, also hugged her back and as expected, her body was so soft.

Chifuyu loosened her fist, then sighed, before she asked, "Still, you're going to the bar?"

"I'm looking for you, after all," Haru said with a smile.

"Where have you been, Haru?" Maya asked.

"I'm learning a lot of things." Haru patted Maya's back, and from his position, he could tell that Chifuyu grumbled, but he didn't say anything.

Maya and Chifuyu looked at Haru at the same time and knew that this guy didn't intend to say anything to them.

"Are you going out again?" Chifuyu asked.

"No, I'll stay so you don't need to worry. I won't go," Haru said.

"Is that so?" Chifuyu looked away and tried to hide the smile on her face.

Maya chuckled when she saw Chifuyu's reaction. The truth, she knew that it was better to leave the two of them alone, but she also wanted to stay with Haru, and with Chifuyu's personality, she knew that Chifuyu wouldn't make the first move.

'Sorry, Orimura-sensei...' Maya thought and decided to move first. When she made that decision, suddenly the bartender gave the order that Haru had placed.

"Three Polar Shortcuts are ready," the bartender said and placed three glasses of cocktails in front of them.

Chifuyu frowned and asked, "Why did you order this?"

In 1975, Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) established the world's first arctic route, connecting Copenhagen and Tokyo. During the company-sponsored cocktail competition in Copenhagen, Leopold Douchars won with this cocktail.

"In the past, it took so long for someone to travel from Copenhagen to Tokyo, but now it is different. Well, with this cocktail, I'd like you to know that even if I'm away at that time, I'm still thinking about the two of you," Haru said.

Maya and Chifuyu looked at Haru for a moment, then looked at the Polar Shortcuts in front of them, before they drank them.

Haru also wanted to drink it, but Chifuyu stole his glasses directly and drank his Polar Shortcut too.


"I'd thought that it tasted quite old-fashioned, but it was full of flavors and refreshing!" Maya was amazed.

"But this isn't strong enough!" Chifuyu slapped the counter table and said, "Boss, get us brandy and vodka!"


Haru looked at Chifuyu and wondered whether this woman wanted to get wasted so he would bring her to the hotel. He didn't really mind, though.

Still, Haru was glad that he had returned, but at the same time, he didn't expect that there would be another quest from the Group Chat so suddenly.

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