Singularity: Lord of Mysteries

Author: Shadow_Magus
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What is Singularity: Lord of Mysteries

Read ‘Singularity: Lord of Mysteries’ Online for Free, written by the author Shadow_Magus, This book is a Book&Literature Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ADVENTURE Fan Fiction, REINCARNATION Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: Members of the Aurora Order had brutally murdered Max, a child of the age of 15. In the body of this unfortunate child, ...


Members of the Aurora Order had brutally murdered Max, a child of the age of 15. In the body of this unfortunate child, enters the memories of Samuel, a not-so-innocent person in his previous life, whose life choices finally caught up to him one day and ended up killing him. However, he is reincarnated in the world of Lord of Mysteries, a horrifyingly tragic world where humans struggle against inevitable monsters of epic proportions by gaining Beyonder powers that ultimately either end up consuming them and causing them to lose control, or become strong enough that the will or the original creator takes over their souls. In this world of steam and machinery headed towards a prophesied apocalypse, armed with a Pathway that did not exist in the fictional novel, that will either lead to his ascension or his demise, Max must strive to survive and save the world... or would he? ---------- P.S. This is my first Fan-fic so go easy on me and give me pointers. Positive criticism is welcomed. If you don't like it or the writing is terrible, Ok. Just leave and don't rub it in my face T-T Anyway, I will post chapters hopefully daily, and I hope you guys help with the creation process of the novel. compared to my other novels, I will be writing this one with no fixed story in mind, so I will depend on you guys to give me pointers on what should come next. As of now, I have only written 2 chapters and will try to write one a day and keep up the upload schedule. Note: I had read the novel quite some time ago, and I do not wish to read 1400 chapters of something I have already read. So I went to the wiki and read through the summaries, and got the just of at least the Tingen Plot. Unfortunately, I do not want our first arc to be in Tingen for obvious reasons; Adam. Also, for those thinking his pathway is super overpowered after reading the first chapter, be warned that despite this, as long as he does not reach the highest Sequence and beyond, he is still too weak to survive in this chaotic world. Also, anything powerful comes at a cost, and you will see the cost when he tries to become a Beyonder. Anyway, I hope everyone likes the story and please comment and leave a review so I know where to fix the the fan fic.

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Hello there, Shameless Author here to give myself a 5 star review until enough normal people review the novel that I no longer need this review.


Hello readers, a reading scout here. This is certainly a good read, writing quality is good with no punctuation errors and good paragraphing. Story development is smooth and pacing is what keeps me reading. Characters are well fleshed out but need more depth and I'm sure they'll get more in the future as the story progresses. As for the world background it is still too early to tell so I'll let the time do the deed. A very good read indeed, give it a try. Cheers!


Honestly, it's good. Things might be a little confusing at the start but I would say it's a solid read since those confusions clear up eventually. [img=recommend]


Kakakakaka this was something I was loog for thank you author kun keep up the good work!!


It's just two chaps so I can't give a worldwide big review but I try. As anyone may already know, I mainly love Vamp novels but this is an interesting concept that I never heard of. Anyway, the words flow smoothly, some funny sequences are there too (if you imagine Max grinning without any teeth :D...) and the story sounds interesting. Manipulation is one of my most favorite toxic and dark "abilities" so thumbs up for that. 4 stars cuz I don't have enough info but let me know when you have at least ten chaps and I look at it again. For now, peace~


😩 I am at chapter 10 story based it's good but so many unwise and unnecessary info dump from characters. Why would someone who the MC just met share so much info to the MC they even almost accidentally revealed their identity. For someone who is a beyonder and belongs to a secret organization like Twilight Hermit Order that's so unprofessional a doubt even a half mad and insane character who does such a thing unless influenced by supernatural powers.


Definitely worth of your time, very recommended for those who like MC struggle against the world


So, I've read some chaps. The plot is great and the flow of the story is exact to the point. I haven't noticed any grammatical errors, either and thanks to that I can read without any problem. No spoilers since it's better to read it, it's worth your time for sure!


This fanfic is REALLY good, it’s well written and the there isn’t an overwhelming amount of cliches.


Reveal spoiler


Great story I highly recommend it it is one of the very few good LOTM novels


honestly it has been a delight to read this and I recommend to others the author really does a great job with the material with a new interesting pathway introduced I look forward to reading more though I wish the release rate was higher big sad


Your fanfic is really great and I like the premise very much. Although I like Klein and don't the mc to fight him to the death 😭 ................................ ................................. .................................




love the story! better than the Sun pathway fanfic that i read.


i like it! i hope yhis story will continue till the end


The story is really good! The pacing is excellent, and it has a really good hook right from the start, which was so good I kept reading until I caught up :D. Expecting more great work from this author! Good luck on your book!


what a great plot! The plot that the author is talking about is one of my favorites and now am writing a section from it. COOOOLLL!! I wonder how good will that be. This book is great as it has amazing storylines and outstanding plots. Great work author LOVED THIS BOOK


here is your well-deserved appreciation for bringing the main character to the old man............................................................................................................................................


Reveal spoiler


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