You Haven't Drank Your Coffee Yet

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"He… he left?"

On the distant building, all the observers were looking at the monitors in confusion.

The fierce conflict they rehearsed did not happen, and the three sets of countermeasures they prepared did not need to be used.

That was clearly a standard level one psyche corruption area, and he was clearly a psyche mutant with infinite potential. When they met, it was originally a good opportunity to stimulate each other and do testing. Taking this opportunity, they could find that cafe's corruption source and remove it precisely. Also, they could judge the potential of the thirteenth observed and decide to recruit or remove it together with the cafe's corruption source.

But in the end, they just saw the thirteenth observed enter the corrupted area and then walk out again.

No abnormalities at all…

The staff all subconsciously looked towards the short-haired woman, their leader.

She also had a moment of confusion. Then, she firmly ordered, "Continue testing, immediately make a fourth response plan!"

Jogging away from the cafe, Lu Xin quickly came to the high-speed rail station, wanting to return quickly.

He also did not know what it was that he saw in the cafe.

However, he was finally sure what his sister purposely ran over to remind him of.

There was a monster!

Although the world had changed radically after the Red Moon incident and countless lunatics were out there roaming the wilderness all day long, they were still people. But what he had just seen was definitely not "human"!

He didn't want to mess with it, so he just ran away.

The high-speed rail station was empty. There was only a dozing old security guard in the duty room.

Lu Xin sat down on a bench. It was only then that he heaved a sigh of relief.

Turning his head to look, his sister's figure did not appear in the vicinity, and it was impossible to ask her what exactly that was.

He could only ask at night when he got home.

Lu Xin had always known that his "family" knew something.

Rub, rub…

Suddenly, the sound of the soles of shoes rubbing the ground could be heard. Lu Xin looked up and saw people coming from the high-speed rail station.

It was still an empty subway station a moment before. But now, more and more people walked in, wearing different clothes with a hurried gait. They quickly came to the high-speed rail station but did not walk towards the side of the platform to wait for the train. Instead, they quickly distributed around the surroundings. Realizing that something was wrong, Lu Xin's head jerked as he recognized them from an old man wearing an old sweater beside him.

They were the people from the cafe just now.

Lu Xin shuddered, stood up, and saw a silhouette appear behind them.

It was the waiter. He still had a kind smile on his face, but under the light, it looked a little weird.

He was holding a cup, the same cup of coffee that Lu Xin did not drink just now.

Then, he turned toward Lu Xin, the corners of his mouth arching to slowly form a grin, his voice extremely soft and slow. "You haven't drunk your coffee yet."

Lu Xin felt a little scared and hurriedly got up, wanting to leave.

But the people around him followed his movement and moved forward to block his path.

These people who were just in the cafe, a warm and happy group of people, now suddenly became unusually weird, like they were sleepwalking.

There was no extra movement. In fact, from their pupils, one couldn't see Lu Xin's reflection. They just moved forward slowly, and space became smaller and smaller, blocking Lu Xin inside like a cage made up of people, making it difficult for him to move even an inch.

The smile on the cafe waiter's face deepened as he raised the coffee slightly to Lu Xin.

Lu Xin was a little embarrassed and panicked. "I have no money, I can't afford it…"

The cafe waiter's smile became even more bizarre. Suddenly, that cup popped. The eye, or rather, the egg submerged in the coffee previously jumped fiercely, cut a black line through the air, and flew towards Lu Xin's mouth.

Lu Xin was shocked and pushed outwards forcefully.

He was young and strong, so he managed to push down two or three people at once as he tried to escape.

But the surrounding cafe customers also moved with him, stretching out stiff arms and trying to catch him.

So many arms were like countless vines trying to trip him, completely unavoidable.

Lu Xin struggled less and less, and, before long, he had already been pressed down by them. Someone even tried to force his mouth open.

"What's going on?"

In the observation office, the short-haired woman frowned. "He's like an ordinary person."

"Maybe it's because he can't master his powers yet."

The staff on one side said, "Do we ask for the support to step in and end this test?"

Seeing that Lu Xin was already about to be swamped by the crowd, the short-haired woman nodded slowly and looked at the doll next door.

The girl had quietly picked up the umbrella by her side.


At this time, a staff member suddenly shouted.

Everyone looked at the psyche detection instrument in front of him and found a drastic change in the data.

At this time, Lu Xin, who had already been forcefully pressed down by people and even had his mouth forced open, heard a giggle in his ears.

"Hee hee!"

As he raised his eyes, Lu Xin saw his sister hugging her bear and swaying as she hung from a display sign.

"Help me…"

Lu Xin, whose mouth was forced open, let out a vague plea for help.

"My brother dislikes me and always pretends he can't see me outside…"

Sister swung in mid-air and said in a resigned voice.

"Help me…"

Lu Xin looked at the "eye" jumping above everyone's head and approaching his mouth and shouted in despair.

"Ugh. Then, you have to promise to buy me the best toys…"

Sister smiled cheekily. At this time, a mischievous expression appeared in her eyes, which didn't show the whites.

"No money!"

Lu Xin was angry. He straightened and shouted.

Also at this time, the eye had crawled to the side of Lu Xin's mouth. The pupil rolled in the direction of his face. It shrunk slightly as if revealing a smile and suddenly jumped violently and snuck over. At the same time, the hands of the surrounding people pinched Lu Xin's mouth wide open. He was like a helpless prisoner, watching the thing fly bit by bit towards his mouth.

Despair descended!

But also at this time, a small, cold hand suddenly held Lu Xin's palm.

Sister had jumped down!


In others' eyes, it seemed as though Lu Xin suddenly became a loach.

He was being locked tightly just now, and his arms were twisted backward. His mouth was pinched open, but he suddenly became exceptionally bizarre. His arms twisted violently, then flipped over at an incredible angle. Then, he quickly twisted his waist and then shook off several arms holding him. Taking advantage of the opportunity, his mouth was also freed. His head tilted, causing the eye to fly over his head.

At that moment, he had used odd and bizarre movements to get rid of all the people controlling him and squeeze out toward the crowd.

The surroundings were packed full of people, all rushing toward him, looking completely impossible to escape.

But Lu Xin's figure became almost unintelligible at this point, threading his way from side to side through the crowd in an extremely bizarre manner.

"Precise body control ability… Spider Style!"

At that time, in the building not far away, the staff members had already seen the scene of Lu Xin escaping through their surveillance videos and gaped in shock. From a complex display screen, they saw that Lu Xin had already been restricted and was about to be forcefully "corrupted" by a monster. But at that moment, his body became dexterous and agile in the blink of an eye, allowing him to escape.

Facing the countless monsters in the high-speed rail station, he actually seemed to be in no man's land, and his body was so agile that he could even create some unimaginable angle changes. He was obviously squeezed in by the "people" in the cafe, but he could use a posture beyond the normal dodging and moving around. Without the use of any tools, he could climb on the vertical walls on his hands and knees.

"What's the percentage?"

"It's not possible to draw a conclusion yet. But, looking at this speed, the initial estimate is above 50%!"

"Then, isn't the initial potential almost catching up with the 'lizard'?"

The staff in the building were surprised and delighted, excitedly looking at the monitor as Lu Xin quickly rushed towards the door.

"Not good!"

Suddenly, someone noticed a change and shouted in surprise.

Meanwhile, in the high-speed rail station, Lu Xin pulled his sister's hand. He seemed to be about to break out of the encirclement and escape.

But the cafe waiter standing outside the crowd looked at his bizarre and agile figure, and the weird smile on his face became deeper and more bizarre. It seemed to become stiffer and froze, and the waiter seemed to become an empty shell.

At the same time, seven or eight huge tentacles suddenly flew out from behind him.

Each tentacle, all as thick as a bucket, was covered with inverted bone spines and bizarre eyes.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

These tentacles flew towards Lu Xin and stabbed at him.

Beside Lu Xin, who was escaping on the wall, mud flowers exploded and countless mud chips fell from the wall.

Under this violent bombardment, the entire high-speed rail station trembled and seemed to be about to collapse.

However, no matter how fast the tentacles grew out of his body and how frightening they were, Lu Xin's body shape was incomparably grotesque and weirdly natural. He sometimes slanted and sometimes twisted his body in ways that defied the laws of physics, dodging the tentacles one by one. It seemed like he was actually dancing on the wall and ceiling under the tentacles' attacks.

In just a few seconds, he had already crawled dozens of meters away and was near the exit.

Seeing this scene, the short-haired woman in the observation point took a deep breath and turned to the girl in the other room.

"Prepare to wrap up!"

That girl got up with no expression, picked up her umbrella, and slowly held it open.


But just at that moment, a staff member in front of the screen shouted in surprise, "You guys, look…"

The people in the office all turned their heads in shock. They saw that in the high-speed rail station, Lu Xin, who had already escaped the tentacles through his ungodly speed, was just a few meters away from the exit and was about to escape from the high-speed rail station when he suddenly stopped. He didn't escape directly. Instead, he hung upside down from the roof, turned his head slowly, and gestured with his finger towards the front.

The short-haired woman was taken aback. "What is he doing?"

"He seems… to be provoking them?"


"How can this be?"

The atmosphere in the observation point seemed a little tense, and the staff all looked at each other.

From the time Lu Xin showed his Spider Style ability, they were ready to start the final cleanup. They understood how terrifying the speed of the Spider Style was. Under such circumstances, the source of corruption in that coffee shop definitely had no way to trap him, or rather, in this world, there weren't many places or people that could trap those with the Spider Style.

But what they did not expect was that the one who possessed the Spider Style actually did not escape…

Instead, he turned around and provoked the monsters!

What kind of person wouldn't immediately escape when facing those monsters but instead turn around and provoke them?

"Sister, what are you doing?"

At that moment, Lu Xin also shouted in surprise.

The exit was obviously right before him, and he could escape as soon as he turned around, but his sister, however, pulled him hard.

Sister pouted. "Then, what are you going to do?"

Lu Xin was angry and anxious. "Run away! Don't you see the monsters?"

"Brother, why are you so scared?"

Sister laughed in a low voice while provocatively hooking her finger at the cafe waiter.

Underneath her dirty hair, her eyes looked unusually bright. "It's obviously him who should be scared…"