Level One Psyche Monster

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That cafe waiter smiled when he saw that Lu Xin did not escape and turned around to provoke him.

When the smile on his face twisted to a certain extent, the skin and flesh ripped open violently, revealing a black muscle that rolled and extended outward, turning into a line of twisted and thick tentacles. Some bore a huge mouth with short sharp teeth popping out of it, while some rolled up and down, revealing a huge eye.

Then, all the mouths opened wide with fury, spewing out a stream of sticky liquid.

Lu Xin's whole body shivered. "Run away…"

Sister, however, just looked at the monster excitedly. "I'm not running, look how cute it is…"

Before Sister finished speaking, the monster hissed and fiercely waved its countless thick tentacles towards Lu Xin.

Lu Xin was shocked and frightened, and he couldn't help but shout, "I…"

But then, his sister suddenly pulled him and quickly rushed toward the monster.

"Psyche power fluctuation has reached the limit value…"

In the observation point, a staff member tapped his keyboard quickly and shouted in a low voice, "The level one psyche monster has appeared!"

On the display, the entire empty high-speed rail station was trembling like an earthquake had happened, with the cafe waiter as the center. Huge cracks and craters appeared on the ground around them, and the people around them, including the cafe "customers", were torn apart.

It was as if an invisible force field had warped and destroyed everything.

"A high-speed rail will enter the station in three minutes, with at least thirty passengers on board!"

Another staff member also shouted nervously, turning to the short-haired woman, "What should we do?"

The short-haired woman took a deep breath, unable to decide for a moment.

"According to common sense, Spider Style mutants can't deal with this kind of psyche monster without a systemic weapon…"



On the display, where the image kept shaking, the observed person was actually flying straight ahead to meet the cafe waiter, who had distorted countless force fields around him. With a flash, a deep crater created by his numinous power appeared in the surroundings. He suddenly shrunk his body back, and holes appeared on someone seven or eight meters away from him.

And in this extremely dangerous situation, he actually rushed to the cafe waiter's side.

Then, he stretched out his hand and grabbed one of the cafe waiter's arms.


At this moment, the screen suddenly turned dark.

That was because the cameras in the high-speed rail station had all been completely destroyed by that invisible numinous power.

The short-haired woman took a breath and suddenly shouted, "Hurry!"

Everyone moved nervously, including the little girl in the next room.

At this time, in the high-speed rail station.


Lu Xin felt bitter, but he let out a burst of smug and playful laughter, and a frenzied and excited light flashed in his eyes. Countless eerie and horrifying tentacles slapped in front of him. Instinctively, he felt like so long as any tentacle touched or brushed against him, it would cause irreversible and exceptionally horrible damage to him.

But amid this danger, he only seemed to feel the excitement.

He rushed forward, making various twisted and grotesque poses, dodging the tentacles, and arriving at the monster's side.


He reached out and grabbed a piece of flesh on the monster, and with a twist, pus burst forth.

One of the monster's tentacles was actually directly torn off by him.

The monster was frantic with pain, and countless mouths hissed at the same time.

But Lu Xin looked even more excited as he circled the monster continuously.

He was obviously not as strong as the monster, but he also could feel that once the monster caught him, he would probably die instantly. But he actually felt no fear. Instead, he felt like it was very fun, as though he was a cat teasing a mouse. He moved rapidly near and away from the monster. Whenever he went close to the monster, he would pull out one of the long tentacles.

He was disassembling it…

The number of tentacles on the monster's body was decreasing, and it seemed furious but also scared. But no matter how intensely it reacted, it only made Lu Xin more excited. His body blinked around the monster like a ghost as he tore off the monster's tentacles one by one…

The monster hissed lower and lower, surrounded by limbs and blood everywhere.

But the limbs and the blood slowly disappeared as time passed after landing.

In the end, the monster was powerless to resist. Despairing, it crawled toward the exit.

But Lu Xin jumped to the wall in its pursuit and pulled off a thin iron pipe from the top of the wall. Laughing loudly, he jumped down, aimed at the monster, and ruthlessly thrust the pipe down.


The monster was pierced through the head and nailed directly to the ground.

The monster struggled desperately, unconsciously flapping its few remaining tentacles.

And Lu Xin crouched not far from it, remaining alert as he watched the monster hiss and struggle with unusual satisfaction.

The countless eyes on the monster's tentacles were all fearful. Suddenly, all the tentacles tensed up.

Then, with a "pop", they turned into a mass of blood plasma.

The moment the plasma burst open, it spread in all directions, like a fog of blood.

Fortunately, Lu Xin was extremely alert at that moment and instantly dodged, avoiding the writhing flesh.

But the surrounding "customers" who chased him from the cafe were instantly engulfed by the flesh and suddenly came to their senses.

In the battle just now, the "cafe waiter" almost indiscriminately attacked, so there were heavy casualties. But they didn't move, as if completely unable to feel pain and fear. Then, they suddenly awakened as if from a dream and ran in all directions.

Some rushed to the entrances and exits on both sides, and some even jumped down the high-speed rail passageway.

Every one of them seemed to be crazy, not afraid of being crushed into a pulp by the high-speed rail that was about to enter the station…

"Want to run?"

Lu Xin's eyes were wild with excitement. His eyes turned as his body darted, and he threw himself at the person closest to him.

It was an obese, limping woman.

This woman was just swept by the cafe waiter's tentacles. Her whole left leg had been folded into a bizarre angle, but she was still fighting to run out, only very slowly. Sensing him approaching from behind, she suddenly turned around and fiercely opened her mouth. Her mouth actually opened from ear to ear, and her yellow, greasy teeth looked much sharper than usual at this moment.

At this time, she didn't look like a human being at all, more like a senseless beast.


Lu Xin dodged her bite with a flash and then, stretching his arm, he broke her neck.

Then, he leaped, flying towards the other fleeing figures.

His eyes were strangely frenzied, and his speed was indescribably bizarre and swift. In just a few moments, he had already killed four or five "customers". But there were too many of them, and they were all escaping frantically. When he caught up to and killed four or five "customers", the others had already escaped in all directions. The high-speed rail station platform was already empty.


Suddenly, a slight movement in the high-speed rail station caught his attention.

Lu Xin jerked his head around and saw an old security guard standing in the security booth, looking at him in horror.

The old security guard had good luck.

Obviously, the entire high-speed rail station had been affected by the battle. But this pavilion actually remained intact, and he was also unharmed. But it was at this time that he moved a little, which attracted Lu Xin's attention.

Lu Xin looked at him. His eyes looked dark and deep, and then his expression turned twisted and excited.

The next moment, he had suddenly moved and rushed to the front of the security booth. With his fingers taut, he grabbed the old security guard's head.

The old security guard hugged his head with both hands in horror.

But the expected attack did not come.

"That's enough…"

Lu Xin shouted in anger and pulled his sister violently.

Sister's slender fingers stopped a few centimeters away from the guard's face.

Sister was crazy, but Lu Xin was able to stop her.

At the time, he especially wanted her to stop.

In the battle just now, he would have been caught by the monster if he made even the slightest mistake. So, Lu Xin didn't dare to stop his sister. Even under the situation where he wanted to escape and Sister wanted to return, he didn't dare to force her. Because they had different intentions, their actions and reactions would be slowed, possibly putting them in danger. Those "customers" were also not normal, so he was okay with them being killed.

But this old security guard was a normal person. Lu Xin certainly couldn't let his sister hurt him.

"Okay, okay…"

Sister was forced back by Lu Xin, seemingly angry. But when she turned her head and saw Lu Xin's face slightly distorted due to anger, she suddenly became well-behaved. Her slender arms wrapped around Lu Xin's neck as she laughed. "Don't be angry Brother. Weren't I trying to protect you? Look at those monsters, they're all so fierce and scary…"

"If they're scary, we could have escaped…"

Veins bulged on Lu Xin's temple. He wanted to continue, but Sister's expression changed.

"Oops, those people are coming over, let's get out of here…"

Lu Xin was startled. He hurriedly flipped his body, landed on the wall, and quickly crawled away from the station.

The entire empty high-speed rail station was left with nothing but bloodstains all over the floor and the trembling old security guard.


The high-speed rail suddenly entered the station, shaking the station so much powder fell.

At the same time, a white shadow flashed by, and a doll-like girl appeared.

She held an umbrella in her hand and was actually floating in the air.

Following closely behind her, a motorcycle's rumble sounded and the short-haired woman appeared.

Looking around, they didn't see the presence of the psyche monster or even felt any residue of psyche power. They also didn't see the previously observed person. In the entire subway station, there were only the mutilated corpses, the bloodstains all over the ground, and the cafe waiter nailed to the ground turned into a puddle. An unexpected and somewhat frightened expression appeared on the short-haired woman's face.

"How did he do that?" she muttered in surprise.

A Spider Style psyche mutant, without a manufactured weapon and the cooperation of an armed squad.

How did he get rid of a corruption source properly?

Her heart was filled with doubt, and when she slowly turned her head, she saw the old security guard in the security booth.

The old security guard was already scared silly, and the fear in his eyes seemed to be overflowing.

In his trembling hand, he was holding a digital camera from the old days.