Chapter 13: Do Not Show Off Wealth

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[After some thought, you decided to find the village head and tell him that before entering Black Wind Forest, you knew about an Innate Realm Perfection Master named Li Huai who was searching for something and to be careful. The village chief's face changed drastically upon hearing this.]

[You asked for the reason, and the village chief told you. It turned out that Chi Village was once a great family in Xia Kingdom, and together with the Li Family, they were known as the two great families of White Moon City. However, for some reason, their clan could not break through to the Spiritual Origin Realm above the Innate Realm. Therefore, fifty years ago, after the Li Family Ancestor broke through to the Spiritual Origin Realm, he launched an attack on the Chi family, intending to wipe them out completely.]

[In the end, the Chi family suffered heavy casualties, and only a small number of people escaped and hid in Black Wind Forest, not daring to leak any information.]

[After listening to the village chief's explanation, you deeply felt the danger of this world and sighed at the unfortunate experience of the Chi family. However, you also wondered why the village chief would let you leave Chi Village.]

[The village chief saw your doubts and said that Chi Village had a drug that could make people forget some of their memories. This made you understand why the village chief had said such words.]

[Soon after, the village chief fell into deep thought and worry. A strong cultivator with Innate Perfection Realm cultivation wouldn't be a threat to the Chi Village, but they are now no match for him. If they were found, it would certainly bring disaster.]

[You asked the village chief if it was possible for him to break through to the Innate Realm Perfection. The village chief shook his head, saying that his potential had been depleted because of his advanced age, and breaking through was impossible. You felt helpless at this.]

[The village chief then called a meeting of the clan elders, and they eventually decided to relocate the entire clan, so as not to risk being wiped out.]

[On July 3, you followed the Chi Village people out of the Black Wind Forest. In order to not burden you, they gave you a lot of silver banknotes, urging you to return to your own family. You didn't want to leave, but they insisted on pushing you out of the group.]

[In the eyes of the Chi Village people, they were being hunted by the powerful Xia Kingdom families. If their whereabouts were leaked, it would cause great trouble. At the same time, they saw you as a benefactor and didn't want to bring you any trouble. Chifeng didn't want you to leave either, but also urged you to do so.]

[Feeling helpless and unable to say otherwise, you left the Chi Village group and made a living in the nearby Black Wind Town.]

[Without the ample supply of Blood Food from hunting in Chi Village, your cultivation progress slowed down. You began to worry about your future life.]

[In the end, you chose to focus on cultivation. Fortunately, although you no longer had access to monster beast blood and flesh, the Chi Village people had given you plenty of silver banknotes, allowing you to live without worry, purchase some cultivation resources, and cultivate at ease.]

[August 20, and you still hadn't advanced to the late stage of Muscle Training Realm.]

[On October 1, you finally reached the late stage of Muscle Training Realm.]

[On May 5th of Daya calendar 481, you finally reached the peak of the Muscle Training Realm.]

[On May 25th, 481, you were targeted and killed by mercenaries in Black Wind Town due to your ability to purchase cultivation resources without ever engaging in trade or hunting monster beasts. They took your money and possessions.]

[Due to your death, this simulation ends.]


"That's just too miserable."

Wang Ping was speechless.

He told the Chi Village people about Li Huai, and they had to move their entire village, their fates unknown.

He could only struggle to survive and cultivate outside of Black Wind Forest, not daring to venture too far.

The result was still being watched.

It was quite miserable.

This world was indeed full of dangers everywhere.

"It seems that no matter which world, we must always keep in mind the principle of not flaunting wealth."

Wang Ping shook his head and thought silently.

"If possible, I still have to find a way to figure out one thing."

Wang Ping rubbed his chin and fell into thought.

Did Li Huai accidentally find Chi Village, or did he search for it?

If he accidentally found Chi Village, all they needed to do was kill him, and they wouldn't need to relocate their clan. He could cultivate peacefully in Chi Village.

If Li Huai had searched for the village on purpose, then it would be troublesome, and they would have to flee.

But when Li Huai searched, they also had to investigate carefully.

"From the simulation, it seems more likely that he accidentally found it. Otherwise, in this simulation, I've survived in Black Wind Town for so long. I shouldn't have been able to avoid hearing any news. After all, searching would definitely cause a stir. No matter if it came from the Li Family's mobilization of strong cultivators to search, or the mobilization of mercenaries in Black Wind Town, there should have been some clues within the simulation."

Wang Ping quickly pondered.

"However, my guess is still just a guess. I need to continue the simulation to figure out the specifics," Wang Ping frowned and hesitated slightly. "Besides, I must also think of a solution. Otherwise, even if I'm sure they accidentally found us, I still can't solve the problem of our massive power gap."

With that thought, Wang Ping opened the chat group and shared the situation he was likely to encounter and asked for advice on how to solve it: "Hello, experts, my current situation is like this... In this case, how should I solve it?"

Soon, someone responded.

Wu Jun (20): "Wow, Wang Ping, can you really see into the future like that? Your talent for predicting the future is really formidable. I'm so envious, QAQ~"

Liu Mei (15): "You really seem to have a lot of misfortune... It's not easy to save your life, but you're encountering danger again? However, according to your description, the martial power level in your world seems to be quite high."

Fang Yun (3): "What can you do? Just accept it, I guess. Worst case scenario, run away alone."

Wang Ping (66): "I want to protect Chi Village. The people there are so good, and if I stay there, I can cultivate safely and be taught cultivation..."

Fang Yun (3): "There's a huge gap between you and that enemy. The truth is, in your current situation, there's no turning point to get out of this mess. Of course, there may be a breaking point, but you just haven't thought about it yet."

Wang Ping (66): "By the way, does the chat group have a delivery function? If Cai Yonglong could come and help, it would be great."

Fang Yun (3): "We haven't even unlocked the task function yet, and you're dreaming of a delivery function? You're daydreaming! Rolling his eyes.Jpg."

Wang Ping (66): "Alright..."

Wang Ping felt at a loss.

In his current situation, Cai Yonglong was the only one he could think of who could face a strong Innate Realm Perfection cultivator.

After all, Cai Yonglong had said that his cultivation had reached the 7th-Tier Innate Realm, which was enough to compete with an Innate Perfection Realm cultivator.

Of course, their worlds were different, and there might be some deviations in their strengths.

"Wait, there seems to be a breaking point."

As Wang Ping thought about it, he suddenly thought of something and his eyes lit up.

The two Gale Leopards were also powerful forces. If they could lure Li Huai into the presence of the leopards and have them fight, then the Chi Village people could join forces with the leopards to deal with him. Perhaps there would be a chance of victory.

"This might work."

The more Wang Ping thought about it, the more he felt that this method was feasible, and he clenched his fist in excitement.

"However, I also need to find a way to get the Chi Village people to give me some Spiritual Stones to help with the simulation. After all, I can become stronger through the simulation much faster than through cultivation. This might be the quickest way to break the deadlock."

Wang Ping thought of this and took a deep breath.