Signing In For Eight Years, I Was Exposed As A Zillionaire!

Ye Xuan transmigrated back to when he was an infant cuddling in the embraces of his nine older sisters. He activated the God-tier Sign-in System. [You are hugged by your eldest sister, who is the COO of a financial conglomerate. You signed in and obtained RMB100000000.] [You are fed medicine by your second sister, who is crowned the God Hand. You signed in and acquired god-tier acupuncture skills.] [You trained along with your third sister, who is a Martial Arts Grandmaster. You signed in and your overall physique improved.] [You live-streamed with your fourth sister, who is the top news anchor in the country. You signed in and acquired extraordinary good looks.] …… Ye Xuan could sign in daily! After staying in the city and signing in for eight years, Ye Xuan had accumulated an astronomical amount of wealth and become a billionaire. On his eighth birthday, his nine sisters were forced by the grand elder of their clan to get married. Just when everyone had lost hope of turning things around, Ye Xuan hopped down from his eldest sister’s embrace and said, “You’re marrying my sisters off against their wills. Have you consulted me about this?”

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So Proficient That It Made One's Heart Ache

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Hire a driver…

Liu Yanran was screaming in her heart.

What else could she say?

After finishing their coffee, the group of young masters and young ladies escorted Ye Xuan out of the cafe.

They were completely different from when they entered.

This was especially true for Lin Yuhan. Last night, he had been extremely unyielding and had even tried to frame Ye Xuan. But now, he was asking Ye Xuan about his well-being like a lackey.

"Brother Ye, I added you as a friend on WeChat. Please accept it."

"Brother Ye, do you want to take my car back today?"

"Brother Ye, where is your house? I'll visit you another day."

Upon hearing this, Gong Xiaohan glanced at Lin Yuhan and said, "You flatterer. Yuhan, why didn't we know that you were such a flatterer?"

"Xiaohan, what are you talking about? I'm convinced by Brother Ye. You don't understand at all."

"That's right. Xiaohan, how can you say that about Yuhan?" Liu Yun chimed in.


Gong Xiaohan was speechless.

Then, she looked at the group of young masters and young ladies beside her, who seemed to agree.

Good lord.

In the end, was she actually the clown?

"Brother Ye, I-I-I-I didn't mean that."

Gong Xiaohan immediately vowed.

Ye Xuan simply waved his hand.

In this short period of time, he had already convinced a group of young masters and young ladies and gained a group of lackeys.

"All right, driver, let's go."

Then, Ye Xuan held the back of his neck and said to Liu Yanran as he walked.


These words almost made Liu Yanran choke.

She, the director of the Huaxia Bank, was actually reduced to a driver.

If the people at the company found out, wouldn't they be laughed at?

At this moment, she could only smile at Ye Xuan, "Okay, Young Master."

Young Master?

This title wasn't bad. Ye Xuan nodded and walked to her car. Liu Yanran's car was a Mercedes-Benz E-Class. At this age, she was able to drive such a car by herself. It was obvious that she was young and promising.

"Young Master, where are we going?"

Liu Yanran asked.

"Tianyue Bay. I'm going home."

Tianyue Bay?

Liu Yanran gulped.

The Tianyue Bay Community was the residence of the top officials and nobles in Jinling. It was reasonable for the Young Master to live there.

On the way.

Ye Xuan sat in the front passenger seat and smelled Liu Yanran's perfume. It gave him a different feeling.

This smell was very fresh. It was a perfume that he had never smelled before.

It was also different from the smell of his sisters.

Liu Yanran also felt Ye Xuan's gaze on her. For some reason, she had a strange feeling. "Do I look good?"

Unexpectedly, Liu Yanran asked this question.

After asking, she was also stunned.

"You're beautiful. I have a feeling your career will thrive."

Ye Xuan spoke. He even gave her a thumbs up.

Then, Liu Yanran lowered her head slightly and her face turned red. The button on her chest that was under immense pressure had actually burst. It could be said to be white now.

It revealed her "long career".

This button must have burst after getting into the car.

This blouse was of such poor quality!

Couldn't the company improve the quality of their clothes?

If the supervisor of uniforms at Huaxia Bank knew what Liu Yanran was thinking, he would definitely be very innocent. After all, there was a limit to clothes.

Then, Liu Yanran looked at Ye Xuan, especially his thumbs up. Liu Yanran's face instantly turned red to the extreme. It was a far cry from her previous image of a domineering director.

When they were about to reach home, Ye Xuan activated his Golden Eye once more.

[Name: Liu Yanran.]

[Appearance: 96.]

[Height: 171cm]

[Figure: 36D]

[Affinity: 80]


Had her affinity with him reached 80 so quickly?

He thought, "Not bad, girl. You have a bright future ahead of you."

"Okay, I'm home. The car is not bad and it's very smooth. Be careful when you go home." Ye Xuan got out of the car and walked towards the entrance of Tianyue Bay.

Tianyue Bay was one of the top estates in Jinling. Things were serious here. The property management was also good. Unless it was a homeowner's car, foreign cars had to go through strict checks. To prevent any trouble, Ye Xuan still walked in.

After entering, Yexuan sat in the property management's car and headed towards villa Number Two, which was his home.

Meanwhile, Liu Yanran looked at her clothes and did not know what to say. Fine, she had never been looked at like this before.

"Calm down, calm down. He's an eight-year-old child, an eight-year-old…"

"Bullsh*t, who has 180 billion yuan at the age of eight!!!"

Meanwhile, Yexuan entered the villa and saw a McLaren P1.

It was his Second Sister's car.

"Looks like Second Sister is back."

Second Sister Ye Ying was known as the Godly Doctor. When she was still a nurse, she was the first to hug Ye Xuan. Of course, she was the one who made Ye Xuan cry.

After eight years, she had also become a rising star in the Chinese medical world. Now, she even had the title of the Godly Doctor. It could be seen that her medical skills were extraordinary.

However, in Ye Xuan's eyes, that was all.

Perhaps it was because Ye Xuan had signed in and obtained too many divine-level medical skills from his second sister, Ye Ying, that she seemed so minor.

When he entered the villa, there was no one on the first floor. He went up to the second floor and prepared to look for his Fourth Sister Ye Chan. However, before he could open the door, the sound of a live-stream came from inside.

"Forget it, I'll go find Second Sister."

After entering another room, a graceful figure was lying on the bed and looking at her phone. Surprisingly, her phone was also filled with medical information.

Ye Xuan looked at the beautiful body on the bed.

[Name: Ye Ying]

[Appearance: 97]

[Figure: D]

[Height: 169cm]

[Affinity: 95]

At this moment, Ye Ying should have just taken a shower. Her hair was still wet. Coupled with her willowy eyebrows and cherry lips, as well as her jade-like skin, she was like a lotus flower emerging from the water, suppressing everything else. When she lay there, the pressure from her chest and her slender legs made one's imagination run wild.

"Little brother, where did you go today?"

"I went out to play."

Ye Xuan walked over. Ye Ying, who was wrapped in a towel, was about to get up when she sniffed him. Hm?

"Little brother, come here."

"What's wrong, Second Sister?"

Ye Xuan walked over and Ye Ying sniffed him.

"Did you go to meet a girl today?"

Meanwhile, Ye Xuan was speechless.

No way, Second Sister, could she smell it?

Ye Xuan was willing to call her the strongest!


"That's impossible. The perfume on you is definitely not something we use. Did other girls take advantage of you? I told you not to go out alone. You're fine now. Don't you know that when you were young, as long as we brought you out, a group of girls would definitely come to tease you?"

Ye Xuan thought, "Actually, I know everything."

"Second Sister, did you just come back?"

"Sigh, that's right. I started the surgery last night and I'm almost exhausted. Hurry up and give your Second Sister a massage."


Ye Xuan got on the bed and started to walk around his Second Sister's back.

A while later.


A slap landed on Second Sister's butt. Then, his Second Sister flipped over.

He was simply so proficient that it made one's heart ache.