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Not giving everyone a chance to continue being shocked. In the video, Deva Path directly used repulsion to clean up the yellow sand all over the sky and fought with the exposed Uzumaki Naruto.

At this moment, Uzumaki Naruto had consumed nine out of ten senjutsu chakra, and the Sage Mode had automatically faded.

But he had reserved two shadow clones in Mount Myōboku to store senjutsu chakra.

The shadow clone summoned by Fukasaku was dispersed, and Naruto's own senjutsu chakra immediately filled up.

Naruto also entered Sage Mode again.

Uzumaki Naruto's second burst caught Deva Path, who was fighting with him in close quarters, off guard.

With a lapse in defense, Deva Path was sent flying by a punch from Uzumaki Naruto, landing backward.

Taking advantage of his weak moment to hit him!

Uzumaki Naruto's eyes narrowed, and his hand activated his senjutsu chakra. A Rasenshuriken appeared in his hand, and he threw it at Deva Path in midair.

At the moment, Deva Path was in mid-air, and there was nowhere for him to dodge.

His Shinra Tensei was still in its cooling state, so he could only take the blow.


"Is he finally going to die?"

"No way, he hasn't undressed yet!"

"But now he can't dodge at all .... Crap, that Pain, he's resurrected again!"

"Damn it, if we don't take the lead and kill that guy who can revive, there's no point in fighting this battle."


Amid all the buzz, Preta Path, who had died, was resurrected and instantly appeared. He stood in front of Deva Path and absorbed the Rasenshuriken with his ability.

Uzumaki Naruto obviously noticed this as well. A burst of bright red smoke was released to conceal his form.

At the next moment, the two Rasenshuriken were sent off and attacked the two Pains.

Preta Path moved again to stop one of them, only to find that it was actually Uzumaki Naruto's clone.

Before he could react, the second Rasenshuriken had broken through the gale and arrived in front of Deva Path.

But, 5 seconds had passed!

Deva Path shot out and performed Shinra Tensei to destroy it.

At the same time, Uzumaki Naruto himself suddenly descended from the sky, with two ready-made Rasenshuriken in his hand, blasting directly into Naraka Path's body.

Naraka Path couldn't avoid it. He was blown away by Uzumaki Naruto's Rasenshuriken.

From the six Pains, only three were left!

Deva Path saw Naraka Path die. With a cold snort, he raised his hand. A sudden outbreak of suction caught Naruto off guard.

Preta Path quickly dodged, pinned Uzumaki Naruto in his arms, and began to absorb the chakra from his body.

But he didn't know that the chakra in Naruto was no ordinary chakra but senjutsu chakra.

The hungry ghost absorbed the senjutsu chakra but couldn't balance the natural energy in his body. His body quickly turned into a frogman-shaped statue.

The cooldown time was over. Deva Path did the same thing again. He sucked Naruto towards him, grabbed Naruto's neck with his left hand, and slammed him hard to the ground.


Naruto was smashed to the ground. With his body's landing point as the center, spider web-like cracks with a length of several meters instantly appeared on the ground.

Looking at Naruto, who vomited blood, Deva Path was unmoved.

He summoned a black stick with chakra with his right hand and impaled Uzumaki Naruto directly through both palms, nailing him hard to the ground.

Then, the black stick in Deva Path's hand shot out continuously and completely nailed Uzumaki Naruto to the ground.

"Kyūbi capture successful."


"Did... did he lose?"

Outside, in the shinobi world, everyone was dumbfounded by the turn of events in the blink of an eye.

'Didn't the exam space say that Naruto prevented Pain from invading Konoha?'

'How could he be nailed to the ground now?'

'Wasn't this embarrassing oneself?'

Seeing the dozens of long black sticks impaling Naruto, the shinobi crowd frowned.

Regardless of whether Naruto, who had no resistance now, could save himself and succeed. Let's just say that after he escaped from those black sticks with a dozen wounds all over his body, would he still be able to stop Pain?

"No, are those Konoha shinobi just watching? Not going down to save him? That's ... heh... so this is the number one shinobi village?"

"That old geezer standing up there, isn't that the old bastard, Konoha's Danzō? Why hasn't he sent anyone down there yet?"

"No way, Konoha's people are too heartless. Just now, the guy was trying to defend them, and now when he's in danger, they are all just standing by?"

Listening to the group below feeling bad for Uzumaki Naruto, the Fourth Raikage, Ay, also felt disdain for Konoha's behavior at the moment.

Glancing at the stupid Senju Tsunade on screen, the disdain in Ay's heart was heavier.

If this boy were from his own village, if nothing else, he would never let him fight Pain alone.

'At the very least, I would have thrown Killer B over there with him!'

Surprisingly, there was no one from Konoha!


Suddenly, the sneering Fourth Raikage's eyes lit up, and a burst of joy surged in his heart.

'Konoha did a good job!'


'It's you who has chilled people's hearts and given me an opportunity!'

Ay licked his dark lips excitedly and instantly came up with a dozen abduct ... no ... attract Uzumaki Naruto plan.

He narrowed his eyes, looked at the screen, analyzed Uzumaki Naruto's character, and thought to himself which plan would have a higher success rate.

'Ugh! If I had a granddaughter, why go to all this trouble!?'


At the same time, on the pit wall in the live broadcast.

Despite Anbu's obstruction, Senju Tsunade was about to go down to stop Pain from taking Naruto away.

Suddenly, beside her, a graceful figure jumped without hesitation.

"It's her?"

Senju Tsunade looked at the rapidly descending figure for a moment. 'I didn't expect for her to jump in, in this kind of situation!'



In the branch family of the Hyūga clan, Hyūga Neji looked at the image of the figure leaping down. His eyes instantly widened.

"It's Ojou-sama, that's right!"

Although the young Hinata in the picture had grown up a lot, the pure white eyes and black longhair told Hyūga Neji that this was Hyūga Hinata.


Hyūga Hinata's movements were incomparably athletic, flipping several times in the air and jumping steadily onto the summoned bird with Animal Path.

Animal Path didn't expect someone to leap down from above at this time, and before she could see who was coming, her chakra had exploded and shot brazenly.

"Gentle Fist: Eight Trigrams Palms Revolving Heaven!"

The veins around Hinata's eyes bulged, making her face look a little sinister at the moment.

Light blue chakra visible to the naked eye escaped from her body. Hyūga Hinata's palms swung like the wind, and her body rotated at high speed, blocking all Animal Path's attacks.

Seeing that her attack was invalid, Animal Path turned around and was about to jump off the bird.

With just a brief contact, she already knew that she was no match for this woman in close combat.

Seeing that the other party wanted to escape, Hinata directly attacked, taking a half step forward with her palms crossed.

With the Eight Trigrams palms, she reached forward and grabbed the opponent's shoulder.

"Eight Trigrams Thirty-Two Palms!"

"Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms!"

"Eight Trigrams One Hundred Twenty-Eight Palms!"

With Hyūga Hinata's melodious voice, palm after palm blasted Animal Path like a storm.

Animal Path could initially resist, but in the end, her body was hammered like a rag by Hyūga Hinata's palms.

What horrified Animal Path even more was that Hyūga Hinata's technique had a strange suction force that made it impossible for her to escape. She could only withstand the attack.


At the last strike, most of Animal Path's body was damaged and fell to the ground.

Hinata stood on the huge bird and looked coldly at the falling Animal Path. Chakra was quietly running through her hands, forming two lion heads over her hands.

The lion heads were completely dark blue, and their eyes exploded with a soul-stirring light.

The lions' mouths were wide open as if choosing a person to eat. Their manes were more like burning flames, which were extremely dazzling.

Hyūga Hinata stomped hard and leaped. The huge bird beneath her feet let out a wail and plunged toward the ground.

On the other hand, Hyūga Hinata took advantage of the recoil force to arrive in front of Animal Path at a faster pace, coming up behind Animal Path.

"Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists!"

As if a death sentence was pronounced, Hyūga Hinata hit Animal Path again in mid-air.

The two lion fists frighteningly ripped Animal Path's body. Countless pieces of flesh, and chakra sticks, were broken and torn.

There was no room for resistance at all, so Animal Path was abruptly torn apart by Hyūga Hinata.


Hyūga Hinata, who had finished everything, bent her body slightly and landed firmly on the ground in mid-air.

Above, the remains of Animal Path's corpse were still falling.

Hyūga Hinata slowly got up, stood quietly, and looked at Deva Path coldly.

In her hands, the double lion fists were still burning.

At the moment, the scene... was absolutely beautiful!



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