She Becomes A Hot Sensation After A Scandalous Affair Book

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She Becomes A Hot Sensation After A Scandalous Affair


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[Mature Content.] "If they want to hate me so badly, then I’ll double it down. I will be the hottest sensation they will ever see!” * Madeline Rose’ career as a budding young actress was cut short when she found out that her older boyfriend and co-star, Jonathan Hale, was already married with a child. The public hounded her for her affair, even though she was also a victim of deceit as she never knew that she was dating a married man. She lost everything, her career, her good reputation, her future - all of it crumbled to pieces as her boyfriend tossed her under the bus, blaming her for seducing him. She became a public enemy, and her online nicknames were ‘Shameless homewrecker’ and ‘cheating snake!’ Unable to cope with the hate comments, Madeline decided to retire from the entertainment industry. But four years later, she realized she had to pay for her mother’s cancer treatment, and her father's gambling debt. Desperate to earn money, Madeline realized it was best to pander to the rumors. With her amazing acting skills, she easily pretended to be a sexy and dangerous seductress, confidently claiming all the slanders were true. She was indeed the evil homewrecker, Public Enemy No. 1. Even as they cursed her, money flowed in like water. But as she became the headline of many gossip news, Madeline found herself attracting the attention of Lance Grant, a mysterious scion from an aristocratic family who wanted her to be his contractual girlfriend despite all of her controversies. – “I will sponsor your career,” Lance Grant said. “Reality show, modelling, singing, acting on TV shows and movies. I will give you everything if you agree to be my girlfriend.” “Do you not see how controversial I am, Mr. Grant? You’re going to ruin yourself,” Madeline refused. “Because you are pretty and infamous, you’re perfect for me, Madeline Rose.” – With the help of Lance Grant, Madeline restarted her career to become a hot A-list celebrity. But what happens when her ex-boyfriend, Jonathan Hale, divorces his wife and begs Madeline to take him back? * Official Commissioned Cover and Character’s Images by @durudara * Contact me Instagram: @foreverpupa