Shards of the Broken Heart

Lucas lost everything. His abusive father pushed his mother to the brink of death. His younger sister turned into a chip for blackmailing and lost her life. Left alone in the world without his loved ones, he decided to end his life to meet them in the afterlife. Instead of dying, Lucas was born as a baby without his past memories in a world of cultivation. He had a loving family of mother and older sister. Even without his memories, as Lucas grew up, he knew in his heart that he had to protect his family from all the evils and strived to become stronger. With his growth, Lucas occasionally started to see many heart-rending visions, which affected him greatly and affected the way he looked at others, including his family. The revelations shocked him. He couldn't trust anyone, even his once close family and friends. What were those visions? How will Lucas cope with the unsettling revelations and his chaotic feelings? Will he become estranged or strengthen his bonds with his family and friends and gain the love and warmth that he once longed for. Read from the perspective of Lucas and join him on his journey of growth, acceptance and love. *** The prologue of the novel (the first 2 chapters) is tragic and hard to digest but HOLD ON! Do read at least the first 10 chapters before deciding to drop off. Note: No Gender-Bender, Yuri, NTR and Rape. *** [A/N: The cover is mine, it's original. Cheers to AI!] Join the server for character art: https://discord.gg/FSYAghWsje

Grispera · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
246 Chs


Afterwards, I asked a few female guards to bring the girls out, wash them and give them medical treatment.

After ordering them, I took a bucket on my own and went to the deepest corner, where another girl was sitting there hugging her knees. She didn't have a broken and blank expression but was pale and sleepy.


I called her with a light but choking voice.

She lifted her head a little. Her eyes enlarged, and she tried to crawl backwards, but she was blocked by the wall.

I stopped getting closer to her and dropped to my knees. 

Seeing in her state made me feel like my soul cracked. It was too painful, and I instinctively didn't want to either see or admit her situation.

However, I had to face it as I dragged my knees slowly towards her. I wanted to hug her and say, 'I am sorry. It's all my fault.' 

But I couldn't and just said.

"It's okay now. No one will harm you now. You will meet your mom and dad again. You won't be apart ever again."

Her eyes watered, but she still kept her distance. I reached her, stretching my hand little by little, and put it on her head.

"It's okay now. Big brother will help you get back to mom and dad. You are safe now."

This time, her guard weakened as she clung to my embrace, tears starting to flow down her face. 

The little girl cried aloud.

"Big brother! They did bad things with me. They also beat me. I was scared."

I pulled her closer and rubbed her back to soothe her. 

But she flinched a little in pain, and I found my hands a little wet.

Feeling something amiss, I brought my hand in front of my eyes and found that it was covered in red. I checked her back and found that it was covered in blood. 

Looking around, I found a trail of blood leading from Lily to a place corner a few rods were poking out of the wall. And there was dried blood on the rods.

I gently pressed my fingers on her back and found that her whole back was riddled with punctures. She hissed in pain. 

(This shouldn't be happening. Why did she have to suffer like this?)

My heart started thumping faster as I gritted my teeth in anxiousness.

Seeing my face, the little girl smiled weakly and said.

"Don't be sad. It just hurts a little. I don't feel any more pain. Instead, I feel like I am floating. I also feel a little sleepy and was just going to sleep when big brother called."

I loosened my hug, and her knees unbuckled on the floor. I saw holes in her chest and abdomen, covered in blood. Many broken bones were piercing out of her body. 

Seeing her like this, I felt anger at my incapability to protect her. But I soon calmed myself down to not show any negative expressions on my face and asked.

"Lily, it is okay. You can sleep. I will keep watch over you. And when you open your eyes again, you will see my face."

"Big brother, you don't have to lie to me. I know I am going to die."

Hearing her words made me feel like my heart would burst in pain.

(First our mother us, now my sister is also going to leave me. Why did this happen to them?)

"Lily, wait for me a little. Okay? I will be back in a few minutes. Just don't sleep now, as I will sing you a lullaby."

Hearing my words, her eyes shined a little, and she nodded her head a little forcefully despite her injuries. 

I went to the other corner of the room and dialled a number.

"Lucas! Did you find her? Is she okay now?"

Hearing the worried voice, I smiled a little.

"David. You know you are my best friend, right? If you had ever died before me, I would have taken care of your family members so that you would enjoy yourselves in your afterlife."

"Man, what are you saying?"

"David, listen carefully. Exterminate the Douglas. Find out how Lily got kidnapped. Don't even spare her adopted parents if they are involved. Whoever is involved, kill them. 

Take care of the charity and the company. There is a folder in my desk drawer, and in there is my will. And... you take care of yourself, brother."

"Hey-hey, what are you sayi----"


I ended the call and switched my mobile off. 

I sent the guards outside the room and told them to enter my room only when David came here. One of them wanted to say something, but I shut him up.

Entering the room again, I went in Lily's direction. 

Hearing my footsteps, Lily opened her eyes with some effort.

"Big brother. I feel cold and very sleepy. I can't hold on anymore."

I wrapped my hands around her and kissed her eyes softly.

"You can sleep to your heart's content. I will hold you to sleep and sing a lullaby. I guarantee that you will have sweet dreams."

With a weak but happy smile, she closed her eyes. I started to hum a lullaby our mother used to sing us to sleep.


'The lazy sun is late again,

There is more weight to gain;

Cute little moon,

Please come back soon;

Sleep, my dear,

I will always be near.'


In the midst of the lullaby, her heartbeat suddenly stopped, but there was a calm smile on her face. 

Seeing her look so peaceful, I kissed her forehead.

"My dear Lily. In this life, I couldn't be with you, and even being away from you resulted in you suffering because of me.

But I promise that I will always be there with you on the road to the afterlife and beyond. And in there, I will do my best to never let any harm come your way."

Then, I cut the arteries on my hands and lay down on the floor while pulling Lily with me. 

After a few moments, I bled out and closed my eyes to join Lily on the road to the afterlife.