Shards of the Broken Heart

Lucas lost everything. His abusive father pushed his mother to the brink of death. His younger sister turned into a chip for blackmailing and lost her life. Left alone in the world without his loved ones, he decided to end his life to meet them in the afterlife. Instead of dying, Lucas was born as a baby without his past memories in a world of cultivation. He had a loving family of mother and older sister. Even without his memories, as Lucas grew up, he knew in his heart that he had to protect his family from all the evils and strived to become stronger. With his growth, Lucas occasionally started to see many heart-rending visions, which affected him greatly and affected the way he looked at others, including his family. The revelations shocked him. He couldn't trust anyone, even his once close family and friends. What were those visions? How will Lucas cope with the unsettling revelations and his chaotic feelings? Will he become estranged or strengthen his bonds with his family and friends and gain the love and warmth that he once longed for. Read from the perspective of Lucas and join him on his journey of growth, acceptance and love. *** The prologue of the novel (the first 2 chapters) is tragic and hard to digest but HOLD ON! Do read at least the first 10 chapters before deciding to drop off. Note: No Gender-Bender, Yuri, NTR and Rape. *** [A/N: The cover is mine, it's original. Cheers to AI!] Join the server for character art: https://discord.gg/Ev3hTw3bqB

Grispera · Fantasy
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A Desperate Situation


"Who is there?"

"Chairman, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas are here requesting a meeting with you."

"Let them in."

A few minutes later, my assistant led a couple of a man and a woman inside the room. The assistant bowed a little and left the room, giving privacy to me and the couple for our discussion.

The man was handsome in his 40s with platinum hair and green eyes. The woman was in her 30s with a vivacious body. She had blonde hair and light brown eyes.

Without saying anything, they both took their seats facing me across the table before the man smiled complacently and said.

"How are you doing my son? I heard you have a hard time handling both the charity and the company. You are in the prime of your life. You should enjoy yourselves more. 

How about this, you hand over the company to me, then you can have more time for the charity as well as for yourselves?"

I didn't say anything and just glared coldly at the man. 

He flinched but quickly composed himself and tapped the woman on her shoulder. The woman unlocked her phone and passed it towards me.

There was a video that was on pause. I didn't play the video but just stared at them. 

However, the woman, seemingly unaffected by my lack of response, looked at me with a seductive gaze before opening her mouth.

Her voice was alluring, but the words she uttered made my heart cold.

"My dear Lucas, what do you think about having a young teenage girl experience the pleasures of the flesh for the first time with many old men at the same time. 

And what could be better than watching such a tender bud blossom into a flower with your own eyes?"

Hearing her words, I felt my scalp tingle and my fingertips turn cold. I did not want to believe her words. 

To refute her false words, I played the video with my trembling hands just for confirmation that her words were just a hoax to bait me.

But I was wrong.

Oh, so wrong.

In the video, there was a naked young girl who had recently reached adolescence. She had a frightened expression with tears streaming down her cheeks. 

And there were men around her, touching her all over the body. 

'Leave me alone!! Don't touch me! I want to go home. Mom! Dad!'

Two burly men pinned her hands on the floor as a flabby guy with a nasty grin started to spread the girl's legs open. 

'No!!!' The scared girl screamed in protest.


The video stopped as I smashed the phone, an extreme fury surging through my body. 

I flung myself on the man and grabbed his neck, clenching my fingers around it. His eyes bulged out, and his face turned purple. 

I growled at him.

"Tell me! Where is she?"

"Stop! Let go of him. Do you not want to save her? If you kill us, she would be left to her fate of getting toyed with. Even if you save her, our men would post this video all over the internet. 

Do you want to make her live the rest of her life in shame?"

The lady screamed while trying to pull my hands off the man's neck. 

Understanding the urgency of the situation, I let the man go, resulting in him slumping into the chair. 

However, my anger unabated, I glared at them and spat the words.

"You want the company, right? I will sign the papers. Just tell me her location!"

Hearing my words of accepting his terms, the man smiled while still massaging his neck. Getting a little cocky, he said.

"Now, now... Take it easy-agGHH!"

His words got stuck in his throat as I once again choked his throat. This time, the strength of my hold was stronger than the previous time.

"Victor! Don't test my patience. I said I would give you the company. If you don't give me the location now, I will torture you to death. And believe me, I will get the location, even if it may take many days. 

Then I will get there and slaughter those guys and... 'save' her too. But you won't get anything from this except an excruciating death."

"We will give! We will give you the location."

The woman screamed, and so I released the grip on Victor. He coughed hard with a startled look on his face. 

Then the woman rummaged through her bag, took out a folder with papers about transferring the company's ownership, and passed it to me. 

Looking at the neatly arranged papers without missing a single clause for their benefits, I smiled grimly at the woman.

"Ashley, you are a very good opportunist..."

I signed the papers and handed her the folder back. Receiving the folder back, the couple had a small smile of victory.

However, they felt my glare on them, thus returning to sense and gave me the location. The location was in the sea, a fair distance from my current location.

"Tell your men to stop them and kill those guys. Or else I would kill you."

"We-we have left her on a ship of smugglers. The location is a small island which acts as their base. I don't have any contact with them."

After they gave me the details, they were not of much use to me.

So, I kneed the man in his stomach and chopped at his neck to make him unconscious. 

I grabbed the fleeing woman and made her unconscious, too. Then I called the guards to drag them and lock them in an isolated room for torture.

With time not on my side, I had to take every method possible to reach the smuggler's hideout as soon as possible.

I took a helicopter to the port and, from there, took a speedboat to the location given by the despicable couple.

By the time I reached the island with a team of elite guards, the sun had set down the horizon. 

The island was relatively small, with a building for residence and a warehouse. I split the guards into two teams and led one team to the building while the other went to the warehouse.

With noise suppression muzzles, the squad made a clean work of the smugglers, and we reached the topmost floor of the building. There was a large room with an adjacent terrace.

There were sounds of animalistic grunts and moans coming from the room. I kicked the door open and found five men and three women performing carnal activities with enraptured expressions. 

When they saw the door being kicked open, they stopped their act and gawked at us.

One of my guards shot a woman through her forehead. She slumped on the guy she was mounted upon with a gun in her hands. 

I scanned the room for the one I was searching for, but after not finding any clues about her, my mood soon darkened. And so, I ordered them to kill everyone except one guy.

"Where is the little girl?"

I asked the single man left in the room. 

"Lit--little girl? There are m-many girls in the warehouse. We don't have any little girls here. I swear!"

Stuttering a little, the man answered.

After he served his usefulness, I stabbed him in the forehead. Then, I left the room and sprinted towards the warehouse.

The other group had also cleaned up all the mobs in the warehouse, but there were still no signs of her.

Instead, some of them were standing in front of a room with an uneasy expression. Feeling something ominous, my heart turned heavy, and I entered the room.

There, I found many naked teenage girls with blank faces. There were bruises all over their bodies, and they were covered in some sticky fluid. 

The guards were carrying the dead bodies of some naked men out of the room. 

Seeing such a scene, my blood turned cold, and my steps came to a sudden halt. I asked the guards to bring a few buckets of water and bandages.

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