32 Chapter 32

Where it all began.

It all began in an abandoned building, on its third floor. That's exactly where Genevieve was right now. The place where she had aimed a gun at the supposed Alec Walliams, only to be scolded by the commissioner for arresting the wrong person. Fate really is a fickle thing.

Genevieve's venturing had come to a complete stop when she saw a familiar yellow light bulb, flickering on the ceiling above. The only difference this time was how a table sat underneath it. The table wasn't there before. In fact, nothing was there last time.

"Hello, Genevieve. Please have a seat."

Goosebumps rose on her skin, and it wasn't because of the cold temperature. She paused in her step at his voice, and her mind forced her to relive the last encounter with the demon before her.

"Well shit. Looks like you got me."

"Aw. Don't tell me you're scared of me, Genevieve."

"And you were spot on. That is exactly why I became a detective."


Name: Alec Walliams


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