Shadow Book

novel - Horror&Thriller



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"I dare you to say that again." "You look like Gollum's twin brother." _____________________________ Officer Genevieve Perez. A diligent police constable. She's quick, both mentally and physically, with a gun by her side at all times. The 24-year-old does her duty to the best of her ability, and absolutely nothing can distract her when she sets a goal. Detective Alec Walliams. At 27, He has managed to accomplish countless tasks over the span of a few years. An egotistical male during the day, and a skilled undercover investigator by night. Sometimes, the two personas occur at the same time. Alec and Genevieve cross paths. One thing leads to another, and they have to team up in order to catch a twisted outlaw. The only problem? They're like oil and water. She abides by the rules. He makes his own. 18+