Shackles of Destiny Book

novel - Magical Realism

Shackles of Destiny


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Entangled in the threads of a predestined future and tempting life desires, a group of four teenagers learn and experience love, hatred and a number of emotions brought by their choices as they grow into adulthood. Each, hailing from different backgrounds, gets lost in the sweet presence of cute feelings that intesifies to a strong sense of want. They go through betrayals, heartbreak, misunderstandings, separation and most of all family dilemmas. It all starts when Hanji, a Japanese transfer student, joins their school. Laughter and jokes slowly turn to despair and separation. Join the four main characters- HanJi, Chaerry, Eugene and Chris- of Shackles of destiny on their journey of maturity and lessons they learn. A light-hearted novel that takes through a rollercoaster of emotions. It is your cliché teenage book that will feel relatable. It's a heartwarming book. The setup is of a real life situations.