1 The Butt encounter

It was Eugene, Chaerry's best friend, who brought up the hot widely debated topic of whether we have one or two butts into their girl talk. And since then, their conversation took no turn. They were, apparently solemnly, having a heated debate on that topic.

Just then Chaerry's eyes fell onto that thing she thought was her ultimate weapon to win this. They were standing along the corridors outside the classrooms. Suddenly, Chaerry puts forward both her hands, her index fingers pointing towards a certain someone's butt. She repeated "up down" mimicking the movement of the butt.

"And this, my friend, is what I meant when I said butts are two. See if it was one it would have moved at the same time. Like that. " She said beckoning at the experimental butt. Eugene felt strangely convinced. Her eyes now landed on the butt that was now on a halt. She looked up to meet the eyes of the owner and to her surprise he was actually looking at them.

Chaerry, with a proud grin, was looking at Eugene waiting for her approval. Eugene roughly nudged Chaerry's arm with her elbow.

Perplexed, Chaerry rushes her hands to her face to hide from the embarrassment. "He heard me" she whispered to her friend.

Her mind was now blank. Confrontation was not her cup of tea so she opted to run away from the scene.

"Chae wait! " Eugene screamed at her friend who was now sprinting across the corrider like a lunatic.

"No babe. I am heading to the washroom!" She yelled back.

She sat in the washroom where she was later joined by Eugene after apologizing to the guy.

"Welcome to another episode of Chaerry embarrassing herself. " She said sarcastically when Eugene entered the washroom. They stared at each other for seconds before breaking into a hysterical laughter that lasted for a while. This is them. They were used to doing embarrassing shit. As long as they had each other every embarrassment felt comical.

"That dude is stuck up for real! " Eugene said frustratingly as she explains from her desk how the apology went.

"You know what he said, " She scoffed before continuing, " You are surely not the one who owes me an apology Huh." She imitated his deeper than the sea voice before busting into a laughter.

"Lol! That's if we ever meet. "Chaerry rolled her eyes before she queried "How did he even hear us at first? Was that headphones for the sake of showing off."

The bell went off, before Eugene could add any words, signalling that they ought to get prepared for the next class. Punctual as ever, the teacher enters the room except that this time she had a company. " okay so students today we have a new transferred student. "Come in! " she said.

With honey-colored doe-like eyes, the student in talk had brunette silky smooth hair that filled his head covering his forehead till his eyebrows.

His clear milky skin sparked one question "WHAT IS YOUR SKIN CARE ROUTINE?!"

He walked in a cooly. Letting everyone mesmerised. It was obvious that he was a foreigner. "I am Hanji. Thank you." He said clearly trying to limit his words. Immediately then it dawned on Eugene that it was HiM.

"It's him " Eugene mouthed to Chaerry after distracting her from her doodling.

"Looks like after all am not gonna have an escape in this." She thought to herself after having an intense look at him and confirming it was him.

Is she really gonna have to apologize for checking out someone's butt????

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