5 Chapter 5

The next morning, Song Yi walked briskly to school with an extra spring in her step. She was very excited to go to the Number 1 Guild of Korea, The Hunters Guild.

Getting to see S-rank hunters in person and collecting their autographs would surely lead to internet fame and fortune when she sold them online hehehe.

As she neared the school gates, she noticed a large crowd of students congregating and chattering excitedly. Pushing her way through, Song Yi gasped. A sleek black Mustang GTD was parked out front, its lines gleaming in the morning sun. Leaning casually against the driver's side door was Azaroth, donning a black T-shirt with a Black jacket.

He spotted Song Yi and waved her over with a grin. "Hey, like the ride?"

Song Yi could only stare slack-jawed at the gorgeous sports car. "Wow...is this yours??"

Azaroth patted the Mustang fondly. "Just got her. Thought I'd give her a spin today, come on, hop in, we should go."

"A-ah but we are in front of the school already, where are we going? " 

The other students busy recording the fancy car on their phones glanced enviously at Song Yi being addressed so familiarly by the cool new guy.

Azaroth tilted his head, "Where you ask? To the Hunters Guild... I told you yesterday, yes?"

"But what about school?" Song-Yi asked

"Oh, don't act like you haven't bunked school in your life, but oh well, I think you are right, I should just go there alone...." He said while shaking his head like he was disappointed.

"W-Wait! I'm coming!" She said and quickly sat inside to which he replied, "Good Girl"


Azaroth expertly maneuvered the Mustang through the city streets, clearly enjoying his sleek new ride.

"Hey, btw, you have a driving license right?" Song-Yi asked.

"Nope~" Azaroth replied as he took a sharp turn, fully concentrated on the road "I'm the same age as you, how could I have one?"

Azaroth spoke the truth. One of the perks of having a strong background was that the rules for other people don't apply to you.

"Waa..? At least... You know how to drive, right?" Song-Yi said as she watched him in shock.

"To be honest, it's my 2nd time driving a car, the first being when I drove to school today."

He said, looked at her, gave her a smirk, and accelerated.




Soon towering glass and steel structures gave way to more open terrain.

Rising majestically before them was a sprawling complex with a large sign out front: A sword and bow placed on a shield and the words written in bold "Hunters Guild ". Ranked number one nationwide, its reputation and prestige were legendary.

The Hunters Guild is the strongest and largest guild amongst the top five Korean guilds. It is active in the Seoul Metropolitan Area and is the only guild in Korea to have two S-Rank Hunters.

Spotting Azaroth pull up, the guards promptly waved them through the gates with a nod. He parked and turned to Song Yi with a grin. "Well, welcome to my uncle's place. Pretty impressive, right?"

"Un" Song Yi could only nod mutely as she took in the grandeur. Her anticipation had been building all morning to see the famous guild up close.

Azaroth had sent word ahead, for there was no mix-up at the entrance. He didn't liked the face-slapping cliche after all.

A stern-faced receptionist greeted them. "Ah! Mr. Morningstar, welcome, would you like me to take you to the Guild leader's office? "

She was a beauty, Azaroth took a mental note to fuck her in his free time as he has more important matters like checking the system's working.

"Yes, why not? How could I make the Guild Master wait, right?" He said with a charming smile.

"Ehm! OK, right this way sir." She politely signaled towards the entrance.

She led them deep into the high-tech complex bustling with top hunters. Song Yi struggled to contain her excitement at seeing so much power in one place.

But when the receptionist was escorting them, Azaroth's phone started ringing,

♪♫Tere tere tere.... BURY THE LIGHT DEEP WITHINNN~ cast aside there's no COMING HOME~... ♫♪

He frustratingly looked at the caller ID and then pinched the bridge of his nose and excused himself telling the receptionist to take Song-Yi to a guest hall,

"Hello, Grandpa..... why did you call?"

"Why you ask? Do I need a reason to call my grandson?" The voice was raspy and dominating.

"Nobody is listening Grandpa... *sigh, stop acting cool"

"Ehm! I see, so is it a bad time?"

".....Well, now you have already called... so, what's the matter?"

"Oh, Mikel mentioned you ordered him to tail someone?"

Azaroth cursed in his heart, he knows his grandpa. If he does not give a suitable explanation to him then he will start doubting Azaroth's..... sexuality as Gay. Since Jin Woo would be the 1st person Azaroth has shown interest according to him obviously, or the second probability will be that, his grandpa would think Jin Woo had somehow offended Azaroth and would try to kill him.

Azaroth doesn't want to lose the baby dinosaur who might aid him and help in the future battle with the monarchs, He doesn't wanna burden himself with shit like the responsibility of saving the world and humanity.

He doesn't care what happens to others if it means him being strong at the end, but in case he has to stay in this world, he doesn't want to live in a bunker with all his wealth gone and infrastructure damaged.

He decided

 If they came in my way, I would kill them, But if they didn't - I'd still kill them

But I would Fuck that insect queen first.

He was relaxed at the moment as according to Jin Ah, Jin Woo had only gotten his system. But his hunger for power is increasing day by day...

According to the System, he needs to have sex with a storyline character to unlock the spin wheel, only the beginner pack made him strong enough as an E-rank hunter, he can't imagine what the Gacha will give him.

Although the task is somewhat reachable, it will still take some time. These girls were not whores who would spread their legs to someone they just met for a day.

He is getting impatient. At this rate, he might just rape Song-Yi... 

"Azie my boy? you still there?"

Ah yeah, where was he? He needs an excuse and the one that will set perfectly with his grandpa's nature.

"Ah, yes, The thing is, I like a girl and that man is her brother, I just wanted to resolve their issues-"

"OH! I get it! I will send someone to hire him to our guild, I need some work to do so I'm hanging up!" Senior Choi said something like Azie is coming out of depression, bring me a glass of champagne and with a *beep* the call ended.

"Sigh, what a crazy old man" 

Azaroth got back and gestured to the receptionist to proceed.

"What took you so long? Lets go quickly" Song-Yi said to which he hummed.

In a sec, Azaroth and Song Yi were shown into a spacious office at the top of the guild headquarters. Behind a sleek desk sat Choi Jong-In,

"Uncle Jong-In," Azaroth greeted him warmly.

The Guild Master rose with a smile. "Azaroth, it's good to finally meet in person. I've heard much about you." He shook Azaroth's hand firmly.

Turning to Song Yi, Jong-in said, "And who is this lovely young lady?"

"This is Song Yi, a classmate from school," replied Azaroth.

Song Yi bowed nervously. "P-pleased to meet you, Master Choi."

Choi Jong In was the one who invited him to meet. because of work Jong-In was not able to meet him but was eager so he had invited him to his office.

Jong-In waved them to sit. "My apologies for not greeting you sooner, Azaroth. Work keeps me busy. I'm glad you could visit today."

The two chatted for a while, catching up on family matters. Then Jong-In glanced between Azaroth and Song Yi curiously.

"So tell me...is this lovely girl your girlfriend? You both make a fine match."

Song Yi immediately began choking on air, flustered. Azaroth chuckled and soothingly rubbed her back.

"Now now, Uncle, we only just met. Song Yi is helping me adjust to school." He smiled warmly at her.

"And as compensation, she wants your autograph.... she might try to sell it though~" He teased her.

"N-No, I-I mean yes, I want your autograph..." Song Yi tried explaining, her face now as red as Azaroth's hair.

"Haha, sure sure." Jong-In laughed heartily at her reaction.


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