Sex System in Solo Leveling

"Hmm? What is this blue floating screen?" I was always a bottom feeder, always acting kind, always pleasing people.... why? Because I had no influential background. I didn't expect to get everything handed to me on a silver platter suddenly. {Monarch of Lust System} {Congratulations on activating the 'Monarch of Lust System'!} {Note- "The system will not assist in obtaining girls for the user. Instead, it will empower the user with enough strength to stand on top of the food chain. How the user chooses to pursue their sexual desires is entirely up to them.".} {The System wishes the host a joyful journey!} "....... It's like, I'm the MC of some degenerate's FanFic" ______ Brief Description- A very degenerate piece of work only being written because the Author is horny. Tags-OP MC, Invincible MC, Evil MC, Perverted Protagonist, Smart Protagonist, Scum Protagonist, Blackmail, An@l, BDSM, R-18, R@pe, Incest, Netori, System, Harem, Large Harem, Smut, Sex... And various other fetishes, you can probably find everything here. BUT NO Gay stuff and Femboy stuff. **NO YURI, NO NTR. Me myself being a Reader, will never provide content that will destroy reader's mood. Support me on: patreon.com/MilkLoverFanfics The idea of writing this shit came to me while reading my favorite FanFic [Multiversal] Sex System in The Class Room of The Elite by AlmightySkyDxddy. The story will be different coz it is set in SoloLeveling but the system is kinda same Also, there are No traps. *** Remember do not compare reality to fiction. If you're as trashy as me then enjoy the work. If you're a snowflake then kindly leave. Thank you for reading. To read ahead—> pa treon.com/MilkLoverFanfics

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Chapter 3

There were three words written in the floating panel in front of him, which were spelled as -

[<>Monarch of Lust<>]

The words 'Monarch of Lust' floated in front of him and he slowly extended his hand towards it in confusion.

As soon as his fingertip touched the virtual panel it brightened and vibrated. 

There was a small message icon in the corner that was glowing with a red light, Azaroth didn't waste a single moment and tapped on it and a lot of unread notifications popped up on the screen.

With amazement at the message flashing in the notifications.

[Traveling Completed Successfully!]

[Identifying First Plane..... World 7383, Solo Leveling.]

[System Bounding was successful]

<ding! >

[Monarch of Lust System Activated!]

[Open System Panel?]

Azaroth was overwhelmed but he gingerly pressed yes and another panel poped up.

[Host- Azaroth Morningstar (Mike Lancer)

Age- 16

System- Monarch of Lust System

Description- As implied by the name the Monarch of Lust System allows the host to conquer girls and become the Lust Monarch.

But this does not mean the system will hand you the girls, the system only has a gacha function and will provide you with chances to spin the wheel.

How you wish to conquer the objects of your sexual desires is completely up to you.]

"... Am I inside some degenerate's FanFic or something? WTF?"

Mike, ah no, Azaroth was gobsmacked. What in the fuck was this system blabbering about?

His gaze had been fixed on one line from the beginning- 'Provide you with enough strength to do whatever you want..... ', Whatever I want? did this mean this world was his playground?

After reading all this, the system pannel turned into a blue light and got inside the old ring he was wearing.

Thinking about what he just read, a weird sense of pleasure was building in his heart but he took a deep breath and calmed himself.

He frowned with a sense of grimness, who was the one who heeded his call when he asked the Gods and Devils for Power?

Was he now working for a Devil? Was he now going to do some evil shit for them?

But the most important question.... does it matter?

Heh, does it matter if he works for a God or a Satan? 

No, the only thing that matters is gaining Power! To be on top of the food chain!

He turned his gaze back to the ring, enquiring more.

"Hellow...? Hey? System? Can you respond?"

<ding! >

[The system has no consciousness to give the host 24/7 live support but you can clear your questions with the automated help center!]

As soon as the voice of the genderless system sounded in his mind a blue light shot from the ring and turned into a rectangular-shaped screen in front of him.

 [Do you want to open the Help Center?]

He looked at the yes button and pressed it.

[Welcom to the System Help Center!]



Azaroth shot a lot of questions toward the System, some got answered some got no response.

After a while....

Hmm.. so it's like this.

'Hey, is there a reason for 'Allocating' systems? what's the catch?'

Suffice it to say while happy on the inside, Azaroth hadn't lost his mind. He didn't believe in free lunches, although he didn't mind being a lackey of some evil otherworldly being he needed to show that he was a little averted, and the way this system answered his queries was a bit creepy.

First, although it seemed like it had told him a lot, it had not revealed about its workings and where it came from.

It only answered him in shells that made an outline like- He would soon have the strength to do whatever he wanted.

But then, what if it was all a dream after his phone blasted on his face?

But that was not the case, everything looked so real to just be a dream, after pitching himself till he started bleeding he was jumping in joy inwardly. But he still had to maintain an image on the outside.

He remembered the popular quote from Tate- "To not show the other party that you are already under their influence when making a deal, don't let your happiness or sadness come in front of your judgment

Your MIND must be STRONGER than your FEELINGS."

'What if I don't commit any sexual act at all and just live peacefully?'

[@$!! ERROR!]


[Answering the Host- If you don't act as per the theme of your system you won't be able to get SP (System Points) and will be stuck as a netizen in the world 7383 of Solo Leveling forever. 

But rest assured, the host can do whatever he wants. The system can't take away the background and wealth given to the user! The host can gain powers by going through the theme and after that stop whenever he wants, System can't take away the Powers which he would have gained!]

'Bahaha!' He had read many Chinese novels and many Korean manhwas about a system.

Azaroth couldn't contain his laughter soaked in mockery. The host can live like he wants? what an expired load of horse shit,

'Pfft~ sure, sure, I believe in you,' he sarcastically remarked. 'But what's the use of SP?'

The system should not know that Azaroth will not argue about whatever he will have to do.

[SP/ System Points- can be used in the System Shop and for spinning the System Wheel. The System Shop will have items related to the world the host is in. And the System Wheel will have random items and skills from throughout the multiverse.]

Azaroth wanted to not overlook anything the System told him, he was Mike- the man who used to absorb information like a sponge. He contemplated the system's words and took a deep breath, massaging his temples.

His eyes fell on the corner of the panel, he noticed a small box-like symbol that was slowly blinking in red, without wasting a second he clicked on it curiously.

[Open System Gift Pack?]


[Space Isolating Barrier x1 (2 hours)]

[Advanced High-School level knowledge (Master)]

[Advanced Monster and Dungeon knowledge (Master)]

[Martial Art Skills (Master)]

<ding! >

[Martial Art compatibility detected from the previous world....]

[Martial Art Skills (Perfected)]

[Note- the skill levels are as follows-

Beginner-> Proficient -> Expert -> Master -> Perfected]

Azaroth's mind was filled with various techniques and knowledge, he noticed his muscles slightly bulging under his uniform, "Wow...."

The seed of excitement in his heart was slowly growing.

There were a lot of girls in his class who were far more beautiful than the world he came from.

He looked at the girls and noticed two girls who looked somewhat similar to the characters he had seen in the manhwa,

Song-Yi is a teenage girl with black hair in a bob cut, black eyes, and a beauty mark right under her left eye. And a slender teenage girl with gray eyes and brownish-black hair in a ponytail, Sung Jin Ah.

While reading he always thought of her character as a cute and caring yet stubborn sister figure, but looking at her hot figure and beauty made him excited. 'I guess the girls related to the storyline are designed more beautiful than the rest?'

Just imagining the cute sister of Jin Woo screaming under him made his dick hard.

The thought of the beauties and perfectly designed bodies in this frictional world left him reeling with pleasure.

Cha Hae-In (img)

 Lee Joohee (img)

 Sung Jin-ah (img)

 Park Kyung-Hye (Jin Woo's mom)

 Yoo Soohyun (img)

 Akari Shimizu (img)

 Esil Radiru (img)

 Querehsha (img)


And many more.....

He hungrily licked his lips.


Author Note-

The system seems familiar right? The story is different so don't mind. Just wanted to fuck these Solo Leveling girls.

The story is tagged as r-18. The MC is going to be a total villain, evil per say. So expect anything from normal sex to blackmail and forced r@pe.

Anything to be honest as it is a wish fulfillment and it is not November anymore so, bust a nut. After all, it's just a FanFic... Heh.

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