Sex, Love and Revenge

[Mature Content]!!! If you can't take mind- glitching sensations and wildly arousing scenes, this book is not for you. There's SEX. Yes, plenty of it. “So, in a sick part of your insanely unfulfilled life, you believe I’ll lay down for you to have your wildest fantasy? What part of this marriage don’t you understand, Liam?” Charlotte said with a devilish accent and an even more condescending tone. The devil might seem a lesser devil to his daughter, Charlotte who is bound by a contract that forces her marriage to Liam, a sweetheart who is insanely in love with her. In their marriage, she unleashes hell in its hottest form on Liam who is in love with her and can’t seem to leave her. The contract is the only reason why Charlotte lets him breathe the air she does, but Liam is there with the innocence of his love for her. Charlotte and her family constantly ridicules and looks down on Liam, until he begins to thrive. Liam, very humble about his potentials and plans, but full of rage and thirsty for revenge, he takes Charlotte and her family by surprise as he rises to the top of his career and plots their downfall and revenge one after the other. Is he successful in his quest? Does Love empower Revenge?

Stoic7God · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
39 Chs

Warm breaths, Shallow Moans

"Do you think he's coming?" Cillian asked Ava who was seated next to him, mainly absent-minded and tense on her seat as if she was waiting for someone.

"Yeah. Liam is not one to lie." Ava replied with a blush that she couldn't control.

"Ohh! Not Liam, I meant Elon." Cillian smiled, shocked but not surprised at her response.

While she was still on the thought of his arrival, a young guy, walked in to the bar rocking chic Jordans and a stylish t-shirt on his Beige coloured short. This was a sight to behold, and Ava made a sport of this.

The guy was Liam, and while he was still at the door, a mid-aged woman was right behind him, and the moment Liam noticed this, he halted to hold the door for her while he smiled gently at her.

"Thank you." She said to Liam who nodded his head and headed towards the corner where Jerry had booked for their fun timeout.

This spot didn't come cheap, and Liam had purposed he was going to enjoy the night, as the next day wasn't a work day.

With a few steps towards their round table and the six chairs around it, Ava got up from her chair and attempted to hug Liam as he came closer to her.

Liam, stunned by Ava's outfit which he'd never seen her rock to work, and maybe that was for the best, hugged her back and basked in the scent of her lingering cologne as they pulled apart.

"Hey, everyone. Jerry, thank you for this. I'm really glad I came." Liam said before sitting next to Ava who had subtly made it obvious that the seat next to her was his'.

"We're delighted to have you here, Liam. Thank you for handling the bitchy princess well earlier today." Cillian said with a scripted derogatory accent which made them all laugh.

"So, I guess we're waiting for Elon now." Jerry said as he dropped his phone which he'd been holding.

"Oh, there he is." Ava said with a warm smile as Jerry raised his hand for Elon to see where they were seated.

"Hi." Elon said to them all before sitting next to Jerry.

"Hi." They replied cheerfully as they were all glad he was here.

"Who's the last chair for, Jerry?" Ava asked curiously.

"My wife, guys. She's coming..she didn't want me, you know...she didn't want to miss out on the fun." Jerry said with a much different tone as if he'd been smitten by some love-stroke.

"Awwwnn. That's really sweet." Cillian said with his fingers a little distance away from his lips.

"I'd love to meet her." Liam said with a smile.

"And you wouldn't have to wait any longer." Jerry said with his face turned towards the door and his hands up in the air while his beautifully slender European wife walked to their table.

Jerry got clumsy all of a sudden, squeezing himself out of his seat to get to his wife.

This action prompted a cute laugh from all of them while Elon took Jerry's seat in order not to be in between the couple during the gathering.

"Okay, guys. This is Melinda, my love and my life." Jerry said with a blush that he mirrored from Melinda's cheeks as he hugged her and kissed her forehead before helping her to the chair where she sat.

"It's a pleasure to finally meet you, guys." Melinda replied in her polished British English.

After half a hour of cheerful eating, smiling exchanges and devouring the grilled Potatoes, shrimps and beef before them, the waiter came over to their table with 8 bottles of cold beer.

"Thank you." Most of them said to the waiter as he dropped the drinks on their table.

"A toast." Jerry said as he lifted a bottle of beer into the air.

"What should we toast to?" Melinda asked.

"To being off the cuffs of a witch, for now at least." Cillian said outrageously with humour which they laughed at.

"Come on. That's too harsh. How about to us being happy and finding joy in this moment?" Elon said with confidence and this hit their emotional cores as they raised up their bottles to concur with Elon.

"To being happy and finding joy in this moment." They cheered as they clanked the bottles, one on the other with little gaseous beer oozing out as they did.

After a few minutes of gulping, sipping and drinking, the waiter came back to their table with the check, and Jerry handed him his card which he swiped into the little machine in the waiter's hand.

After the waiter had left and handed Jerry back his card, he and his wife, Melinda got up from their seats to leave.

"Thank you for coming, guys. It was a great night."

"Yeah, it was a great hang. Have a splendid weekend!" Melinda finished her husband's goodbye speech as she locked her arm into his while they stood to leave.

"Thank you, Melinda and Jerry." They all replied.

"Aren't they so good together?" Ava asked sentimentally as she looked towards Liam.

"There's a person for every person, right?" Liam asked in return.

"Fiona was the best….she was my person." Elon said with a sadness ridden voice and a reminiscing smile as he dropped his second bottle of beer.

They all knew that Elon had lost his wife to cancer a few months ago, and decided to not rush him back into work or anything, but he didn't want that. He got back to work, but he wasn't the lovely and overly cheerful Elon they used to know. Fiona was his highschool love, and they got married when they were both 21, until she died.

"I'm leaving, too." Elon said in the middle of the empathetic silence that filled the atmosphere as he got up to leave.

"Bye, Elon." Cillian, Ava and Liam said.

"Do you guys ever wonder if Charlotte can ever find her own person? For all I know, he's gotta be a demon or some sociopath in Peru." Cillian said with a light chuckle which they didn't reciprocate too brightly.

"You two should take care of the night. I'm off. Ciao!" Cillian said as he tucked his long golden hair behind his ears while he left the chair he was on.

"Bye." Ava and Liam replied at different energy levels and paces which caused them to laugh after he'd gone.

Ava stared Liam deep into his eyes, and he had nowhere to run to or hide this time. This was her moment and she was going to seize it as she lifted he face closer to his till his shuddering breath was a little distance from her face.

Go, girl.

Team Ava or Charlotte?

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