Sex, Love and Revenge Book

novel - Fantasy

Sex, Love and Revenge


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  • 39 Chs

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[Mature Content]!!! If you can't take mind- glitching sensations and wildly arousing scenes, this book is not for you. There's SEX. Yes, plenty of it. “So, in a sick part of your insanely unfulfilled life, you believe I’ll lay down for you to have your wildest fantasy? What part of this marriage don’t you understand, Liam?” Charlotte said with a devilish accent and an even more condescending tone. The devil might seem a lesser devil to his daughter, Charlotte who is bound by a contract that forces her marriage to Liam, a sweetheart who is insanely in love with her. In their marriage, she unleashes hell in its hottest form on Liam who is in love with her and can’t seem to leave her. The contract is the only reason why Charlotte lets him breathe the air she does, but Liam is there with the innocence of his love for her. Charlotte and her family constantly ridicules and looks down on Liam, until he begins to thrive. Liam, very humble about his potentials and plans, but full of rage and thirsty for revenge, he takes Charlotte and her family by surprise as he rises to the top of his career and plots their downfall and revenge one after the other. Is he successful in his quest? Does Love empower Revenge?


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