SELFDOM: A Goddess' Odyssey Book

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SELFDOM: A Goddess' Odyssey


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IN RE-EDITING PROCESS! (Current progress: 13/150) ------------------------------ After an accident during a trip with her friends, Itziar awoke on a mysterious island deep in a rainforest full of fearsome beasts. Her memories were chaotic. She didn't know who she was or how she had ended up there, but even though she remembered little, she instinctively knew that something was different about her. 〚 Welcome back! 〛 〚 Reconnecting systems...〛 〚 0%... 18%... 27%... 〛 The presence of a strange system bombarding her with notifications only added to her feeling of surrealism. Determined to escape the rainforest and regain her memory, she encounters a group of humans with strange magical powers and decides to make a deal with them. However, behind the deceitful and seductive appearances of the people around her, lurked perverse desires and dark ambitions. Soon, the human race will prove to be the real threat to her very existence. 〚 48% 〛 And the more the synchronization of the system increased, the more she felt that something in her was being corrupted. Or perhaps, returning to its original state. A human with extraordinary powers, a beast wearing human skin, or simply a monstrosity glorified as a goddess on an altar forged in blood. ------------------------------ Dark and epic fantasy, slow-burn romance, adventure, true friendship, psychological. Ruthless, clumsy, sardonic, and reeeeally strong FL ;) Don't forget to drop some reviews! ------------------------------ I wanted to let you know that I haven't updated in a while because I've been busy re-editing everything. The story won't change its current course, BUUUT I've changed the prologue and many other details that didn't convince me. I'll be back SOON with a SUPER improved version of SELFDOM. I'm proud of how it's turning out, so I hope you like it too!


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