Secret Society: Raising Calamity Class Disciples

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What is Secret Society: Raising Calamity Class Disciples

Read Secret Society: Raising Calamity Class Disciples novel written by the author TheDayDreamist on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, romance, adventure, comedy, magic. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Pendulum clocks replaced sand glasses; the world’s first pocket watch ticked through its 100th year. Steam power welcomed the advent of machinery; industries took over farmlands. The study of Science brought humankind out of the clutches of superstitions and pushed them to a path of endless possibilities. And one man witnessed it all. He was a moth among mayflies, fluttering through as generations replaced generations- fuelled by an endless thirst for knowledge. But fate decided to introduce him to a butterfly- someone alike, yet so different. Follow ‘The Actor’ Xavier Godwin and ‘The Seeress’ Yue Lin as they delve into the world hidden from the common eyes- a world of magic and mysticism- as they evade the sights of countless hidden organisations, and create a secret society of their own.

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In the era of system and VR (In WN), It’s rare to stumble upon books that have something fresh to offer with a new plot. Secret Society is a novel that focuses on crime, thriller and mystery with comedy and romance as side dishes. *Cough* I have read it while it was still in beta form but reading it in WN gives a different emotion. So, here is a thorough review from what I have read and what you can expect. Writing Quality: It won't be a lie if I say, I am jelly jelly of the author for having a strong and mesmerizing writing style. In every chapter of Secret society (SecSy), you can see the dedication and effort put into them. A solid 5/5. Stability of updates: 1 chapter a day at the very least. I mean as long as the author doesn’t slack off, We can expect a nice update rate, muhahahaha. Story Development: Ayo, do you even need to ask? Up to where I have read, and of course from what I know, the story is going to get only better. Character Design: Both of the MCs, Xavier and Eulene(Yue Lin) are well-designed characters. For me, Yue Lin is relatable character at some point, *cough*, but of course, she is so much better. You will grow to love every character, even if they appear for a bit. World Background: This is a steampunk novel, aka, Victorian Setting. So, the dressing, food, lifestyle, education, rules and such shows resemblance to that period. For me, it was first time trying out a novel of this genre, and I must say, I am SUPER GLAD that I decided to read it. Cover: Welp, I have no qualms about it. I love it! Conclusion: Thank you for reading my rant without getting bored. So, if you decided to read till here, why don't you give this a read? Who knows what awaits you. *wink wink*


What’s better than one OP MC? Two OP MCs! This story is set in a civilised Victorian setting, with established laws and enforcement. So despite the OPness, they will rarely use them in battles. But fret not, there’s one field where they can show their OPness off even without shedding blood or pulverising cities, and that is- unraveling mysteries. With Xavier’s honed intelligence and mastery over all elements, along with Yue Lin’s extraordinary vision that can see what the others cannot, they will solve cases deemed impossible by others. But are they heroes? Yes, to some. Villains? Again- yes, to some. They are Chaotic Neutral Aligned- caring little about the laws. But they will not shirk away from using the laws for their own needs. As for action, they will be scattered throughout the series. Both of the MCs are old and wise enough to not throw themselves at every unnecessary conflict they find. And I won’t throw arrogant young masters against them just for some unnecessary action scenes and face slapping moments. All of the battles in the series will serve a purpose, with every move taking the story forward. H.a.r.e.m? Nope, not in a million years. Romance? Maybe. I will let the characters write themselves. If they can hit it off, they will. Of course, I will give some external push. Note: This is a work of pure fantasy. So turn your brains off and enjoy… Bull! To take the most out of the story, use 100% of your cerebral capacity. Serious Note: The story will become darker as it progresses. Steady your heart and mind. That’s it for this author’s shameless review. Stay tuned! Enjoy!


bruuh. i was just a mere passerby trying a new book but this book got me hooked immediately. it is very refreshing to see a book with victorian-style setting among system and VR novels nowadays and i like this. for the writing style, 'luxurious' is the only term i can come up with, with how the author can make simple words sound extravagant. the explanation of power structure is easy to digest even for a noob reader like me. and the biggest plus of all is i like the author's sense of humor. kekekeke both protagonists are OP and completed each other with how one is very cool and calm-headed, and the other is passionate and fiery. as the author said, two is better than one, indeed. action? check. mystery? check. sassy humor? check. a subtle hint of romance (cough)? check. everything i like are packed into this, so i'm excited for moree. this is a must read book. give this book a chance guys, and you'll see what i mean. keep up the good job author! ^^


it was good until the author disappeared ..... so good in fact that i am writing this review in the hope that the author makes a come back.


Okay, I opened this book thinking just another book, but i was thrilled to see a fresh and different storyline and world building. Do we talk about the author’s play with words? Perfect! Description is top notch and breathes intelligence. I have no words really cause this book is good, very good. Kudos to you and more grease to your elbow.


This is an absolutely magnificent story. I’m honestly baffled that it does not have more views and that. Author I don’t where you are but please come back.


This story is one of the better novels i have read since creating this account back in 2018. If you read the first 5-10 chapters it will intrigue you to keep going.


I was just randomly trying not so popular books, but this really is a gem. The writing style is very good and fits with the theme and world. It combines many of my favorite tropes while bringing all the good parts of these tropes to the foreground. Mystery, magic, cultivation, it has it all without being convoluted. And above all, I don't feel like I am reading a story for braindead people, like most novels on WN.


One more review closer to extra chaps :). Anyways check out the review by Bird of Paradise which basically drew me into this novel. From the first chapter it hooks you in, and the further you read, the more the novel coils it’s slippery grasp around you. I’ll definitely be following this novel closely. Goo job author!


Author please come back .


I've read through this twice now, extremely excited for more and the only complaint i have is that there's not more of it. This story has just so much potential and life to it and the premise is just so incredibly captivating, i really just wish there were thousands of chapters to read instead of hundreds.


This novel has a good story concept that I will rarely find in webnovels. starting from the characterization of the characters, the depiction of the world, and the development of the story which did not sooner or later make me like this novel. I hope the author is always healthy, and can write this masterpiece until the end.


Outta respect cuz yk. I know this guy can write some good shii ………………………………………………………………………… . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


I usually don’t make reviews but felt that I had to after reading this book. It’s still pretty new since it only has around 30 chapters, but it already got me hooked after reading the first chapter. The two main characters are refreshing and the chemistry between them is really good. The writing quality is one of the best on this site and from what I read so far this story will become even better as it progresses. I honestly feel that as long as the author doesn’t magically become worse at writing this can become one of the top novels on this site.


I don't really have anything to say just read the book.[img=update][img=recommend][img=update][img=recommend][img=update][img=recommend][img=update]


Hehe I love this already. I don't know how to describe it, but right now it feels like that the world building and the power systems are very well built and organized. It's very tightly knit currently (unlike how some world buildings that are very loose), and I hope the plot would also be very tightly knit. I especially like the new unique setting of this novel. I'm really grateful to find something different, yet well executed in webnovel. Keep up the great work author! (Also I love the two mcs XD) But I'm also anxious to find out what the second half of the title will mean for the story. But we're barely into the story so- []~( ̄▽ ̄)~*


This is a really good read, the mixture of romance and thriller is something I personally like, the writing quality of the novel is on the spot, the story structure is good and strong, I can say this because I read it, I personally like the character's development, especially that of Xavier's. Don't waste time reading a review, come on just get straight into the novel, kudos to the author on a job well done.


This is just good. Very interesting premise, executed well, good enough grammar, only real complaint is that it's not being updated. The main characters are interesting, and when they are together they become amazing. The whole power system is interesting and actually new enough that it's exciting. So far we haven't really gotten any of the disciples, but it's starting on that part now, as soon as the author comes back of course(please come back). Recommend this to everyone who likes a good supernatural mystery.


when i read the synopsis i felt like lord of mysteries, idk man I hope it is good......................................................................


This book is a hidden gem and I'm glad I've found one! As a fan of Lord of the Mysteries I'm extremely happy that I've found another book set in a victorian era. Also it's very refreshing to see someone go away from cliché system-harem plot (it's very refreshing to NOT see them in the book, especially as a dedicated webnovel reader who started reading before the whole system shtic appeared). The writing is very well paced and structured, characters are interesting to read about and the comedy is great! What else do you need from books?)) I definitely recommend to read this one and get it to the top 😊


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