Second Marriage: My Strongest Bodyguard Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Second Marriage: My Strongest Bodyguard


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Bryana Jill Darlene is a young mother, aged 24, who has a son named Calvin Darlene. Some people call her "Bryana" while others refer to her as "Jill." Bryana's husband cheated on her, causing her to lose faith in the sincerity of a man's love. Her failed attempt at building a household ark, which led to the dissolution of her marriage, has made her more focused on managing her father's company. Her ex-husband, Alex, continues to try to get custody of Calvin, going as far as trying to kidnap and injure Bryana. This prompted her brother, Raymond Darlene, to hire two bodyguards to protect her and her son. The new bodyguard assigned to Bryana, named Dean Jackson, catches her attention. Despite his well-built physique and cold, formal attitude, Bryana becomes curious about his life. It turns out that Dean is a widower who lost his wife during childbirth, leaving him devastated and unable to replace her. He has a daughter named Sofia. As the story unfolds, conflicts and actions arise, adding to the complexity of the narrative. Will Bryana be able to break through Dean's lonely heart and find love once again? If you're interested in reading this book, be sure to check it out. Story by Me Art by Pinterest

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