Scientifically Cultivating In An Unscientific World Book

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Scientifically Cultivating In An Unscientific World

Cultivation Teacher

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Lu Ming, a genius who mastered all kinds of modern technology, was reborn into a world of cultivation. The powerful cultivators here could split the ground with little effort and crumble mountains with the flick of a finger. They were extremely fearsome! The dangers of this world of cultivation made Lu Ming feel very uneasy. Though he knew that the fellow disciples in his sect were friendly, Lu Ming was still envious when he saw them fly on their swords. Of course, knowledge could change destiny! Lu Ming decided that he was going to approach cultivation scientifically in an unscientific world of cultivation! Lu Ming took the stage as a newly inducted disciple and gave a speech during another cultivation seminar. "I think that a scientific way of refining elixirs will greatly increase the success rate of creating elixirs!" "If your affinity with the water element is zero and your hydrogen and oxygen elements are very strong, it means that your water element is also very powerful!" "Do you understand?" Lu Ming wrote an equation on the blackboard as he said, "This is the scientific elixir refining method that I've consolidated!" Everyone was rather confused after Lu Ming finished speaking. Even refining elixirs could be done scientifically? However, an alchemist could no longer extricate himself after testing out Lu Ming's formula for refining elixirs! "Scientific cultivation is real!" "Lu Ming's formula for refining elixirs is also real!"


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