Scarred little devil

Author: babb13.ella
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What is Scarred little devil

Read Scarred little devil novel written by the author babb13.ella on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Horror&Thriller stories, ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


When trauma strikes, it can leave a deep and lasting impact on our lives. It can create a wound that feels impossible to heal, fueling feelings of anger, pain, and a burning desire for revenge. In this gripping tale, we follow the journey of Mirai who has experienced unimaginable trauma and seeks to right the wrongs that have been done to her. With heart-pounding suspense, spine-chilling horror, and a thought-provoking exploration of the themes of trauma and revenge, this gripping tale will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. As she embarks on a dark and twisted quest for vengeance, the line between reality and nightmare begins to blur. She is plagued by terrifying visions and haunted by the ghosts of her past, driving her to the brink of madness. But as she draws closer to her targets, she begins to realize that revenge may not be the answer she seeks. She must confront the true source of her trauma and find a way to heal the wounds that have been inflicted upon her. With bone-chilling horror, heart-wrenching emotion, and a powerful exploration of the themes of trauma and revenge, this gripping tale will leave you breathless. Can the young girl find a way to break the cycle of vengeance and emerge from the darkness, or will she succumb to the ghosts of her past and become a victim of her own rage? Disclaimer:The image used as the book cover does not belong to me.I got it off of Pinterest

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  这是一个关于追求胜利的故事。   ——“我唯胜利论。我只追求胜利,只要能够获胜,全攻全守还是防守反击我都不在乎。职业足球的终极目标是什么?在我看来,就是胜利,追求胜利的极致就是冠军。我是教练,不想丢掉工作,或者被人遗忘,只有一条路可走,就是带领球队取得一场场胜利,取得一个个冠军!”   主角并不讨人喜欢。   ——“……我们做了一次被托尼-唐恩教练认为非常无聊的调查。在街头随机采访中,选择‘我讨厌托尼-唐恩’的人占了百分之九十三,而选择‘这家伙还不错,我喜欢’的人仅有百分之七。值得注意的是没有人选择‘托尼-唐恩是谁?我不认识他’这一选项。马克,你知道为什么唐恩教练会认为我们的调查很无聊了吧?”《每日电讯报》的记者斯派克在接受BBC采访的时候哈哈大笑说。   但是也有人疯狂的热爱他。   ——在接受采访的时候,托尼-唐恩被迫谈到前段时间《每日电讯报》的那次街头采访,他的回答是:“我很高兴,在英格兰诺丁汉森林队的球迷占了百分之七。”   而他本人似乎并不在意人们怎么看他。   ——“你们想让我说什么?承认自己并不受人欢迎,走到哪儿都是嘘声和中指。你们以为我会害怕?错了!害怕的是你们,因为我能为我的球队和支持者带来胜利。我并不在乎有多少人讨厌我,恨不得杀死我,我也不会为了照顾失败者的心情而改变我自己。想要让自己心情变得好起来?很简单,来战胜我吧。”   他的爱情受人瞩目。   ——“我们的记者在托尼-唐恩教练的家门口拍到了这些照片,上面清楚的显示仙尼娅在晚上八点四十三分进入他的家,然后整晚都没有出来。但是托尼-唐恩教练坚决否认,并且坚称我们拍到的不过是他订购的最新款充气人偶。”   他是球队的头号明星。   ——“……成为全球著名服装品牌的代言人,拍广告,出入时尚界的颁奖典礼,代言电子游戏,拥有超级名模女友,广告收入超出工资收入的十七倍,在多家平面媒体拥有专栏,出自传(计划中),据说他甚至还在计划以自己的经历为蓝本拍励志电影!谁能告诉我他的经历有哪一点配得上‘励志’?等等……你们认为我在说大卫-贝克汉姆吗?大错特错!我说的是托尼-唐恩教练……”   他对中国足球很了解。   ——“……我听说了,博拉在你们国家队的热身赛前送了四本书给他们的教练朱先生。然后球队以1:3输给了一支美国大联盟的杂牌军。朱先生输球的新借口就是博拉赛前送‘输’。在这里我建议你们把那一本书找出来。哪一本?当然是导致你们进球的那本。然后告诉我书名,我会在你们每次比赛前送你们十本那样的书,这样你们不就能每次都10:0大胜对手了吗?”中国某著名体育报纸上的托尼-唐恩专栏摘录片断。   他让媒体又爱又恨。   ——“他在最少四家著名平面媒体上拥有专栏,每个星期写几百字的废话或者找个人来骂就能拿到不菲的稿费。而我们却要冥思苦想三易其稿才能让老板满意。他在自己的专栏文章里面骂所有媒体都是‘婊子养的’,宣布自己最痛恨的就是媒体。可每当他又出了什么新闻的时候,我们却像看见奶油的苍蝇一样蜂拥而上。为什么?因为读者喜欢看到他的新闻,看到他骂人。我敢和你们打赌,托尼·唐恩教练心里也很清楚,他嘴上讨厌我们,但是他知道如今的他离不开我们。同样,我们也离不开他。这究竟算好事还是坏事呢?”《诺丁汉晚邮报》记者皮尔斯-布鲁斯在谈及托尼-唐恩的时候一脸无奈。   但不管怎样,他的球员们是他最忠实的信徒。   ——加雷斯-贝尔:“不不,我们打客场从来没有压力。因为压力都在教练身上呢。只要看到他站在场边,我们就觉得这场比赛一定能赢。足球流氓在他面前温顺的就像绵羊!”(说到这里他哈哈大笑起来)   森林队的队长乔治-伍德回答的最干脆:“我们跟随他,因为他能给我们带来胜利。”   英格兰足球历史上最具个性,最成功,最富有争议性的教练托尼-唐恩的传奇经历!   这个夏天,隆重登场。   欢迎收看。   

林海听涛 · Sports
Not enough ratings
1052 Chs


Melanie Arya Parker's life takes a dark turn when she is kidnapped and thrust into a high-stakes training program for secret agents. Given the new identity of Adelina Arya Costa, she undergoes scientific modifications to gain extraordinary abilities and endures intense training under the enigmatic Mr. Fernando. Adelina and her peers are tasked with infiltrating and destroying the Mafia system from within. As the trainees navigate this harsh reality, they form strong bonds and work together to strategize and survive. However, the twelve heads of the strongest Mafia families discover Mr. Fernando's plans and retaliate by attempting to eliminate Adelina's group. To sidetrack their enemies, Mr. Fernando offers the women as brides to the Mafia heads or their heirs. Adelina is married to the cold heir of the strongest Mafia family. Living apart from her husband initially, Adelina eventually reconciles with him, and they form a united front against common enemies. The birth of children to each of the mafia heads' strongest families, who inherit their mother's abilities, adds complexity to the women's struggle against the Mafia. Years later, Adelina faces a new challenge when her husband disappears, and she discovers she is pregnant. She uncovers the truth behind his mysterious absence and, with the help of her friends, flees with her children to protect them and herself. Upon her husband's return, he embarks on a mission to find his family, while Adelina faces the challenge of protecting them and staying true to her mission. Along the way, Adelina uncovers shocking revelations about her past and her parents' ties to the Mafia, fueling her determination to honor their memory. The story explores important themes such as abduction, human trafficking, child abuse/ exploitation, mental health, suicide, forgiveness and resilience in the face of trauma. Adelina's journey is one of empowerment and self-discovery as she confronts difficult choices, balancing loyalty to her mission with her devotion to her family. In a world where only the strongest survive, Adelina and her group must navigate a treacherous path to liberate themselves and others from the control of the Mafia system.

Leeloo · Urban
Not enough ratings
38 Chs


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really plays on your emotions.i don't know if she escaped from horror to a greater horror. it's really really captivating story. keep writing I love it thank you for sharing and I recommend to other readers to get engaged into this story you won't be disappointed.


Wow, this genre isn't my normal cup of tea, but the way that the 'outcast' protagonist is portrayed, how the past and the present are interwoven and how the burning shame and grief are presented - all make for a fantastic piece. This is a really good job, definitely ahead of its competition, especially due to its phenomenal authors writing abilities.


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This is actually really interesting. I usually don't like this genre but the MC is very interesting and I'm looking forward to the challenges she'll face.


Wow! This creep me out! The emotion from the author come through the writing! From the chapter one it's already hooked up my feelings! I never read this genre type before, this is my first reading this genre! And it's impressive me! The writing also well done! The idea of the story is unique! The story make me curious more as soon as I read it! Good job author![img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


Interesting story , Very catchy and very unique , Can't wait for more updates ... It is really highly recommend to everyone , What a splendid story💗


This isn’t my normal genre of novel but this one captivated me. It’s so captivating and emotional. A job well done author...hope for more chapters soon


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Reading the first chapter made me cry. This is so emotional and l love how the author is revealing the emotion. It is a piece of art that really needs to be recognized


This book just dig in my emotions. That feeling of being drawn into the story and tears just fall unconsciously. This book hit me hard. Very impressive! Salute to the author. 🥂❤️


There is great contrast in this story, and more in a first chapter. Start with a phrase to celebrate. It recreates in a church, a scene of personal introspection and conflicts of contradictions of murmuring people, then it concludes in a home: harassing, cursing and merciful. Set the rhythm of the story and the physical and emotional characteristics of the character ... amazing ... I recommend reading him.


This story is unconventionally unique and intriguingly captivating. The experience and her present state makes one to find out more in a world where her true appearance is shattered and are inner appearance is depleting because of ridicule. This author is a spell caster. I am trapped to just keep reading and reading, as the synopsis got me immersed into the irresistible flow of well structured storyline, building a world of adventure... This is a commendable work author.. Keep it up. You already got me as one of your fan... I recommend this book a an excellent read.


The synopsis is extremely interesting. Captivating story from the beginning, cant wait for more uploads. Characters are relatable and I grew fond of them as the story developed. Well written and easy to read. Excellent novel, well done. [img=recommend]


Very Good Synopsis...Reading the chapters attracted me to the writing style and story plot...Good work, Author! If you are a horror & thriller genre fan I recommend everyone to read it.


I loveeeeddd the storyline. Its a different style from what I'm used to. Also, your writing style is beautiful, nothing too ambiguous but still passes the message across. I can't wait to read other chapters .


Your writing quality,updating stability,story development,the designing of your characters everything is superb really good job. This book is chilling and can set you off the edge,am at a loss of words right now. I highly recommend this book for everyone to read that is if you are a lover of thrillers and horror


THIS IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I feel bad for MC (cuz i havent read her name yet) but it feels desply relatable. sO much that somehow it hurts. great woek author![img=update][img=update]


The beginning is successful. Easy to read, a fluent one. Liked it. Adding names to chapters would be much better in my opinion to attract more readers. Keep going on writer[img=recommend]


I love the writer's writing quality, the book's title matches with the plot and the first Chapters got me hooked, I can't even drop my phone again, I'm so anxious to read more, I had to drop this comment.


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