Saving the Heartthrob Frenemy Book

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Saving the Heartthrob Frenemy


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Sequel of Saving the overbearing CEO.... Because of his dads' company, Qie Xieling didn't have an opportunity to have friends until he went to preschool. But when he thought he had made a friend she turned around and fawned over Luo Muchen abandoning him. Any other person would have gotten over it but he was just as petty as his father and as vengeful as his dad hence a rift that would deepen over the years was formed and Lin Lin wasn't mature about it. Each time he lay eyes on Luo Muchen he would sneer but all his friends liked the handsome heartbreaker so what choice did he have? Like a vengeful ghost, Luo Muchen haunted him day in and day out. He thought that Luo Muchen's sole purpose was to irritate him that is until they had to go into a game designed by a rival company, a game that was highly unethical and dangerous, to save Luo Muchen. Could someone explain to him why the annoying demon Muchen was pulling him into his embrace and calling out wife? It turns out a love rival was never a love rival but rather a love interest. Lin Lin, "F*ck" Wen Qinxi, "Watch your mouth, young man." Lin Lin, "...."