Saving A Sex Fairy? Book

novel - Fantasy

Saving A Sex Fairy?


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Warning: Very Mature Content. Ding! "What is this? Y-you're a fairy?" "No master. I am a sex fairy, ready to meet your every need and fantasy. All you need do is to say the word." 0_0 "Wait! You mean like an actual sex?" "Yes, I can give blowjobs, deepthroat, ride you, fuck you, get in a doggy style... Whatever position you want and anywhere. All you have to do is say... " Before she got to finish her sentence, a dark glint flashed in his eyes as an idea struck home. "Fuck me wild then." "Your wish is my command good master, aahh!" ************** Chase Chen, a college student who had lived his life in loneliness. Devoid of all forms of love. The only way he could get his release was through his fantasies. One day, his class went on a field trip. Somehow he got lost and accidentally met an injured girl. Being a kind-hearted person, he helped her. Unknown to him, that simple, single gesture, had captured the heart of a magical being. Not knowing where she was from, he sort to help her back to the city but she somehow ended up in his home. Join Chase on his little romance adventure with the fairy he just saved.

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