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Chapter 1

And here we're, on a beautiful afternoon in this great England, in a neighborhood where we can hear birdsong, children arriving from school and leaving to play, neighbors gossiping, and a boy of about 7-years-old with his middle finger pointed at the sky ...

"Argh! And I was thinking that I would be able to enjoy this new life, using my future knowledge to be able to have an easy life with lots of money and success, but nooo... This rebirth turned out to be much more complicated... Ugh!" the boy said irritably as he threw himself on the bed in his room.

The boy, lying on the bed, looked at the ceiling, and with his arms up, said:

"But why? Why did it have to be me!? Soon me, being reborn in the bloody world of Harry fucking Potter! Sigh"

Yes, this 7-year-old boy is no ordinary boy. His name is Ethan. Someone who had a new opportunity on life by being reborn in this world.

There wasn't much difference between your world of your old life, and this world of yours now beyond the ages. This is what he thought.

In his old life, Ethan was born in the 2000s, where technology and society were both socially and technologically advanced.

He had good friends and a loving family. He studied, hung out with his friends, and while he was alone, he watched movies, anime, and played video games like any other boy.

But Ethan also liked to read. So he read fiction books, mystery, books in many other genres, and even advanced subject books. And he still had time to read novels and fanfics. Of all her readings, her favorites were from the Harry Potter franchise.

But Ethan couldn't expect that when he caught a disease at age 17 from a virus, he would eventually die, only to be reborn in the 1980s. The situation was awkward in itself, but it was just time to stay more strange.


Ethan in his new life was born on April 9, 1980, in England, and was named Ethan Steven Night, still keeping his name from his old life. Ethan is the son of a pair of young parents. Sarah Melinda Night (née Taylor), a beautiful woman with a fine, delicate face, black hair and chocolate brown eyes. And Joshua Richard Night, a well-built, strong-looking man with brown hair and amber eyes. Ethan's appearance pulled a bit from each, with a pretty and cute face for a child, he has black hair like his mother with strands of brown and amber eyes like his father. Ethan lives with his parents in the town of Blindford, county Devon.

Ethan took a while to accept the fact that he was reborn in the past, mostly because he's someone who's used to the society, technology, and entertainment of a more advanced age. But when he finally accepted, or more accurately, had to, Ethan then decided that, since he had no choice, he might as well enjoy this new life of his with his new parents.

And that's what Ethan did. He lived the life of a carefree child, being well behaved, which wasn't too difficult considering he's a teenager in a child's body. He also enjoyed all the love and affection he received from his parents and family. And with his family not having any financial problems, with Joshua being a surgeon and Sarah a lawyer, Ethan always had something to do as he was growing up, with lots of toys (which he didn't particularly play with) and lots of books (he still kept your addiction to reading and learning). But normality can only last so long...

What started at the age of 3, as simply a toy or book appearing out of nowhere near him whenever he wanted it, even with those same items being several meters away from him a few moments ago, increased to objects floating near him, sometimes in moments of stress or strong emotions.

As time went on, Ethan began to understand that these things happened because of him, and they were becoming more and more frequent and random over time. There were things like changing the color of clothes, feeling people's emotions and sometimes their brief thoughts, and there were even moments when he could somehow understand animals, and as incredible as it seems, they could understand him back!

Ethan then had to learn to control these abilities so that they didn't happen around other people, especially around his parents, after all... he doesn't want to cause them a heart attack.

Ethan spent his first year thinking that these events were simply hallucinations or that he had finally gone mad. But in the end he gave up and then came to accept that he had some kind of power. But those powers couldn't be simple, and he needed answers. And so that's how the time of research and investigation began...

But our friend Ethan isn't dumb, quite the contrary, he really is very cunning and smart. Floating things, summoning objects, animating toys; it was all part of a skill set he found very familiar, coupled with the fact that he was reborn in the '80s and in England, even though he wasn't British in his last life, eventually led Ethan to only one answer. But he still had that little hint of doubt, and to dispel that doubt, Ethan needed confirmation and one last answer.

And that confirmation was what led us to the events of this morning...



-Place Herder n°5 – Blindford-

At the Nights' house, a person woke up very early to finalize his final investigation plan. That person was obviously Ethan.

[POV – Ethan]

"Alright, now is the moment of truth, after all this planning time I will be able to put an end to this mystery!" I said as I looked at myself determinedly in my bedroom mirror.

Today everything should go as planned. The date is September 1, 1987, and I managed to convince my father to take me with him to Kings Cross train station.

My plan is to see if any wizarding families pass us at the station or even try to enter the 9 ¾ barrier if I have no other option. If this really is the wizarding world, sigh... my life will be much more complicated...

"Ethan! Come down for breakfast!" shouted a woman's voice.

Yes, who called me is my new mother, Sarah.

"I'm coming, Mom!" I yelled back as I walked out of my room and down the stairs.

My parents in this life were a part that I thought would be awkward for me to get used to, but I really came to love them over time. I have a funny and cool father who is terrified of my mother, and a mother who can make me fear her and love her at the same time...I suppose this is a lawyer thing.

I don't think they can replace my parents from my last life, but they still hold a special place in my heart. I could have kept myself cold and distant from them, but when I saw the love they had for me, and all the emotion they had at having their first child, I couldn't do something so… cruel. And I also think that because I'm actually their biological child, at least physically, I have a special connection to them that makes me really care about them... it's hard to explain.

"Hey big boy, excited to have men's day today!" my dad asked me smiling as soon as I got to the kitchen.

"Hmph," my mom huffed, "Men's Day…surely he would rather spend the day with his wonderful mom. It's not, my baby," she said, first looking mockingly at my dad and then turning to me smiling.

And I, who easily recognized a trap, immediately gave the expected response...

"Of course mom! Spending time with you is always amazing... But I don't want to make daddy sad, so I'll cheer him up with my wonderful and cute presence!" I said with a face that screamed innocence and cuteness, but didn't hide the mischief in my eyes at all.

"Yes, yes, dear. Your dad really needs us, otherwise he'd just be a dull and sad man," my mom said with an understanding face as we looked pityingly at my dad.

"Okay, enough, you guys won. I really couldn't live without my two wonderful things. But you don't have to throw it in your face. What Day is Today? The day to make fun of daddy?" my dad asked in mock pain, but we could all see how much fun he was having with this conversation.

"Well, now enough of the jokes and eat soon. We don't want your ride to be delayed, right?" said my mother.

So after we had breakfast, we got ready to go out. My dad and I got into his car, he started the engine, and then started driving towards the station.



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