7 The Crown Prince


At the Palace, Aria was made to clean the hallways and stables.

It turned out Kamuzu was nice, he was a far cry from her previous master.

Her clothing changed though, she now wore servant's clothing of the Royal house—which was in form of an ankle-length sheath dress made of linen of lesser quality.

She was given jewellery and had make-up done on her face, her eyes were painted with kohl as well.

Aria almost didn't recognize herself as she stared at her reflection in the waters of one of the oasis that surrounded the unbelievably massive Palace.

The chambers were so big and wide and numerous that it was possible to get lost if one didn't know their way around them.

The servant's chambers where she slept was like a luxurious home-a vast contrast to where she used to sleep.

One thing she loved the most about the Palace was that it was beautiful, serene and no one disturbed her.

She knew her duties and she performed them religiously. All the other servants seemed approachable and they treated her well.

She was surprised to see that she was the only Israeli in the Palace, and it made her uneasy for some reason.

It was late and it was already dark out. The cold air seemed to pick up-it was usually cold in the deserts at night.

She looked up and stared at the stars—they were so beautiful. She could make out Orion, she had recognised it from one of her previous master's astrology charts—the constellation with the seven stars.

She yawned and rubbed her eyes.

She quickly disposed of some of the horse dung that would later be used as manure for the Royal Family's plantation fields.

She traced her steps through the labyrinth of hallways and chambers until she reached the servant's chambers.

She laid on what was given her as a bed—a mattress of cotton. Most of the servants were already asleep with a single oil lamp lit.

As she laid on her bed, Aria couldn't sleep. She closed her eyes for a moment and hoped sleep would take her quickly.

Without being able to stop it, thoughts of Ammon filled her mind.

Her heart fluttered a little thinking about him. She remembered his kohl painted expressionless eyes.

She released a breath, which came out in a whisper.

She'd thought about him over the past two years, briefly. And each time her heart always seemed to flutter.

He was a mystery.

She placed a hand over her face. She'd only met him twice, barely even spoken much to each other but those eyes, she knew there was a story behind those eyes.

Moments later, Aria fell asleep, thoughts of him plaguing her dreams.


The next day, Aria went about her duties.

She'd been instructed to sweep the inner chambers. She never went to that part of the Palace—the east wing.

That was where Pharaoh resided.

Unfortunately, she had missed her way; she had taken the wrong turns and had found herself at a small lake that flowed at a partially unused part of the Palace—at least that was what she thought.

She liked it, it was beautiful, breathtaking even.

The water was so clear it looked drinkable. Little sun rays made their way in making the water look like it was glittering.

She watched how the fishes swam happily.

Aria didn't know how such a place could exist.

She was about taking a step towards the inviting scene in front of her when she stopped dead in her tracks.

There by the clear lake, she saw a man appear—seemingly out of nowhere.

He was tall.

He took a few steps and right before her eyes, he undressed, removed his kilt and his jewellery—which seemed excessive to Aria.

She gasped in both surprise and embarrassment.

She quickly hid behind one of the bronze pillars beside her by the entrance, her back to him.

Her chest was heaving and she thought she would faint as black dots filled her vision.

Hopefully, he hadn't seen her. She released a breath slowly and as quietly as she could, she made her way out and went back to the place she'd been asked to clean earlier.


A week had passed since her last visit to the lake—the mysterious lake.

She'd left out of fear of being caught, but mostly out of embarrassment.

'Who was that man?'

'And what was he doing in such a closed-up location?'

She hadn't been able to see his face, but she could tell he was no servant; the excessive jewellery and amulet were proof enough.

'So, who was he?'

She'd stuck to the wing she'd been instructed to clean but there was this compulsion, this pull that drew her back to that place, that mysterious lake.

So she calculated the time she had met the strange man by the lake and went a few hours later.

She took an oil lamp with her.

The corridors slanted downwards into closed-off cave-like location-it was well taken care of though.

Instead of brick walls, they were made of stone.

Finally, she got to the lake-but she hesitated, staying put by the pillars.

She put out her oil lamp as the area was still illuminated by little sun rays that got in.

She closed her eyes for a moment and took in a deep breath.

As her hand left the bronze pillar she had hidden behind the previous time she was there, she heard a loud ripple in the water.

Her eyes widened as she saw a figure emerge from the lake—it was him!

She hid behind the pillar but this time, she didn't turn her back.

She took a look at the man and noticed his slightly lean build, his wet midnight hair and his tattooed arms and torso.

His eyes were closed and his face inclined upwards.

It was as if he was in a trance, he looked like a statue-a skillfully sculpted statue.

Aria was captivated. It was as if time froze and she wondered if he would remain still like that forever.

But that moment of tranquillity was broken, at least for her when she saw a dark mist emerge from the lake.

For a moment, it seemed as if the man and the mist conversed? Before the dark mist descended back into the lake.

Aria swallowed the fearful gasp that threatened to erupt from her throat.

She needed to leave.

'Why did she convince herself to come in the first place?'

"I know you're there." The man said quietly.

Aria's heart slammed violently against her ribcage.

'Had she heard right?'

Panic driven, Aria turned around and hid behind the pillar.

Her hands trembled by her side. She clenched them and shut her eyes tightly.

His eyes were still closed when he spoke, he hadn't seen her yet, she could still leave quietly.

As she was about taking a step forward, she heard the voice again. This time it was much closer-right behind her.

"Why are you here?" His voice was unbelievably calm.

The hair on her arm stood on ends.

She swallowed.

Slowly, she turned around to face the mystery man.

His amber green-rimmed eyes met with her dark brown ones. It was like every nerve in her body came alive at that moment and a soft gasp escaped her throat at the intense feeling.

His eyes, they were void of any emotion. He merely looked at her waiting for an answer.

"I-I'm sorry, I s-shouldn't be here. I-Ill just go." Her voice trembled a little.

"That's not an answer." He said.

Her throat went dry when she discovered he was still bare; without any clothing.

Probably sensing her discomfort, he went over by the lake.

He picked his kilt wrapping it around his lower body tying it by his side, all the while walking towards her.

"If you refuse to answer my question, you'll be punished." He started stopping in front of her.

Aria panicked.

"Please don't. I-I was drawn to this place. I just couldn't ignore coming here no matter how hard I tried." She said truthfully.

"It was you the last time." He stated.

It wasn't a question.

Aria gulped and nodded.


"You're not Egyptian..." He said matter-of-factly.

She wondered how he could tell since she was dressed just like them.

"You're Israeli." He finished.

Aria's eyes widened.

'What?' 'How did he know?'

She nodded.

The evening air blew on them and she almost sighed in relief as the cool air brushed against her skin.

"What's your name?" He questioned.

His expressionless eyes bore into hers and she found herself unable to look away.

"I-I..." She cleared her throat softly.

"My name's Ahit." She said.

"You're Israeli name."

Aria's eyes widened.

'Why would he want to know her native name?'

No one's called her by her real name since she became an exile.

"It's Aria." She told him quietly.

He took a step towards her.

She jumped at the sudden movement which made her trip over her own two feet.

He caught her easily.

His arm was wrapped firmly around her waist, her body against his.

Aria swallowed.

The contact, the touch...

It felt so strange-so foreign.

It made her a little afraid.

His amber eyes bored into hers and it felt like he was looking right into her very soul.

She trembled slightly.

"Aria." He said quietly.

Him saying her name sent goosebumps all over her body.

"I'm Akhenaten..." He held her mesmerized gaze firmly.

"The Crown Prince of Egypt."











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