Sands In The Darkest Night Book

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Sands In The Darkest Night


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This is a story that took place in ancient Egypt-464BC. In a time of slavery due to the falling away in Israel, many are left homeless and are forced to seek refuge...in Egypt. The Crown Prince originally shrouded in mystery, seemed like an enigmatic yet unpredictable person when Aria first met him and Aria felt an unusual pull to him going to places she shouldn't, meeting with a certain someone she shouldn't... Aria wasn't the strongest in her beliefs as a Jew. But what happens when what started as an innocent draw spiral into something dark, possessive and downright unholy? What happens when innocent fascination turns into fear and a cry for escape? An escape that came in the form of Ahmes. But little did Aria know that she wasn't quite done yet, her faith was revived and her doubts cleared but what happens when she's told to go back, back to the monster in human form who sees himself as god, and help him see... See what? That even God could love a monster, that his love, showed forth even then, extends to all people and that no one, including him, was beyond saving. Take a closer look in 'Sands In The Darkest Night'