32 A new beginning

As Akhenaten stared at the large expanse of desert before them, he felt peace fill his entire being as he explained everything to her—he'd left out the part about she being the one God wanted him to be with.

The five years he hadn't been with her, he'd missed her and he longed to see her every day but couldn't, not without the Oracles being gone and Egypt getting back on her feet.

Akhenaten watched her wipe the tears that had fallen on her cheeks away.

She turned to him and smiled brightly at him.

"God is love." Akhenaten felt his heart race as he stared at her and he looked away.

"I told you he loves you, " she said joyfully.

"We should go back. I'm hungry, " she turned her horse around and started heading back.

Akhenaten smiled.

"Of course, " and they both made their way back to her home, where her brother and Ahmes were sure to be waiting for them.


That night, Akhenaten had stayed with Eros and Ahmes had stayed with Aria after their meal together.


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