Sage's Cultivation: Mage in Cultivation World Book

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Sage's Cultivation: Mage in Cultivation World


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Lucas was the regarded immortal mage, attained the title of a "Sage" as he was already all-knowing in the field of magic. But after stabbing himself with a legendary sword, hoping to die, he was transported into a different world; returning to his youthful appearance. "I'm still alive." He sighed, realizing he failed to die. But after some research, he discovered the world he got transported to was filled with cultivators that could also attain immortality by cultivating! This meant he wouldn't be the only immortal! Thus, he decided to cultivate without relying on his magic for some experience, to ascend to the upper heavens and meet some immortals. A mage in the cultivation world! What are the chances of having some twisted cultivation when you're not normal to society? His mana became prominent in his cultivation! --- A/N: Just read until your reach the end of free chapters, then decide what you want to do. I am still editing the old chapters so flaws would be obvious.


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