Sage's Cultivation: Mage in Cultivation World Book

novel - Eastern Fantasy

Sage's Cultivation: Mage in Cultivation World


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Lucas, a renowned immortal mage and holder of the title "Sage," has grown tired of his immortality and sets out to end his life. But when he stabs himself with a legendary sword, he finds himself transported to a new world where cultivators seek immortality through spiritual energy rather than magic. In this new world, Lucas faces new experiences and challenges as he journeys to reach the upper heavens, where he hopes to find other immortals. With his mana rising to prominence, Lucas must overcome destiny's plan and embrace his own path to attain a different form of immortality. --- A/N: Just read until your reach the end of the free chapters, then decide what you want to do. I am still editing the old chapters so flaws would be obvious.


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