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Debby, Cathy, Brianna and Genevieve were part of the few people that were chosen to be crowned prince or princess of various kingdoms in planet Domino. To be the crowned prince or princess, you have to be chosen as students of Royalty College. The students are chosen according to the information gotten about them. Join them as they balance their school life, royal life, love life and social life. How they make their decisions, the drama they have to go through every day. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “Good morning Advisor Williams” Debby greeted with a little curtsey slightly bowing with a hint of mock on her tone. He tried to assassinate her thinking she was dunce not to know that he wants his daughter to be the Queen instead. “Ah My Queen Deborah, your highness” He bowed a little. “You don’t look very queenly this morning” He mockingly smirked. “Ah this? You see, there was an emergency, I had to rush here from campus. The Kingdom comes first, my attire doesn’t really matter when you are planning new infrastructures.” Debby said with a fake smile plastered on her face “Well, I have to go, greet Gina for me, I’m sure she’ll love my present to her. After all, I loved her present.” Debby smiled and headed to campus.