Royal Phantoms Book

novel - Sci-fi

Royal Phantoms

Grei Genkaku

Ongoing · 134.3K Views


Filled with peace, days passed by like any other. Until suddenly, monsters taking the shapes of carnivorous Mutant animals and chimera hybrids appeared, raiding every human settlement on their sight. News about their sightings spread fast, alerting the people, tightening their defenses as much as they could. Those with weak security was mercilessly devoured by the said monsters, destroying most of humankind. One day, as if in response to these crises and terror, children across the globe with supernatural abilities were born. People risked and gambled their lives in order to nurture these children with special abilities. Several years later, humanity began its counter-attack against the Oblivoiids. Peace began to return slowly, with people, honing their technology and weaponry with the remains of the slain monsters. This story focuses on the daily lives of the students of Royal Chaos Academy, a school that trains students capable of bringing back the peace that was once lost along with the Academy's other face, the Royal Phantoms, an organization solely dedicated to eliminating those that threatens peace, not just Oblivoids.