Rise of the Cursed Lord

Author: SecretDrip
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What is Rise of the Cursed Lord

Read ‘Rise of the Cursed Lord’ Online for Free, written by the author SecretDrip, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, MAGIC Light Novel, MYSTERY Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: “The Wheel of Fortune” can decide what man you are born, but not what man you become.Though I was born twice, both times...


“The Wheel of Fortune” can decide what man you are born, but not what man you become. Though I was born twice, both times I was cursed to the absolute bottom. But even then, I had a blessing that made me want to thrive. Use before you get used. Gain power before you find yourself powerless. By any means necessary, that is what it means to truly survive. On the floating islands of Sanctum, knowledge is one’s most powerful weapon, and at the same time greatest vulnerability. The web of lies and deception spread far in this world, some even weaved and hidden by the very gods. The abyssal mysteries— those who near them get swallowed within the endless fogs that speak tales of Sanctum’s inevitable doom. For the sake of the world I envision, this won’t do… ************** IMPORTANT AUTHOR NOTE! This post was made by #NoHaremGang! The Novel's MC will not be a very moral guy. He is the farthest thing from hero and will value his own ambitions. The way he sees the world is very unique. Btw, this is totally NOT author Drip

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If I were to be held at gunpoint and asked what my favorite book is, I would answer with 1984 by George Orwell. If I were to be asked what my favorite webnovel is, I would answer with Shadow Slave by Guiltythree. Rise of the Cursed Lord is not my favorite, but it has the potential. Although the author, SecretDrip, claims to be a 'new rookie author', I would argue that he is neither new nor a rookie. He is hiding something, just like how I am hiding myself from the federal authorities and avoiding my sentence for the numerous atrocities I have committed in Yugoslavia. Ignoring that, this webnovel definitely has a leg up on its peers in terms of characters, that much one can see even from just the first chapter alone. I won't get into the specifics since I don't want to spoil, but the dynamic that the main character has with one of the other characters was the main reason that made me realize that I was reading something good. In terms of worldbuilding and design, the author seems to have many works set in plan that, if he gives even a fraction of the brilliance that he did with the characters, would become something aweinspiring. However, everything has its flaws. In the case of Rise of the Cursed Lord, it is none other than the title itself. Jfc dude. You could have tried to come up with a better title. I mean, really? I oughta come right up to your house and blow sand through the windows for what you've done to the title. You could have done better.


there is some potential, i hope the novel Will be better.


Appeared out of nowhere, made a chapter about MC's foot fetish, went on hiatus, refused to elaborate. 10/10 would read again


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