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Alice's POV:

During class, my phone buzzed with a text message. I glanced at it and saw that it was from Jasper. As I read his message, my excitement grew. Jasper had just met my mate, and his instincts were telling him that Tony could be dangerous. The mention of Tony's eyes made me wonder if they held some kind of power or significance. Regardless, I was determined to meet Tony and stand by his side if he accepted me.

As soon as the bell rang, I bolted out of the classroom, eager to catch a glimpse of Tony. On my way, I spotted Edythe heading in the same direction.

"Hey, Edythe. Did Jasper text you too?" I asked, my voice filled with anticipation.

Edythe nodded. "Yes, he did. He also wanted to make sure I'm with you to ensure you don't do anything impulsive until we have a chance to assess the situation. We'll most likely discuss it with the rest of the family at a family meeting to address Jasper's concerns."

We both arrived at the classroom and saw Jasper waiting for us.

Jasper informed us, "He's currently talking to the teacher but will be out in a minute."

Tony's POV ends.

I just finished talking to the teacher and started to head out. Then I suddenly stopped as I saw Jasper, Alice, and I think Edythe from fan fiction. The clerk did say that some things would change because of me being born here. They are all staring at me, especially Alice, for some reason.

Jasper: "Hey Tony, let me introduce my girlfriend Edythe and Edythe's sister Alice to you."

I was stunned for a second when he said Edythe was his girlfriend, and Alice wasn't. Meaning Alice is single, right?

"Hello there, I'm Tony Swan, and it's nice to meet you both."

I shook Edythe's hand first, then I shook Alice's hand, but suddenly there was a shock when we touched each other.

"Sorry about that, Alice."

Alice just smiled widely and looked into my eyes.

Alice: "It's fine, and it felt good to me. By the way, I love your eyes. They are beautiful to look at."

I started to blush. This is a first in both lives. It's hard to respond to a beautiful woman like Alice.

"Thank you..." She kept looking at me with a smile. I needed to get out of here. Then Jasper started to talk.

Jasper: "Hey, want to have lunch with us and my family?"

"Sorry, probably next time. I promised my sister I would eat with her. See you three later," I started to walk off.

Alice POV:

I finally got to see my mate as he walked out of the classroom. He looks so handsome, especially with those eyes. Then he stopped when he saw us. I could sense a dangerous aura around him, but it felt like it was only directed towards his enemies. Then Jasper introduced us. He had a surprised look when he found out Jasper was with Edythe. Then he gave me a look as if he was wondering if I was single. He has a very easy face to read, at least to me. He then introduced himself. So his name is Tony Swan, and he reached out his hand to shake mine. Then we both felt a shock. I felt so happy about it. It meant he was the one. I then told him his eyes were beautiful. His blush was so cute that I wanted to pull him close and hug his face. Then I felt a bit sad when he left, but I'm determined to see him more, even if I have to make it happen.

Alice's POV ends.

Tony's P0V:

Tony's POV:

Sometime later, it was finally time for lunch. I walked in and people started to look at me as I searched for my sister. I found her with the same group of people as in the movie. There was Eric, Mike, Jessica, and Angela.

"Hey sis, how's your day going?"

Bella: "It's going, but not fast enough."

"I agree with that. Hello everyone, I'm Tony Swan, Bella's brother."

They looked at me and then I sat down. Suddenly, the doors swung open and in walked five of the most astounding people - THE CULLENS. Two guys, three girls, all chalky pale with purplish shadows under their eyes.

Bella: "Who are they?"

Angela: "The Cullens."

Jessica: "Doctor and Mrs. Cullen's foster kids. They all moved down here from Alaska two years ago."

Angela: "They kinda keep to themselves."

Jessica: "Because they're all together. Like, together. The blonde girl, Rosalie, and the big dark-haired guy, Emmett. They're a thing. I'm not even sure if that's legal."

Angela: "Jess, they're not related."

Jessica: "But they live together. And the dark-haired girl's name is Edythe."

She hovers over with Jasper.

Jessica: "She's with Jasper, the blonde who looks like he's in pain. I mean, Dr. Cullen is like this foster dad slash matchmaker."

Angela: "Maybe he'll adopt me."

Bella laughs, liking her... then she sees the last two Cullens enter - Edward and Alice. Bella can't take her eyes off Edward.

Bella: "Who's he?"

Jessica: "That's Edward Cullen."

Suddenly, Edward looked over as if he had heard Jessica from across the room. His eyes met Bella's, but he seemed confused. Bella quickly looked away.

Jessica: "He's gorgeous. But apparently, no one here is good enough for him. Like I care. (she does) Anyway, don't waste your time."

Bella: "I wasn't planning on it."

But Bella couldn't help but peek at Edward again. He was staring at her outright now, with a slightly frustrated expression that unnerved her. She hid behind her hair.

Jessica: "The last one is the short black-haired girl, Alice. She's weird."

I got a bit mad and crushed the pop that I had when she said that. Then they all looked at me, even the Cullens.

"Hey, don't talk bad about people. Everyone is weird in their own way. Look at me. I'm very weird. So, are you going to say something like that to me or behind my back?"

As I looked at Jessica deeply, she stayed quiet and put her head down. The rest of the people gave me a look, while the Cullens had some smiles as if they were teasing Alice about how I was already defending her. I looked at Alice and stuck out my tongue. That made her smile and she did the same thing. Then I noticed Edward kept looking over at me and my sister.

"Hey sis, I think Edward might be bisexual or something. He keeps looking at both of us. I don't know if he wants the new twins or something, but I don't swing that way."

The Cullens heard that and they all started laughing. Alice gave Edward a mean look and Edward stared me down.

Bella: "I don't know why he keeps looking at us like that."

"I don't know, but he gives off a weird, creepy, emo vibe. Better stay away from him."

The Cullens had a hard time holding in their laughs, especially Edythe and Emmett. I could mess with him all day, but lunch was short, and it was time to finish the first day of school.

Later that day, when I walked up to Bella after school ended.

Bella: "Do I stink or something?"

"No, why?"

Bella looked over at where Edward was in the Cullen group.

"I see, and no, you don't stink. I think he finally realized that he smells bad compared to you."

Edward gave me a stare, and I stared right back at him as the Cullens laughed. Then Alice looked at me with a big smile. I winked at her.

"Anyway, let's go home. We can deal with him later."

Bella and I drove home, while the Cullens also headed home for an important discussion.

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