Rich Daughter Reincarnates as Her Eighteen-Year-Old Self to Rescue Her Younger Brothers!

"I've destroyed your face. Let's see how you'll seduce men now!" "I want to pluck all your hair too. Let's see how you'll seduce other married men!" The woman screamed while she cut off Mei Shu's hair. She then directly stabbed the scissors into her head and put an end to her pitiful life. Mei Shu had already been bedridden for over ten years. Her face was practically unrecognizable. Her four younger brothers were either injured, crippled, sick, or barely alive. This was all thanks to the woman next to her bed. Many years ago, Mei Shu's mother died in a car accident. Not long after that, her stepmother moved in with her stepsister, Mei Mu. Mei Shu's stepmother found a way to send Mei Shu to the countryside. After that, Mei Shu's stepmother and stepsister slowly took over all the Mei family's possessions. When Mei Shu was about to turn eighteen, they brought her home. The only reason they did that was to acquire the inheritance her mother left behind. After that, they kept plotting and scheming against her. They sowed discord between Mei Shu and her four younger brothers. Until the day Mei Shu died in the hospital, her brothers still had no idea she wasn't the one who started the fire that ruined their lives. After dying, Mei Shu refused to move on. She reincarnated to the time she was seventeen with her own system. She wanted to change her fate and rescue her brothers! In their previous lifetime, she and her brothers treated each other like enemies. In this lifetime... "Mei Shu, I'll do anything you tell me to," her first brother said. "Who dares to bully my sister?" Her second brother asked. "Mei Shu belongs to me!" Her third brother exclaimed. "Do you wish to marry my sister? Let's see if you have what it takes!" Her fourth brother uttered. [System: Quest completed! You'll be rewarded with a husband!"

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Originally, Mei Jing was still at a disadvantage. However, Mei Shu's arrival successfully turned the situation around.

After Mei Jing turned around, he saw that the big guy, who was one meter away from his back, was holding a knife to his face. Mei Jing's face was as dark as ink. He looked at a boy in a cap and shouted sternly, "Cao Wu! What do you mean!"

Under normal circumstances, in the middle school circle of Lin City, both sides tacitly agreed not to use weapons when fighting unless it was said in advance. This could be considered an unwritten rule.

When Cao Wu saw this scene, his expression turned ugly. He didn't dare to say that he was open and aboveboard, but he hated people who played tricks behind the back the most.

When the big guy saw that the person who attacked him was only a 1.6-meter-tall girl, he was furious. He wanted to teach Mei Shu a lesson, but when he saw Cao Wu's expression, he didn't dare to say anything.

Cao Wu got the big man from his second sister. However, he was the one who had brought him here, so the matter naturally had to be blamed on him. He frowned and looked at Mei Jing. "It's my mismanagement, so I'll punish him with 10 strokes of the cane"

Mei Jing sneered. "No problem, but we want our people to do the beating."

Cao Wu hesitated for a moment before finally agreeing. Mei Jing asked his men to beat the big guy. The wooden stick struck the big guy's back and abdomen. After ten hits, the big guy had already vomited two mouthfuls of blood. His originally standing body had become lying on all fours on the ground. The atmosphere between the two sides became even more tense.

[Master, please resolve the dispute peacefully now]

Mei Shu frowned as she approached Zhao He and asked softly, "What's going on here?"

Zhao He had a murderous look on his face. But when he saw Mei Shu, he instantly turned into her fanboy. His tone was filled with endless admiration. "Sister Mei Shu, you're the female version of Hercules in my heart!"

Mei Shu: "… Just tell me."

Zhao He immediately became serious. "Alright, it's like this. Do you know Cao Wu? He's the third son of Governor Cao. The girl he likes fell for Mei Jing. So he is so angry that he wants to fight us! We wanted to sit down and have a good talk, but he's bent on regaining his face."

"Mei Jing didn't do anything wrong. Other than playing games, how can he care about women?! Damn it, that fool Cao Wu couldn't keep his girlfriend and came to find trouble with us!"

Mei Shu rubbed her forehead. What was all this about? How could a group of semi-grown children still come up with such adult-like drama?

The people from No. 3 High School returned to Mei Jing's side after beating up the big guy and wanted to leave. Mei Jing saw that Mei Shu didn't intend to leave and glared at her. "Why are you here?! Mind your own business and leave quickly. Don't get in my way."

When Zhao He heard this, he repeatedly advised, "Don't. If Sister Mei Shu leaves, we'll become lambs waiting to be slaughtered sooner or later. We don't have the advantage in numbers to begin with. Cao Wu even asked his family for thugs! If Sister Mei Shu hadn't appeared, you might have been stabbed with a hole!"

Mei Shu stared fixedly at Mei Jing's bruised mouth and sweaty face. He sneered and said, "Mind my own business? If you're so capable, you should settle your own matters. Why do you care why I'm here?"

Mei Jing glared at Mei Shu. He felt that it was a little embarrassing for Mei Shu to see him being beaten by the other party just now. He looked at Cao Wu, who had caused the trouble, and said angrily, "Cao Wu, are you f*cking crazy?! I'm not even from the same school as you guys. What does it have to do with me that she came to look for me? Even if she appears in front of me now, I won't be able to recognize her!"

When Cao Wu heard Mei Jing's words, he was also furious. He had been sending flowers and snacks to that girl this month and had almost succeeded, but Mei Jing had jumped out to take the fruits of his victory!

Cao Wu had made a bet with his brothers that he would definitely be able to win over that girl in a month. Now, instead of winning over that girl, he was still chasing after her like an idiot.

That was so embarrassing. If he didn't find trouble with Mei Jing, it would be equivalent to telling others that anyone could bully him! "Mei Jing, doesn't No. 3 High School have a basketball court? Why did you have to run more than ten kilometers away to our school?! Who can't guess what you're thinking?"

"Since you dare to steal my girlfriend, you have to pay the price for it! Just break your own leg as an apology to me. As a magnanimous person, I can let this matter go if you do so."

When Mei Jing heard this, he exploded. "Pfft! Cao Wu, you can't handle the girl yourself, yet you want to pin the blame on me. Brother Yuan was the one who asked me to go to your school to play basketball. Who knew that when I arrived, he had something to tend to and left not long after. If you don't believe me, you can ask him!"