Rich Daughter Reincarnates as Her Eighteen-Year-Old Self to Rescue Her Younger Brothers!

"I've destroyed your face. Let's see how you'll seduce men now!" "I want to pluck all your hair too. Let's see how you'll seduce other married men!" The woman screamed while she cut off Mei Shu's hair. She then directly stabbed the scissors into her head and put an end to her pitiful life. Mei Shu had already been bedridden for over ten years. Her face was practically unrecognizable. Her four younger brothers were either injured, crippled, sick, or barely alive. This was all thanks to the woman next to her bed. Many years ago, Mei Shu's mother died in a car accident. Not long after that, her stepmother moved in with her stepsister, Mei Mu. Mei Shu's stepmother found a way to send Mei Shu to the countryside. After that, Mei Shu's stepmother and stepsister slowly took over all the Mei family's possessions. When Mei Shu was about to turn eighteen, they brought her home. The only reason they did that was to acquire the inheritance her mother left behind. After that, they kept plotting and scheming against her. They sowed discord between Mei Shu and her four younger brothers. Until the day Mei Shu died in the hospital, her brothers still had no idea she wasn't the one who started the fire that ruined their lives. After dying, Mei Shu refused to move on. She reincarnated to the time she was seventeen with her own system. She wanted to change her fate and rescue her brothers! In their previous lifetime, she and her brothers treated each other like enemies. In this lifetime... "Mei Shu, I'll do anything you tell me to," her first brother said. "Who dares to bully my sister?" Her second brother asked. "Mei Shu belongs to me!" Her third brother exclaimed. "Do you wish to marry my sister? Let's see if you have what it takes!" Her fourth brother uttered. [System: Quest completed! You'll be rewarded with a husband!"

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Phone Call

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Li Zhen was very pleased to see the two girls "fighting over him", especially Mei Shu. Although she looked petite and thin and not as good-looking as Mei Mu, he could still tell that she had the potential to be a beauty. He particularly liked her long black straight hair.

Li Zhen quickly glanced at Mei Shu again. She looked like a soft and cuddly little rabbit. At first glance, she seemed like a meek and easy-to-handle person, but her sudden burst of spiciness in personality really caught his attention and made him somewhat impressed. As a result, he became interested in Mei Shu.

[Congratulations, Master! Mission completed! Points +10, Beauty +1]

Mei Shu was speechless.

Mei Shu recalled the scene just now and looked at Li Zhen with a complicated expression. She roughly knew what the other party was thinking, but she thought that it was not bad to tie Li Zhen and Mei Mu together.

One was a hypocrite and the other was a snob. With her around in this life, Li Zhen would never be able to turn things around in his life. She would let them live a poor life and then settle the scores with them for what they did in her previous life!

In front of Lu Yan, Mei Mu didn't dare to show her true temper. After all, her public image had always been that of a gentle and considerate fairy. She could only swallow her anger and plan to go home and tell her mother to avenge her.

After this incident, Lu Yan's expression became much better. The four of them each had their own thoughts.

After dinner, everyone returned to the classroom. Mei Shu took out the small mirror in her bag and looked at it a few times. She realized that her complexion seemed to have improved a little and was not as pale as before.

After all, she was a girl. Even if Mei Shu knew that she would become very beautiful when she grew up, since the system had given her this reward, who would despise something that could make her look better?

It was another busy afternoon. Mei Shu didn't even move her butt out of her seat. She had also been memorizing diligently during the 10-minute break between classes. Even with the help of her photographic memory, she knew that she couldn't afford to slack off and needed to make good use of her "Golden Finger" to spend more time and effort on self-improvement..

In the afternoon, Mei Shu and Mei Mu took a car home together. The two of them didn't speak to each other.

After entering the house, Mei Shu changed her shoes and was about to go upstairs to do her homework.

When the maid came out of the kitchen and saw Mei Shu, she hurriedly shouted, "Miss Mei Shu, someone was looking for you on the phone just now, but the other party hung up without saying his name."

Mei Shu frowned when she heard this. She found it strange that someone would look for her when she had just returned to Lin City. "Is it a man or a woman?"

The maid replied, "It's a boy. He doesn't sound old, but I asked him to leave his name. He stammered and hung up."

Mei Shu walked over and picked up the phone to call back. There was an unanswered dial tone from the receiver. Mei Shu began to recall the people who knew that she had returned. Soon, she recalled her conversation with Zhao He on Friday and thought to herself, Oh no!

Mei Shu hung up the phone and asked the driver to take her to Mei Jing's school. However, by the time she arrived, the school was already empty. Mei Shu looked around but didn't see Mei Jing. The sweat on her forehead stuck some stray hair to it, and her body was drenched in sweat.

As Mei Shu walked out of the school gate, she saw a small alley next to her. Suddenly, she had a flash of inspiration and ran towards a grove not far from the school's back gate. There, she saw two groups of people fighting fiercely.

Fortunately, they were from different schools. Mei Shu could easily tell the difference with the different school uniforms.

Mei Jing led Zhao He and the others to fight back. Suddenly, he saw Mei Shu barge in. He widened his eyes and shouted, "What are you doing here? Get lost…"

Before Mei Jing could finish his sentence, Mei Shu snatched the wooden stick with one hand and kicked the person over. Then, she swept the wooden stick behind her and knocked another person to the ground.

Because of the system's reward, Mei Shu was especially strong now. She only used 50% of her strength and could defeat two with a single strike. In less than half a minute, she knocked out half of the ten people opposite her. The others didn't dare to go forward anymore, and the people opposite her were dumbfounded.

At this moment, a big man opposite her suddenly pulled out a fruit knife from behind her waist. He used the cover of the crowd to rush straight at Mei Jing, wanting to launch a sneak attack.

Spotting this, Mei Shu was so frightened that her heart skipped a beat. When she saw some stones on the ground of the forest, she quickly picked up a palm-sized stone and threw it at the big guy.

Mei Shu was aiming at the big guy's body, but she hadn't trained and didn't aim accurately, so the stone hit his cheek, making him scream.

The big guy covered his face in pain and spat out a mouthful of blood. When he saw the two blood-stained teeth lying on the ground, he shouted angrily.