Reverend Insanity: White Shadow Demonic Venerable

Author: Bruhdamante
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What is Reverend Insanity: White Shadow Demonic Venerable

Read ‘Reverend Insanity: White Shadow Demonic Venerable’ Online for Free, written by the author Bruhdamante, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering Fanfiction, Fan Fiction, Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: Waking up in the Gu World wasn't exactly what I had in mind when I went to bed last night.A World I knew to be filled wi...


Waking up in the Gu World wasn't exactly what I had in mind when I went to bed last night. A World I knew to be filled with wondrous mystery and horrifying truth. Underneath the wondrous and fantastical nature of this World, mortality and ethics became twisted and corrupt, Good and Evil became perverted and depraved, and Light and Dark were reduced to nothing more than flickering Shadows; illusory and transient. This was the World I was born into. Nothing more than an insignificant Shadow in the vast, fathomless River Of Time. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- The setting is different to most other Reverend Insanity fanfics, so just a warning beforehand. Please do not expect a complete Demonic Path Fang Yuan copy straight from the get go. If I wanted to write one I would. Other than that, constructive criticism or ideas are not unwelcome.

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Good start, please continue. People come only after 30-50 chapters. GG does not look weak-willed, there is no backstory, but a couple of words were enough to understand her. The story takes place around the same time as the original plot.


This fic has a lot of potential, I don't why but there seems to be a lot of Reverend Insanity fics popping out lately, it's great.


De momento va bien, me esta gustando bastante, solo queda esperar y rezarle a la voluntad del Cielo que te de fuerza y sabiduría para terminarlo!! Por lo demás mil gracias!


The best reverend insanity fanfiction I've read. It grasps the immensity of the world and the philosophical elements of the original perfectly. I have one question though. What does the white mean in his venerable title? If it spoils the story no need to answer, just curious.


great start! has a lot of potential. also, the writer is really good, no mistakes, well thought out. i just hope he will not drop it.


It's just getting better with every chapter this is so goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood


A really good RI fan fiction. It feels so much like the original, Author clearly has experience writing RI related stuff considering his previous work 'Madness Apostle' that I've read. Overall, good work Author! Thanks for your efforts. Please keep this up.


A reverend insanity fanfic with a LOT of potential, please give it a shot, really good so far.


really good, i hope you will not copy fang yuan at all, pls dont try to get sovergin body gu, let him follow his own path and story


Reveal spoiler


It's written very professionally but the only problem i had is that Protagonist seems a bit too naive & good/kind for this type of world.


Really good, never taught about the possibility of shadow path, but now that I think about it, big potential


I dont usually write reviews but this fanfic definitely deserves it. It is hands down the best RI fanfic and deserves some more love Watchu lookin at?


a very well written Reverend insanity fanfiction, the author is a professional at the very least when stacked up against most in webnovel. the story is good, the characters well written and the background and world building is very intriguing, the very foundation and atmosphere has the scent of a dejavue like reading Reverend insanity again. but I still dropped it mostly due to the many female character Introductions, one or two is explainable but when almost all these women began surrounding him it's just too much. the flesh effemininises the mind and weakens the will power, while we haven't had any of those problems come up the friendship nonsense developing is just not what you would expect from a Reverend insanity world. and from the way it's going the main character is slowly being sanitized to conform to a more broader audience, which is a tragedy Reverend insanity was unique in that it went against the grain at least in terms of the main character. should you read it or not? give it a chance it's actually a very good fanfic, probably my top 5 best Reverend fanfic at least for the time being. it's focus and development of shadow path is very intriguing and has been even helpful in my own Reverend insanity fanfic.


Good job, but the main character, for me personally, is very boring. Still, it's more interesting to watch the ruthless protagonist, at least he won't apologize to his opponents and give them advice after the fight. (The arch of the tournament). Perhaps his character will change a little in the future (judging by the name), but it will not happen very soon, which is critical for me. And the author likes to dump tons of information on readers. But I can't help but answer that it even commands respect.


Reveal spoiler


There are not many FanFics of Reverend Insanity and this one is in my opinion the best.


It just gets better and better. Between the lore, the world building, the supporting characters, MC and the plot, it's just a delight to read.


What tags? please tell me we won't harem


Congrats for the knew novel, and for the perfect 5 stars ......................................................................................


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