Reverend Apocalypse

"Look! It's a meteor shower!" shouted Mark's mother, already pointing to the sky. Mark quickly turned his head away from the Dungeons & Dragons game that was over the kitchen table and glimpsed outside, "Wow! I never saw so many before!" he said while seeing the dark sky full of white strikes. "Can you turn the TV on? Maybe there is something about it on the news." asked Mark's father while washing the dishes from the dinner. "That can wait. Let's take a picture outside. The meteor shower will not last forever. Come you two, quickly!" shouted Mark's mother, already grabbing Mark's father's arm and bringing him outside. "You too Mark!" shouted Mark's mother, already outside, and when hearing that Mark took a deep breath and forced himself to go too, he hated to take pictures, but his mother would not let him off the hook no matter what.  Mark grabbed his cellphone and walked outside. "Ok, you two, give a long kiss. After all, it's your wedding anniversary!" said Mark, already unlocking the phone and pointing at them. Mark took the picture of both kissing with the meteor shower as a background, and he admitted to himself, the picture looked nice, but when looking at his parents again, Mark saw that the white strikes in the sky seemed way bigger than before. "I don't think is a good idea to stay outside," shouted Mark to his parents. "Don't worry son. Look! Everyone from the neighborhood is outside too!" said her mother, looking at their closest neighbor while waving her hand. Mark looked at his neighbor and waved his hand too. The man smiled back at Mark and exploded. Blood splashed the ground all around, turning the lawn red, while the man's hand flew high in the sky and fell only a few inches from Mark's feet. Mark, astonished, looked down at his neighbor's hand, still with the golden ring on it, and looked back to where his neighbor was before. But now, Mark saw a small beast crawling from the hole made by the meteor, the beast was barely 3 inches in size but was growing at an astonishing speed, and not even 2 seconds later Mark saw a beast the size of a cat coming out of it and jumping on the neighbor's wife, that was still there, on the door, in shock, not believing what was happening. The cat beast was extremely fast and in a blink of an eye ripped the woman's guts out of its belly. The scream made by the woman seemed to wake up everyone around and Mark's father shouted aloud, "RUN!!!!" … Currently releasing one chapter a day.

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[To be analyzed and submitted to the Union Defense Strategic Department]

"I didn't even know there was such a department on the union," said Mark aloud while reading the title of the last page on the report.

[Judging the process by what the Theta radiation is created, the constant flow of new invaders species, the low or almost non-existent thinking capabilities of the species, the way it's not affected by the radiation it emits, nor it mutates or evolves, and also considering the environmental changes in our planet caused by this new type of radiation, we can further speculate that Earth is been terraformed by an advanced species, the final aim seems to create an environment capable of sustaining this advanced alien species life, while the current invading species, commonly called 'beasts', are only a tool used to terraform Earth, further research is needed to support this conjecture, but we believe that by the time that Earth is complete terraformed, an alien invasion of unprecedented scale will happen, and the estimated time is 10 years]

"The fuck! Alien invasion of unprecedented scale?!!! The heck?? We can barely kill the beasts, and the beasts are only a tool for them? Dammit!!!, we are doomed!!"

Mark threw the folder on the ground in an explosion of anger, all this suffering, all what he and the rest of humanity did to survive, it would all be in vain, in ten years the true apocalypse would happen and they would not be able to hold it.

"All in vain, all the deaths, all the sacrifice, to end like this?" said Mark while clenching his right hand to the point of almost cutting the skin with his own nails.

"In the end, we are just only wild animals to these aliens, animals to be hunted for our bodies parts, our entire planet is just a farm for them, and we are the pigs to be slaughtered." said aloud Mark, as the realization that the entire planet was just a farm for the aliens hit him.

"Fuck them! If they want to hunt me, I will give them that. I will become their worst prey, the bear that refuses to be put down, the bee that stings just before dying! I will show them what a human is capable of! What I am capable of! "Said Mark aloud while punching the side of the truck with his right hand to the point of making his finger's joints bleed.

After calming down, Mark grabbed the folder from the ground and kept looking at it for a few seconds.

He was deciding what to do with it. 'If I leave this here, information will spread quickly, once people from the army take it and read it before giving to the right hands.'

"I doubt everyone will react like me. There will be chaos, people committing atrocities, and even people killing themselves and their children in the lack of any kind of hope. After all, what's the point of living when you know you will be dead in 10 years, with no choice? Not everyone is a fighter, or a survivor like me."

Mark kept pondering what to do with that information, and in his head, the best course of action would be to leave it to the union to release the information piece by piece. Mark guessed that this was what the union would do with it, that way they could prepare things beforehand and avoid the complete chaos.

"I have ten years to prepare, and I need to use this small gap of time until the union makes information about mutations public. That's the only advantage I have. I need to find more mutated animals quickly!" said Mark to himself as if to reaffirm his own line of thought.

Just as Mark thought that ,he remembered about the trap that was destroyed by some animal with cutting abilities or something like that, "I need to catch that thing, and I need to do it until tomorrow." said Mark aloud already putting the folder inside his backpack and walking in the direction of the supply vehicle.

The supply vehicle was where the army stored things to be used during a transportation mission, it was usually the last vehicle of the fleet and it was always a common truck, just like any other, because the beasts are not usually interested in anything that is not alive, they only hunted and eat if their prey was alive, and because of that, the army didn't care too much in protecting it, because even if the beasts attacked the trucks they would leave its contents aside once they killed the humans.


Mark opened the truck's backdoor and saw several crates inside of it. He would need to search crate by crate to find what he could use.

"At least I don't need to worry about food for the next seven days," said Mark, seeing the number of crates inside, Mark guessed that at least half of them were filled with food.

Before reading the documents about Project M, Mark even thought about taking one of the trucks that could still work and drive back to his previous base, it was risky but since there were not much vegetation on the way it was hard to come across any beasts, he just needed to avoid any small forests on the way back, just like the fleet did until they reached here, but now that he saw those files, and he knew the clock was ticking, he discarded that idea completely.

He now would use any bit of advantage he could have to become stronger, not because of some 'rightful' ideals. No, he was not that naïve, he didn't hope to defeat an entire species that was so advanced to the point of terraform a planet. No, he wanted to become stronger, to make them regret, to make them regret thinking of him and his fathers and friends as just some pig to be slaughtered.

That's what Mark believed, but deep down, he just wanted to survive. Knowing about a sure and inescapable end scared him more than he wanted to admit.