Revenge of the Ntr Prince Book

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Revenge of the Ntr Prince


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This is an evil book //Ntr, incest, r@pe, mind break, murder, war, evil mc. . Prince Lu, a perverted prince of a powerful Empire Mizu, realizes that he only wasted his life playing with women. But it was too late to change now. His father- the Emperor had been killed by his General, and Prince Lu himself soon followed him to the grave. But! He reincarnates as a young master of a small state. And he has a hot milf for a mom! But that is least of his concerns. Prince Lu assumes his new identity of young master Wind and embarks on the road of cultivation so that he can take revenge! The only problem is that the only techniques he ever learned in his past life were all ‘Dual Cultivation’ techniques. With no other option, Wind walks forth this path while trying to get stronger. Follow his journey in Revenge of the NTRPrince.


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