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Read Revealing memories novel written by the author Michelle_Chan0220 on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Urban stories, covering romance, tragedy. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Jiang Ling and Wen Bo Qiang grew up together in Nanjing Niu Jiao mountain. Bo Qiang was an orphan brought up by Mr Jiang. He is older than Ling 3 years. Bo Qiang often went to the plantation and the mountain to pick the vegetation and herbs. His studies were good too. He is very fond of Ling. At the age of 21, Bo qiang reveals his feelings for Ling. But Ling also have a close classmate, Wen Zhi Kang whose father is one of the richest man in Nanjing, Wen Hao. But little did they know, Zhi Kang and Bo Qiang were actually related, same father different mother. Zhi Kang is an unscrupulous person. To get the thing he wants, he will did anything to get it. He loves Ling. So on the day of Bo Qiang 23 birthday, he put fire to the Jiang family, killing Mr and Mrs Jiang and saved Ling out of the fire. He thought Bo Qiang was also killed in the fire, but actually he went temporarily blind and lose his memory and his biological mother saved him. Thinking that Zhi Kang saved her, she and him become great friends. Zhi Kang tried many ways to chase her. But in her heart, she only loves Qiang. After the fire incident, Qiang stayed with Li Lian, his mother in Nanjing city area. After recovering from his injuries, he went to study in Foshan University. Finished his studies, he applied an assistant manager position in Wen enterprises, not knowing that he will get to meet Ling, Zhi Kang and his own father.

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