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We ate a lot until everything on the table was almost cleared out. Meng Bao patted his belly, "Jie, thank you for the meal. I really like it." Meng Bao said with a satisfied smile.

"Ahaha, it's fine. Thank you for accompanying me to eat a lot," I laughed happily as I patted my bulging belly. "Okay, a big dinner is not complete without a dessert. Wait, let me check my fridge. I think I still have two ice creams."

I got up and checked my fridge. After I saw two store-bought Ice creams, I picked the ice creams and gave one to Meng Bao. Meng Bao accepted it, and we started eating the ice creams. 

"It's better to eat this while watching something," I suggested. I walked to the couch and turned on some cartoon. I looked back at Meng Bao, who was still sitting at the dining table, "Bao, come here."

Meng Bao followed me to sit on the couch. At first, he was sitting at the edge of the couch before he began to slide his butt closer and closer until he sat right beside me. There was no space between us, but I didn't mind him.

'Relax, Shi Ying. Treat this as a rental boyfriend service. Remember, they got paid doing this kind of thing. Keep it professional," I hardened myself in my heart. 

Meng Bao thought that he had received a green light since I didn't react much after he sat closer to me. Thus, His arm slowly found its way around my shoulder, wrapping around me, pulling me closer.

He pushed my head gently to his chest, so I can lean on his warm and muscular chest. We ate our ice cream in silence as we watched some random cartoon on the television. I licked the ice cream that started melting, but inevitably some dropped on Meng Bao's chest. 

"Ah, sorry," I pulled some tissue from the coffee table and wiped Meng Bao's chest. He wore a thin shirt after he took off his pink sweater. So I could clearly see the shape of his muscular chest. 

'He definitely exercises a lot,' I thought while rubbing the ice cream stain on his shirt. Meng Bao kept his silence as he let me rubbed his chest some more. After I cleaned the stain, I saw more ice cream stains dripping on Meng Bao's chest.

"D—Damn… I'm sorry, Jie, I think I accidentally dripped some more on my shirt. Can you please help me?" Meng Bao said. I frowned and looked up. Meng Bao immediately looked away with a blush on his cheek. 

"You have an ice cream cup, not a stick one like mine. How could you drop some stain?" 

"W—Well, I don't know either. I'm clumsy, Jie… please help," Meng Bao said. 

I sighed. As much as I want to believe his innocence, I doubt that this was unintentional. Since I still have tissue on my hand, I wiped the stain quickly before it got absorbed and left a permanent stain on Meng Bao's shirt.

After I finished, I was about to wash my hand, then I saw some more ice cream stain dripped on Meng Bao's shirt. This time, it stained his abs. 

"W—Wow… I accidentally dripped some on my stomach as well. W—Would you kindly help me, Jie?" 

I glared at Meng Bao who turned his head away. This was definitely intentional. He wanted me to rub some more on his chest and now his abs. 

'Well, I don't mind, but…' I stared at Meng Bao's nicely sculpted abs underneath his thin shirt and swallowed my saliva. 'This is not good for my heart.'

I pulled more tissues and wiped the ice cream stain quickly. After I finished, Meng Bao dripped some more on his abs, and I wiped again. 

What made me suspicious was the pattern of him dripping the ice cream started to go lower and lower until the last ice cream stain was dripped on his navel. I cleaned it, but before he dripped the ice cream lower to his… thing that already pitched a small mountain, I glared at him.

"Don't you dare, Meng Bao."

Meng Bao looked disappointed as if he actually expected more. But he nodded and put down his ice cream, "I'm sorry, Jie. I think I eat too much hotpot, so I become stupid and accidentally dripped my ice cream many times."

"Accidental… sure," I rolled my eyes and got up. I went to the bathroom to wash my hand. I returned with Meng Bao crossing his leg, probably to hide the bulge that had gotten even more obvious. 

As a fujoshi who was so into the hardcore stuff, I had to admit that I didn't get shocked when I saw Meng Bao got a reaction. 

'Should I say that I have seen so much forbidden stuff?' I thought. 'Well, I can't lie, though. Meng Bao probably has a great size. Knowing that he is mixed, and also, that bulge is not a joke at all.'

The more I think about it, the more I realized that I was only a virgin physically, but my imagination had been tainted by the forbidden stuff since long ago. 

Meng Bao distanced himself from me on the couch, probably because he was too embarrassed with his natural reaction. 

We were watching a cartoon in awkward silence until Meng Bao got a call again. He clicked his tongue, and all his cute blush and meek behavior disappeared instantly when a name showed on his phone. 

I peeked in suspicion and was also surprised with the name of the caller. 

*Mom is calling.*

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