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novel - Contemporary Romance

Rent A Boyfriend!


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WSA 2021 Nomination AwardWSA 2021 Nomination Award


[Sweet Romantic-comedy novel] [WSA 2021 Nomination Award.] ‘Ding Ding! Welcome to Rent A Boyfriend shop! Please pick your favourite before checking out. We accept credit cards only!’ --- Shi Ying was a 27 years old working woman who was busy with two things, Career and BL! She was too busy working as a secretary and gushing over handsome men in BL manhua to bother finding a man. She had decided to never marry because she didn’t want to be dragged down by a lousy husband. But her traditional parents wanted her to marry as soon as possible before she became a ‘leftover woman.’ Annoyed by her parents’ endless nagging, she downloaded a currently popular app, Rent A Boyfriend App. Out of necessity, she picked the cheapest boyfriend she could rent for two days to meet her parents. Who would’ve thought... the cheapest boyfriend turns out to be her boss’ son?! 'You never told me that you are the heir of the Yang group!’ - Shi Ying. ‘And you never told me that you are my dad’s secretary! I’m screwed now!’ - Yang Menghuo. --- WSA Entry - First Love. Slice of Life. --- Original Cover. Instagram: @foreverpupa

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