Reincarnation in DxD with wishes

a normal guy who reincarnated in dxd with 3 wishes. this is a multiverse story. main world:high school dxd 2nd world:second life ranker 3rd world:Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint. 4rd world:marvel earth-616

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Separation is hard.

Theo decided to host another drinking party, but this time he decided to invite all the gods. So, he arranged the entire palace for the drinking party. This time, the party was organized for Cha Yeon Woo to resolve disputes with the other gods. If they insisted, Theo would destroy them. Then he shouted, and the entire 98th floor heard:

Antares: "Hey gods, demons, aren't you bored? You are all invited to the Shadow Kingdom. We are going to have a drinking party!"

[Asgard is on the way]

[Olympus gladly accepts]

[Angels are coming running]

[Jie Sect has accepted, they are on their way]

[Bael, Agares, Sitri have accepted and are on their way]

Theo watched Cha Yeon Woo and thought, "It's time to fight the Summer Queen." Theo didn't care. "Let them fight," he said.

It seemed Cha Yeon Woo had first taken Luciel's stone from viere dune. There are the Seven Sins and Seven Virtues stones. Theo didn't want them all.

All the gods arrived, with Thor arriving first and greeting Theo. Theo gathered all the guests. Theo first approached Urd.

Theo: "Goddess Urd, please forgive my apostle. He may not have treated you well, but please, let's put the grudges aside and toast."

Urd: "I am indeed angry with your apostle, but for you, I will forgive. Cheers."

Theo: "Cheers."

Then Agares approached Theo.

Agares: "My lord, as you requested, I created chaos. There is a war on the 70th floor. I hope it satisfies you."

Theo then took out a sword from his inventory, Durandal from the Fate series.

Theo: "Kneel, Agares."

Agares knelt, being watched by everyone.

Agares: "I, Agares, swear upon my life to always be your loyal servant."

Theo: "I, Theo Gremory, accept your loyalty." And he performed a ceremony similar to a knighthood with the sword.

Then a bright light appeared, and a tattoo appeared on Agares' arm, indicating he was Theo's servant.

Then everyone turned their heads, and Theo took Agares and sat at a table. Then Michael arrived, followed by Bael, Sitri, Hel, Urd, and Athena.

Michael: "Oh, Antares, I finally joined this party."

Thor: "Yes, angel, this place is not for your kind."

Michael: "What did you say, pathetic Asgardian?"

Theo: "Hey, sit down, it's not time for war."

Athena: "Yes, Antares is right."

Antares: "Thanks. Now let's drink."

Then all the gods continued to drink along with the songs. Hel was trying to lick Theo at the end, but Loki stopped her. Michael was the first to get drunk, took off all his clothes, and was swinging them in the air. As a result, all the men lifted him into the air.

Antares: "1, 2, 3, throw him up!"

Gods: "Yay!"

Michael was thrown into the air. In the air, Michael was happy.

Michael: "Hahaha, you all look like ants from up here."

Then no one caught the falling Michael, and he fell face down.

Afterward, there were those who challenged Theo to arm wrestling. Theo knocked them all out. In the end, everyone was cheering for him. Most gods had never had so much fun.

Finally, Agares got drunk and proposed a slapping contest to Bael and Sitri. Bael knocked Agares out with one slap.

In the end, everyone passed out from drinking too much. There were no exceptions. When they woke up in the morning, Theo was lying between Athena and Urd. Thor had fallen asleep on top of Michael while Loki was holding Hel. Then Theo stood up.

Theo revealed his aura, and without exception, all the gods took their battle positions.

Theo: "Good, now I'm going to show you one last display. I'm leaving the tower soon, and I'm taking Agares with me. Now I'm going to show you what happens to those who touch my apostle."

Theo and all the gods and demons went out to the garden of Anor Londo.

Theo: "Good, now as I leave the tower, I'm going to show what happens to anyone who touches my apostle."

Theo raised his hand, and dark clouds appeared. A voice as if a million people were speaking at once came from Theo's mouth:

"I am the one over heaven and earth,

I command the universe,

Hear my words."

**Caelum Iudicium**

And a pitch-black lightning struck, destroying everything within 1000 km outside Anor Londo and drilling through all floors from the 98th to the 1st. Then Theo withdrew his hand and restored everything using his energy. All the gods' mouths were agape.

Without exception, they all swore they wouldn't touch Cain. Theo looked at the Olympians: "Olympus, I advise you to help Hades in Tartarus. Olympus will soon be taken over by titans."

Then Theo disappeared and appeared before Cain. Cain was surprised to see Antares appear before him.

Cain: "Did you do that? Are you crazy?"

Theo: "I tried my new move. I came to tell you something before I leave. Give me the body and soul of the Summer Queen."

Cain did as asked and handed them over, giving Theo Luciel's stone and the Philosopher's stone. Furthermore, this time, Viere Dune suffered in agony before merging with Gaia.

Theo: "Okay, I'm telling you the truth. I'm a god from outside the tower. I encountered this universe while traveling through some universes and found it interesting. Then I found you and made you my apostle. My power feeds on chaos, so thank you for helping me with this purpose. I warned all the gods before leaving. They won't try to attack you. You've awakened the Demonic Divine Dragon Body. Send your blood, then whatever, before I go. Your task is to go to Tartarus and help Hades."

Then Theo asked Cain to give him the watch, and from inside the watch, he extracted the soul of Cha Jeong Woo and revived him. He was now sleeping.

Cain hugged Antares, and it was evident he was crying since he wasn't wearing his mask.

Cain: "Thank you for everything. I don't know how to repay my debt."

Theo: "It doesn't matter. You are my apostle. Instead, just climb higher, prove your strength, and treat Edora well. She loves you. When you marry, shout my name. I will be before you."

Then Sesha, who was watching from the side, appeared.

Sesha: "Uncle, are you going to leave me?"

Theo: "Your uncle is going on a journey. Don't worry. I will always be watching and protecting you."

Then Theo lifted Sesha from her shoulders and played with her a bit. Then Brahm and Galliard appeared, both grateful to Theo.

Without saying anything, Theo swallowed the Summer Queen's body and stored her soul, took the stones, and went to Agares and disappeared. It was time to enter another world.

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