Reincarnated With The Van Helsing System Book

novel - Fantasy

Reincarnated With The Van Helsing System


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Many people wish to be transported to another world, beautiful women, supernatural powers, adventures and the list continues. But what happens when you are born in a place where almost everyone see you as a tool, which turned out to be useless for their purposses. Falling into the depths of despair after losing what he cared for the most, the unmistakable sound of a notification changed his destiny and the one of all the planes of existence, but was it for the good... or not? "The host's current body is too shitty for the system, physical reformation in progress", "physical reformation complete, as a one time reward for surviving the host might ask the system for a wish". Follow Daimon on his journey through a world where the existences called "Gods" are only higher ranked mages. ------------------------------------ Achievement rewards: 300 power stones= 1 extra chapters (The reward chapters will be posted on the week, on a random day) ----------------------------------- If You like monsters folklore and cute girls then be my guest ----------------------------------- The cover is not mine, so all the credit for the right owner ----------------------------------- The story will have a lot of dark elements so if you don't have stomach for that then I suggest you to leave, oh also i'm quite a pervert myself so be prepared for that (NO NTR). ---------------------------------- Finally, enjoy the story and if you like it please do support me with your golden tickets, power stones and reviews they will help me a lot.