Reincarnated With The Undefeated System Book

novel - Fantasy

Reincarnated With The Undefeated System


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Do you know what it feels like to get shot in the face? A bullet straight to the face? Yeah, it's a type of quick death where you wouldn't have to feel much pain, but I'm sure most people wouldn't love to die that way... ..But that's exactly how Aiden died. He was shot in the face by the leader of the gang he was in, and it was instant death for him. He joined a gang due to the troubles of life, the unfairness of life, and that's what caused his death. But that wasn't the end for Aiden. After meeting with the demi-gods and choosing a path, he passed through the cycle of reincarnation and was reborn as a baby into a world where superpowers exist... ..A world where your power element determines how far you'll go, a world where not everyone gets to possess an ability, a world where magical beasts exist. Aiden would have to survive in this world, he'll have to become stronger to do that, he'll have to awaken an ability. Luckily for him, he was granted something no one else possesses... [ Ding! Ding!] [ You've been granted the Undefeated System] With this system, Aiden can become stronger by conquering females, by banging them. This was gonna be of big help to him, the Undefeated System was gonna take him far. His journey begins... ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Disclaimer: Because the title says 'The Undefeated System' doesn't mean the MC is gonna become instant OP, it's gonna be a journey to greatness with character development. The title says, 'The Undefeated System'. Now, this system is gonna make him undefeatable in two ways. It's gonna make him undefeatable in battle and when conquering a female on bed or whatever style they choose to have sex. Having sex with a girl can be a battle sometimes. Either she conquers you, or you conquer her. This system was gonna make him win all the time.