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A black-haired college student can be seen holding his phone while crossing the street with earphones on. Countless people tried shouting at him to get out of the way but it was too late. The bus crashes through his body and kills him on the spot. The next moment, he found himself staring at an unfamiliar ceiling made of marble with a large crystal chandelier fixed to it. He closed his eyes again hoping that it was just a dream. Praying to god, he opened his eyes again only to see the same ceiling. A loud and long sigh escaped from his mouth.

'Don't tell me i was isekaid? How did i die? Oh wait, i see. So the truck of countless worlds killed me while bashing that stupid author for making the op main character become stronger. To think i died like that'

A sigh escaped on once again. After reading countless transmigration novels, he wished to be one of those main characters who go on adventures with beautiful women. He walked out of bed to gaze at the mirror. In the reflection, a red-haired handsome youth with pale skin and deep blue eyes can be seen. His face turned grim.

'To think i was reincarnated in the novel as one of the side villains that will offend the mc for being too arrogant. The Swordsman of End. A novel where the main character gains a system to defeat foes who looked down on him and take revenge on the Swordwin Empire. The strongest empire on the continent. A pretty cliche and self-fulfillment novel where the main character is continuously looked down upon and underestimated only to get slapped in the face. I am Lawrence Von Aenir. The next heir of the Aenir Family with a high affinity for light magic and proficiency in spear arts. To think that i will be one hit by the main character in the future.'

A soft knock on the door ranged out as a maid slowly entered the room with her head gazing to the floor. She trembled when Lawrence gazed at her.

"Young Master Lawrence, y-your father is waiting f-for you" she stammered before bowing and leaving hastily. Not only is Lawrence arrogant, he also looked down on commoners and for his bad luck. The main character is a commoner.

"I really hope that i didn't offend Cain yet" he muttered to himself before walking out the door. Oddly enough, he remembered everything about Lawrence's life like his life on earth was a dream but he shakes his head. Heading to the living room, he saw his father and mother eating silently. Sitting in his designated chair, the maids started serving him food as he ate with manners befitting a royal despite never eating like this on earth.

"Your father has arranged your bride," his mother said as Lawrence wasn't surprised at all.

'It seems that Lawrence didn't meet Catalina yet meaning i didn't offend Cain as by that time, he has already proposed on her'.

Seeing his mother staring at him like she's ready to refute him if he disagreed. He smiled handsomely before nodding.

"Yes, Mother" before turning his head to face his father

"Thank you father" A sense of respect and reverence can be felt within him once he saw his father. He's a large man with red hair as same as him with muscles bulging across his shirt. Leonard von Aenir, one of the weapon saints in this Kingdom. The Kingdom of Rebia, the third strongest nation on this continent. A gentle smile appeared from his father before disappearing and being replaced by a stern expression.

"She might be a genius in fire magic and fist arts but you're a genius in spear arts and light magic. Both of you are meant to be son" Lawrence nodded as they started talking casually about random things from a piece of jewelry that shines in the dark to a towering flower that emits a strong fragrance smell. It didn't seem like he replaced Lawrence but instead, he is Lawrence. Like he just unlocked the memories of his previous life. Strange but he knew he didn't have the answers yet so he shrugged it off for now.

"You will be meeting her this afternoon to get to know each other" his father said casually as Lawrence nodded. After eating, he left to go back to his room.

'Since i'm already here. I should get some artifacts and luckily the author describes the places thoroughly where they can be found. In the basement where the prison is located. After offending Lawrence, he was hoisted to their prison. With the help of his system, he found a small pendant without a chain buried in dust and trash that grants anyone invisibility for 30 seconds and enhances the next attack they do. A perfect assassins artifact but after that, Cain never used it anymore since he didn't like relying on artifacts to fight. It's not like he's relying on a system to fight right?'

Lawrence shakes his head before going to the basement as every maid bowed their heads to avoid meeting with his eyes. Once reaching the gates, two knights are stationed to protect the prison as they saw the young master walking. They are confused but they didn't ask any questions as they merely opened the gates. With a confident stride, once he entered the prison. An unbearing smell assaulted his nose as his expression twisted in disgust before grabbing a handkerchief from his pocket to block his nose from smelling that foul stretch. In the cells, prisoners with lifeless eyes can be seen but he wasn't disturbed in the slightest. He was even surprised to himself that if it's the previous life, he would get out of here immediately. After reaching the furthest cell, there was no one there except a pile of garbage. He was about to head inside and scurry around to find it but his mouth started twitching.

"Knights, come here immediately and start looking for a small pendant. It's in the pile of garbage as i didn't want to dirty my hands" he said with authority as the knights started running towards him and basically put their hands in the pile of garbage according to their young master's wishes with a hint of fear in their eyes. Even Lawrence was surprised to hear words spoken out from him unconsciously. He tried stopping them but instead.

"Stop dilly-dallying and finish it quickly so i can return to my room" he bellowed as sweats started appearing in the knight's forehead as they hurried. A sudden shout erupted as one of the knights was able to grab a small gem with runes scattered all over it.

"Young Master, should we clean it first before delivering it to your room?" the knight asked as Lawrence nodded before heading outside the prison and back to his room.

'What the hell was that?! Why am i still arrogant? Shouldn't it be the start of the previous young masters changing for a better to be kind and gentle? Is the real Lawrence still inside? no, i'm Lawrence. I didn't replace him then why? What is happening?'

A gentle knock on the door can be heard as the door slightly opened. A brown-haired maid entered before offering him a proper pendant of the artifact.

"Young Master, here it is" she bowed as Lawrence grabbed the pendant and gestured the maid to get out. Even his body movement is arrogant, a headache is starting to form in Lawrence's head as he already saw the future of him offending everyone including the main character.

'No choice but to grow stronger i guess. Besides in 5 years from now, the chaos portal will arrive and bring destruction to the whole continent.' He put the pendant on and started engulfing it with mana as it glows. With the intent of going invisible. He walked towards the mirror to find no one in the reflection. A smile crept on his face as he is satisfied with the artifact with less than an hour and basically no effort, he already possessed a strong artifact. After thirty seconds has passed, the invisibility started to wane as he saw himself in the mirror.

'Now, what should i do next? I should probably head to the training grounds to train myself. To familiarize with fighting in this body. In this novel, there is no leveling system. It's only for the main character.'

There are warriors, mages, and paragons. Warriors are the people that only have weapon proficiency and they trained their weapon arts and body to grow stronger. From one star to seven stars as every star represent the number of meridians unlocked. The more meridians unlocked, the more powerful their bodies are and the more aura they possessed. His father is a sixth-star warrior with a speed 3 times faster than the fastest train and with a body that can survive a nuclear bomb with small injuries. A monster.

While Mages has affinity from either elemental or another type of magic such as summoning and necromancy. Instead of meridians, they turned their heart to a mana heart that strengthens every time they learned a magic spell or mastering one. There has only been one seven-star mage named the sage of wisdom that can probably destroy the military on earth with ease. They learn magic spells and master them by battling monsters and humans. Same as warriors, they range from 1 star to 7 stars. Usually, mages are stronger than warriors when they fought in the same level of stars but it still depends on one's battle capabilities. Neither their meridians nor magic heart can help if they don't know how to fight properly.

Lastly are the paragons, the rarest of the kind, and treated as heroes everywhere they go. They both have weapon proficiency and magic affinity. Because of that, they connect their meridians to their mana heart to create a body that is able to use both mana and aura. They are stronger but it's extremely harder to be stronger itself. Since they have to not only unlock their meridians but also strengthen their mana heart since if a paragon only focused on one, they are likely to turn in either a mage or warrior or worse be crippled with no hope of getting stronger anymore.

A sigh escaped from Lawrence's mouth as being a paragon is a pain in the ass. He's already 16 but he has the body of a man but he only unlocked two of his meridians and strengthen his mana heart two times. He's a two-star paragon. After reaching the training grounds, he saw some knights training with their weapons while some are teaching squires younger than Lawrence. The sun is beaming outside as the clear sand beneath his feet is quite annoying to train with. The knights tried ignoring the young master as they won't go near him unless he needed something. They feared annoying him as they might get fired and punished. Ignoring every knight glancing at him. He picked a metal spear as it seems to be weightless. A couple of swings confirmed to Lawrence that his body didn't forget the movement of his spear as he stabbed and slashed with furiousity and light-speed attacks.

'It seems that i trained specialized spear art for speed. Let's see what magic spells i have.'

Pointing his finger forward. A white beam courses his finger towards the training dummy as a small hole appeared in the middle of the forehead. It was fast and hard to dodge as it's nearly instantaneous and the activating time is half a second only. It seems that Lawrence trained this to mastery level.

There are levels in both weapon arts and magic spells. From beginner, adept, mastered, and perfected. While Lawrence knows there is another level on top of perfect which is the apex but it would take a long time before he reached that level in both of his spear arts and light magic spells. Another spell of his is the light spear which as the name of the spell says creates a spear made of light that he can control in the air freely. It wasn't fast at all and although sharp, almost any person can dodge it. It was only at the beginning level as Lawrence sighed. To think his parents called him a genius is saddening. The true genius would have perfected his weapon arts and has 5 spells in a master level before reaching two-star that even a three-star warrior or mage would lose against. Such genius is Catalinna. His bride-to-be is a true monster as even in a two-star paragon, she probably can take on 5 of himself. It explains why Lawrence is extremely proud of himself while being arrogant. His parents didn't want to hurt their son as they probably knew that he only has an average talent and the only redeeming part of it is he is a paragon. He gritted his teeth as his fist shakes in frustration. Pain assaulted his hand but he stayed standing and just glared at the training dummy. He started devising a plan using his memories from reading this novel.

In the middle of the novel, Cain was able to find rare spear art that incorporates the use of light to confuse the enemy while creating spears made of pure light as every swing would make it seem like five spears are swinging continuously and when stabbed forward, 4 spears of light would appear surrounding the original spear as 5 holes in his enemies would appear as every strike is at near speed of light. Creating the luminosity of multitude spear arts that with the help of the system was changed to sword art. It was guarded by the spirit of the creator of that spear arts. It would be impossible for Lawrence to defeat that spirit right now but with the help of his father, it might be too easy to grab it as a devious grin appeared on his face.

He was about to return to his house when he saw an out-of-this-world beauty with skin pale as snow and lips with the color of cherry. With luscious white hair running towards her back. She looked like a cold but prim lady with mannerisms the same as the queen of this country. Despite one of her eyes covered with her white hair, she gazed at Lawrence with anger and despise written in her expression.

'What did i do to her? she might be cold but she is extremely stubborn and hard-headed that in the novel, she leaves her family to head to the north where furious monsters would knock on their walls every single night just so she can fight. A proper battle junkie. She also said to Lawrence that she will never marry a man weaker than her which humiliated Lawrence after he got one hit by Cain and was instead defeated by Cain and since then become one of his harems.'

It was alright for him to agree with his parents to marry her as it would never come true anyway and he can instead find a woman to love and take care of for the rest of his life.

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