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Reincarnated with the author


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Reincarnated in a novel with the author itself. Can Lawrence, a side villain that is one-shotted by the mc survive in the turbulent world where only the strength prevails and the cries of the weak are ignored. With a mediocre talent, will he be reborn to fight against the true enemies or will he be forgotten as an extra? A regular college student was killed in a road-related accident that actually transmigrated him into the world of the novel he was reading. In a surprising turn of events, the author was also transmigrated. With his lack of knowledge compared to the author and the fact that his personality was forcefully changed to become cold and arrogant noble. How will he navigate the crazy world of the novel? Will he make more foes or allies? Would he be willing to trust the author or will they hide their plans to themself? Will Lawrence's personality change him or will he change Lawrence's personality? Currently on hiatus for health reasons. I will be posting again next month hopefully If you want to support me. Here's my Paypal. It would really help and motivate me to continue. Paypal.Me/Horizon209 Posting this novel in the royalroad cover pic: https://www.pinterest.ph/pin/769763761287117691/