Reincarnated into Modern Family

A man who had a hard first life gets reincarnated into the ‘Modern Family’ world, where he gets a second chance at life. He will try to live this life much differently than his last, but some habits are harder to lose than others. The way he chooses to live his new life will certainly be a new journey for him and one where he learns what he missed out on the first time. Welcome back to all those who have read some of my other Fanfics. I hope this one entertains you as well and I am glad to have you back. For the newcomers, welcome and I hope you enjoy the story. As for how the story will go, it will be a slice of life very much and I feel slower, as I will try to build the relationships naturally. It will follow canon for the most part, with a few changes here and there, you will see as you read. This will be written mostly from the MC’s viewpoint, only switching POVs when necessary. Disclaimer: I do not own Modern Family or the book cover.

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AN: Just a reminder I'm not doing any R-18, so no worries for those who don't want to read one. While the ones that do want to read one… well there are other websites for that. 


We decided we were going to take the next step in our relationship a couple of weeks after the New Year's Eve party. It would be on a weekend when we both knew my house would be empty since Alex's house is almost never empty. As the day arrived we both were very nervous, I may remember having relationships in my other life, but this was still new to me in this life. I was in a very weird place, while Alex seemed nervous too since we both knew this was coming. 

"So…Gabe, when we get home… I'll come over a little bit later… Then we can… you know," Alex says to me as I nod my head not sure what to say here. 

"Uhm… right," I say as we awkwardly walk to Haley's car since she has been picking us up from school for Claire. Haley was forced to do this since she left college and has still not gotten a job yet. 

"Let's go! I have places to be!" Haley says as we are walking over. 

"What is wrong with you guys?.... Wait! Did you two break up?!" Haley says sensing the awkward atmosphere in the car. 

"What?! NO!... We just had an argument is all," Alex says quickly coming up with an excuse which Haley shrugs and buys. 

"Whatever, just don't fight while I'm driving," Haley says we both nod our heads as the music Haley is playing takes over the silence in the car. 

Later that day, Alex came over that afternoon. She told her parents she would be sleeping over at her one friend's house. My both parents were visiting my Grandparents in Spain this week, with my baby sister. I told them I'd rather stay here to not miss any school, which they understood knowing my future plans like Harvard. 

"Gabe?" Alex says not so sneakily entering my house and nervous. 

"Hey… Your parents, uhm, buy the lie?" I ask her and she nods her head, while her friend knows the plan too in case they ask about Alex. 

"Yeah, so…" Alex says as it is now later in the afternoon around eight at night. 

I give her a reassuring smile as we walk up to my room. Sitting on my bed we just look at each other for a few seconds, before I make the first move to kiss her. The kiss quickly turns more passionate as we've already done 'hand stuff'. Like that, the night became a very restless one where we lost ourselves in passion and lust. 

Waking up the next day I see Alex cuddled up next to me sleeping with a smile on her face. It was at this moment here I realized that my attraction to her was deeper than teenage infatuation, I was in love with her. I slowly made my way out of her grip so I could make breakfast for both of us. I managed to escape without waking her up and proceeded to put my shorts on before making breakfast. 

Coming downstairs I see Rome giving me a sideways look almost like he knows what we did last night. I just pat his head before making his food and giving him a treat. As I just finished making breakfast I heard Alex come downstairs and she was wearing my T-shirt. 

'Now I understand the whole Nerdy girl in a t-shirt thing… its nice,' I think to myself checking her out as she gives me an embarrassed look. 

"What?" Alex says snapping me from my stupor. 

"Sorry, just memorizing how amazing you look right now," I say making her blush more. 

"I just woke up, wearing your old shirt and my hair is a mess," Alex says while sitting down as I place the food on the table. 

"I know and you look amazing," I say kissing her as I take a seat next to her. 

"Thanks," Alex says taking the compliment finally. 

"So… did you enjoy last night?" I ask once we finish eating as we both were very hungry from the late-night exercise. 

"It was amazing, though from the videos I watched before it seemed… different," Alex says as I look at her with a surprised look not thinking she 'researched' some adult videos beforehand. 

"That explains… a lot," I say thinking back to last night and her demands. 

"I was doing it so I could be prepared!" Alex says with a very red face defending her reasons. 

"Hey, I thought it was amazing too. I'm ready for part two anytime," I say to her with a smirk as her face becomes more red. 

"I'm gonna need a day or two… I feel some soreness," Alex says as I nod my head. 

"I get it, just saying whenever you are ready again. You don't need to ask me twice," I say with the same smirk at the end making her roll her eyes at me. 

"Yeahhhhhh, whatever, I'm gonna go shower," Alex says walking back upstairs. 

"Can I join?" I ask with a hopeful look on my face as she looks at me contemplating it. Then says nothing before walking upstairs. I look down dejected while grabbing the dishes to clean. 

"Aren't you coming?" Alex says from upstairs, as I practically throw the dishes and run upstairs. 

After our shower which didn't consist of more than foreplay, we went downstairs and finished cleaning up together. The next few hours we hung out, watching some movies, talking about our future plans, and just enjoying each other's company. This whole experience brought us much closer together. 

"SHIT!! FUCK!!" Alex says jumping up as we were cuddling on the couch watching the Harry Potter Movies. This made Rome and I jump up not expecting that at all, as we both looked at her confused. 

"What?" I say as Alex is looking at her phone with worry and freaking out. 

"They know!! They know Gabe!" Alex says while showing her phone to me with a stressed face. 

I look at her phone and see her friend whom she told to cover for her, tried to lie to her parents since they showed up at her house. Though her mom told Claire she wasn't there last night. Just then her phone chimes as Claire is calling her, Alex looks at me with a freaking-out face.

"Answer it!" I say as I begin panicking a bit too. 

"What do I say?!" Alex says as I just give her a panicked and worried shrug. 

"Uhm… Hey! Mom! What's up?!" Alex says with a shaky and worried voice as I facepalm. 

"No!... Wait what?!" Alex says as I can not hear what Claire is saying. Then Alex hangs up the phone before turning to me. 

"Uhm… so I forgot to turn off find my phone, so my Mom knows I'm here… That and Gloria is at the hospital apparently giving birth," Alex says to me as I let out a sigh and then give her a surprised look since Gloria is giving birth. 

"So… what do we do about your Mom?" I say as Alex just shrugs, with me nodding my head thinking. 

"She didn't seem that mad… then again it might just be from the news about Gloria," Alex says as I give her a hopeful look. 

"One can hope," I say as Alex sighs now too. 

Claire then shows up knocking on the door, Alex answers it with me behind her. Claire then comes inside and looks around confused but dismisses it. Before looking back at us, I've been taller than Claire for a while now so her giving me a mad look is not as bad as it would've been if I was shorter. Like my Dad, I shot up to 6'3" (190.5cm) almost overnight the last two years. However, it seems my growth stopped here, though I am still taller than everyone in Alex's family now. 

"So… Like I thought, your parents are still in Spain… We will talk about this later, though for now, we are going to the hospital, Gloria is giving birth," Claire says as we nod our heads. 

"Am I coming?" I ask since I'm not sure, Alex looks to Claire as Claire nods her head. 

"Yeah, your Mom is Gloria's best friend so if they were here you'd be coming. Actually, that means we can talk on the way there," Claire says as Alex and I get into her minivan.

Claire is silent for the first few minutes before breaking the silence. Here I was thinking even she wouldn't be this, crazy or nosy. However, it seems Claire's over-protectiveness and worry as a parent has won her over. With her immediately making Alex almost freakout, with me making a mental note to not be like Claire should I ever have children in this life. 

"I… I don't want to know the details or anything like that… But tell me you two were safe," Claire says as Alex's face becomes beat red from embarrassment, I thought even Claire wouldn't have this conversation with her daughter and her boyfriend. 

"MOM! What the hell!" Alex says extremely annoyed and embarrassed by her mother. 

"No! What the hell you two! I know you've been dating for a few years and whatnot, but–" Claire says before Alex interrupts her. 

"NO! Enough! I'm not Haley! Gabe isn't like the idiots she dates either!" Alex says as I nod my head agreeing with Alex, though do it subtlety to not get Claire's attention. As I don't want to be a part of this conversation any more than I already am. 

"Alex–" Claire says finally realizing her mistake. 

"No! After everything I do! Volunteer, get good grades, play the violin, and do track! All just for my future, you still want to act like I'm just an idiot kid! Gabe and I are in love and we are not stupid!" Alex says letting out all her pent-up emotions that she doesn't really share with her family. Though for me all I really took out of it was the love part. 

"Alex… I'm sorry you are right… I shouldn't have said what I did… Gabe, Alex, can we forget we even had this talk," Claire says wanting to move past this as Alex just looks away still very annoyed. 

"Uhm… sure," I say as we finally arrive at the hospital Alex quickly gets out of the car and walks inside as I quickly follow after her. 

Seems Claire is going to wait for everyone else as Alex already asked where Gloria was so we get into the elevator to see them. Alex has this look of mixed emotions flashing across her face as the elevator is taking us to Gloria's floor. 

"I just want to say I love you too," I say to Alex as she looks at me with a surprised and red face. 

"Really?" Alex says and I nod my head smiling at her.

"Alex, I really do love you. I can imagine my life without you and it seems terrible. I'd do anything to keep you in it," I say to her as we share a very different kiss this time, instead of passion it is one filled with love. 

"I love you too," Alex says as I smile at her and we hold our hands while walking to Gloria's room. 

It seems this improved her mood a lot, but I can still tell she is very upset with her Mom. Though that is something the two will have to work out on their own. As we make our way to the room we can see Manny in the waiting area, as someone is screaming in the room. We can see the worry on Manny's face as he is hearing what seems to be his Mom in great pain. 

"Hey Manny, Happy Birthday. Though I guess you are gonna be sharing it with your brother now," I say to Manny as we sit down near him, he looks up slightly relieved that other people are here now. Then realizes what I said with a look of surprise on his face having not realized his brother now shares his birthday.