Reincarnated into Modern Family

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What is Reincarnated into Modern Family

Read Reincarnated into Modern Family fanfiction written by the author Anomander_Adaar on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is TV fanfic stories, covering romance, reincarnation, comedy, sliceoflife. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


A man who had a hard first life gets reincarnated into the ‘Modern Family’ world, where he gets a second chance at life. He will try to live this life much differently than his last, but some habits are harder to lose than others. The way he chooses to live his new life will certainly be a new journey for him and one where he learns what he missed out on the first time. Welcome back to all those who have read some of my other Fanfics. I hope this one entertains you as well and I am glad to have you back. For the newcomers, welcome and I hope you enjoy the story. As for how the story will go, it will be a slice of life very much and I feel slower, as I will try to build the relationships naturally. It will follow canon for the most part, with a few changes here and there, you will see as you read. This will be written mostly from the MC’s viewpoint, only switching POVs when necessary. Disclaimer: I do not own Modern Family or the book cover.

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Nia_Yurem · Urban
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2 Chs

When Legends Descend

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang a multiplayer online battle arena mobile game developed and published by Shanghai Moonton Technoloy. The game has become popular in Southeast Asia at this time. Ahn Chi Eun, a thirty year old veteran player at this game suffered betreyal. The game was introduced to him by their professor during their class. Without any intentions in playing the game, he didn't invovle himself in this matters. However, after college graduation, not only does he wasted his splendid looks but also became poor. When he was born, his parents abandone him for nothing. Hence, no one took care of him at his broken times. One day, he heard that playing MLBB can also earn you money by doing streams at youtube or even at twitch. He was so broke that time that he could only take the risk. Be a pro, or die. Because of his determination to earn money and live more, he became one of the best players in the game. Thousands of money and even game diamonds came into his possession. However, this all came to an end when his best friend, Park Mu Bin decided to kill him and take his account. Considering their friendship, he didn't believe that Park Mu Bin could do this. But, there are only two of them in that room when he murdered him. He thought he will die, however, he fortunately woke up when he is still eighteen, in second year of college. A miracle indeed, he grabbed this chance to rise again in the industry. Using his million-battle experience, he once again rose to stardom with his favorite hero on his side- Fanny. Accompany Chi Eun as he outsmart his enemies and beat his opponents. Soaring through the gaming world, he will rise to the limelight and grab all prizes. ... "Haha! What a noob, doesn't even have a skin of the hero he's playing." An arrogant tone greated him. This man is one of the best players in their Academy and also a rich brat. Without minding this, he took his phone and started the game. He first bought a jungling equipment to fasten the process of killing the Reaper. After killing it, he earned the buff that would help him conserve his energy. He hit the heal button and clicked the second skill pointing it to the farthest wall it can reach. At the way, he encountered his oponent so he turned mid air and spammed his opponent on the wall leaving him no chance to scape. "First Blood." Bold words were dispayed on the screen of his phone while a girl's voice accompanied it. Hi opponent's face turned sour as he just suffered humiliation. Chi Eun's face revealed a mocking expression before he laughed gently. His eyes sharpened as he stared at the man infront of him. "Show your skills, not your skins."

CHI_Eun · Video Games
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2 Chs


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most things about the story are okay but as I reached the end of the current chaps I started to dislike the mc it wasn't anything new he did to make me feel that way its just his relationship with Alex really rubs me the wrong way and it doesn't feel like he's growing at all which has lead to me becoming disinterested in the mc which kinda ruins my reading experience


good starting but pls don't drop.good starting but pls don't drop.good starting but pls don't drop.good starting but pls don't drop.good starting but pls don't drop.


Here are a few things I like in this ff compared to other Modern Family ffs: 1) MC does not steal lines or scenes from the original. Yes, there are fics out there the MC repeats the things other characters were going to say just a few seconds later. 2)MC has his own real family. Most Modern Family fanfiction MC spends most of their family with main cast like they do not have any family. In this novel, MC's family and the main cast are friendly families. MC spent time with Alex(love interest) most of the time in the main cast. And, MC's relationship with his own family is very good, they spent a lot of good time. He even brings Alex to his family events. 3)MC does not have any mental issues. It is strange that all other fanfictions have some MCs with mental problems. 4)We can see time progress without reading 200 chapters. I am writing this review when I read ch56 and currently, they are adult.


The book so far is looking promising(2 chapters). Plus the improvements in the author’s writing skill can be observed quite clearly. 👍🏽


I really like this novel, it's a nice change of pace and it's good for me to relax by reading something casual without anything supernatural or anything like that.


Reveal spoiler


Very good story, and nice regular updates. Hope you keep it up


I'll be honest, I haven't read the chapters yet my friend, but because this is another one of your works, I know I'll enjoy it. I will still update this when I read it though.


best modern family fanfiction web novel great fell good vibes




One of the best fanfics available on Webnovel and to my knowledge, this is the only Modern Family Fic that is completed. The pacing of the story is well handled along with an interesting protagonist and other OCs. There are no over the top elements and things are kept simple but still entertaining enough. Overall, it is a fun read with both comedy and drama


a amazing modern family fanfiction, i love the story and how you incorperated the mc into the dunphy family dynamic. It is also amazing that you finished the story, because so many just stop. Amazing work you are a fantatic author [img=recommend][img=Feeling it]


The best fanfic of modern family.. i like the characters and story line. I think this is the only one that has an ending because most is dropped. Well, the author is really good at writting so i read all the story that the author created.


You now if real all the work of this author and all have been amazing Same with dis story So just keep it up If I can make a request to do a My three beautiful wives are vampires fanfic If don as good as all the other stores It will be amazing


I love this. The story and characters are really well done. I read this for the whole weekend and now im wanting more.. Hope to get an update and please don’t drop.


When is this story gonna be done bc it hella good


a good story to relax, without supernatural things, unnecessary drama, unnecessary relationships... just the life of a truly mature and stable MC...


Really good story. I enjoy it very much, can't wait to see what happens when they graduate. Quick question, will this end towards the same time as the show end irl?


What the update schedule u looking like


it was good I couldn't think of anything bad to say about it


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