Reincarnated into Jujutsu Kaisen (JJK)

A young man woke up in Borutos body in the universe of Jujutsu Kaisen! Watch how he travels through the world of curses with friends and enemies surrounding him.

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18 Chs

Eye of a God

Boruto was laid on his bed facing the ceiling, his arms were splayed to his side and he was thinking, contemplating.

He was confused, angry and most importantly scared. 'How! How did it get away! I ripped that cunt in half!' He looked at the ceiling, his eyes blazing, before his anger faltered 'what, what if it comes back?' He started to think about that possibility and shivered.

He shook his head and quickly stood, he put on a plain black tracksuit and left the room, his eyes both open revealing his Jogan as his eyebrows were furrowed.

He strode with purpose to the training grounds, on the way he summoned dozens of clones all to train with the water balloons he stole in the village. 'I will have the rasengan ready to destroy that bastard'.

As he left the clones behind in a nearby forest he continued his walk to the training yard looking for a specific someone.

He stopped once more summoning another 10 clones all to train wind chakra with leaves in a different part of the forest, he continued his path and came across the person he wanted to see.

"Maki, have you got that sword?" She turned in surprise at even seeing Boruto she thought he would be hiding after that whole fiasco with Gojo, he just gained a notch of respect from her for that.

"Yes" she replied simply as she pulled a sheathed sword out from nowhere "this is from the Zen'in clans vault so don't be bragging about it or anything, I don't think they would like that" she said as she handed over the sword in its sheath to Boruto.

He took the item in his hands and slowly unsheathed it revealing the silver Katana, with its hilt covered in white grip tape. 'I recognise this! This sword it's…its Sasukes!'.

"Does it have a name?" He asked tentatively as he looked at her, he wanted to know if it had any links to Sasuke other than appearance.

"Yeah, it's called The Uchiwa" she didn't notice the slight widening of Borutos eyes and carried on "The clan doesn't know much about it other than it's name, one problem is that it can't be imbued with cursed energy, it seems to reject it" she finished with a sigh fully expecting him to return it.

"Yeah, this…this is good, thank you" he said wholeheartedly he finally has a connection to his old world…no Boruto's old world. He shook his head ignoring that before turning to Maki.

"Can you give me a few more lessons? I've already learned the basics you gave me" he asked hopefully.

She put a hand on her hip before looking at him with a raised eyebrow "Oh, what do I get out of that? The tournament is tomorrow. I need to train as well" she asked.

"Well if helping isn't enough I guess having a sparring partner who can move far faster and is far stronger than you isn't enough either" he added a fake sigh at the end and looked up at the sky in despair.

He noticed her smile and grinned himself "Yeah whatever, you sure you're ready? I'm a pretty harsh teacher" she said with a smirk before kicking the sword out his hand and throwing a training sword at him.

"Right, that was really cool and everything but seriously where do you get this stuff!" He shouted wondering where the hell the training sword came from.


He was panting in exertion as he was blocking her wooden sword with his one. He found that fighting maki with a sword was far harder than just using all of his strength and blitzing her.

While he could do that now it wouldn't help at all, his competence would only grow if his skill grew with his strength. He doesn't want to be a brute who just smashes into things and hopes for the best.

Maki seemed to somehow know where he was going to hit before even he did. And she was doing some frankly incredibly attractive dodges but realistically why did she need to on one occasion jump over his head and then flip and land into a split only to turn that into a leg sweep and simultaneously dodging multiple of his swings.

That was just not necessary. All she needed to do was take 2 steps back and when he mentioned that to her she said something truly enlightening "Looks cool" she said it with no care in the world but she's right!

He can't wait to be competent enough to pull off those types of dodges; he almost jumped as he felt a set of memories insert his head.

Oh, it appears one of his clones had blown themselves up in the rasengan training. At least one good thing came of that, now all of his clones will know what that clone knew. He felt another set of memories enter his head as one clone had a breakthrough as they completed the first step on the rasengan training and then dispelled to let everyone know how to do it.

He must have made another mistake as Maki seemed to use his sword as a limbo pole before hitting him in the nose with the end of her sword.


He groaned once again as he felt himself fall on his back "you really like hitting me in the nose with that thing huh" he said to Maki who was standing above him, he took the hand she offered to stand.

"Hey at least the real training can start now" Maki said casually as she lifted him to his feet. She of course didn't realise Boruto was perplexed.

"W-what!? Wasn't that the training?" Boruto said in slight shock.

"Well yeah it was but it was mainly for me to test you, letting me know of your strengths and weaknesses etc etc" she said as she grabbed her own sword and gestured for Boruto to take his sword.

Borutos nodded to that, agreeing with her superior knowledge on swords, he quickly grabbed his own sword and stood a couple metres away facing her.

"Okay, now I'm going to teach you a couple moves and you're going to copy my moves and then I'm going to teach you why they are useful. Do you understand" she said in a strict tone.

Boruto nodded ready for the lesson to really begin.


Toge Inumaki was having a walk. A walk in which he was thinking about life, death and the continuous mysteries of life until he came across an odd sight. Maki and Boruto were both using swords and moving in sync.

Maki is teaching again he observed as he tilted his head in confusion. He thought back to Yuta Okkotsu and how Maki also taught him how to use a sword.

Yuta and Boruto have some similarities now he thinks about it, but the main one was that they both have some hidden power you wouldn't really think they would have. Yutas was his immense cursed energy and Rika.

Borutos however is…well he doesn't know. He witnessed it in the kitchen hours ago and still doesn't even have a clue what that may have been.

It was confusing, the tattoos were odd but he knows some techniques that can induce markings including his own, but the sheer power though that didn't feel like cursed energy it felt different.

It felt alien.


At the end of the day Maki and Boruto were walking side by side out of the training grounds both of them exhausted, he was far worse off than her however.

He fell down onto a nearby bench, and then leaned back and watched the starry sky. He felt the bench move as she sat next to him.

Throughout the day he had felt the occasion dispelling of a clone of two and had realised the amount of work the rasengan had been, he still wasn't sure how far they all were into it.

He decided to just dispel all of his clones. It was late enough and he did need to sleep soon, he almost groaned at feeling over 20 clones all giving him memories.

He quickly went through the memories in his head before realising that the clones were close but not done with the rasengan he felt himself close his eyes in annoyance but it was no issue he would finish the rest soon enough.

As he kept sorting through the memories he came to an amazing realisation as he remembered his other clones, the ones he made to study wind chakra had made multiple breakthroughs.

One of them had by chance ripped the leaf with his wind chakra and he taught the others and it snowballed. They started to try to split small separate water streams and then the one who did it first would teach the others and they eventually worked themselves up to a small waterfall.

He grinned at that, he could most likely imbue wind chakra into objects soon. He thought back to what Maki had said about Sasuke's sword Uchiwa, and how you can't imbue cursed energy into it. That's most likely because it can only take Chakra.

That's what he hoped at least, he turned his head and looked towards Maki who was gazing at the stars. "Hey uh, thanks for helping. I mean-just…thank you." He said trying to let her know how thankful he was for her teaching him.

She didn't respond…this made him feel awkward 'why didn't she respond, does she hate me now? Wait, did she hate me before this anyway…' his musing was interrupted.

"It's…it's not a problem I got my own training out of it as well." She said as she fiddled with her glasses. He honestly had no clue what to say back…oh nevermind he's got something.

"When I was looking at you with my Jogan eye I didn't see any cursed energy." He said with a curious expression on his face as looked at her.

"You can see a human's cursed energy?" She asked "and what do you mean Jogan eye?" She was clearly curious but he didn't let her change the conversation subject.

"You first" he gave her a smile, he really was curious as to why she didn't have any cursed energy, he knew she didn't have any from the Manga but honestly didn't know why she didn't have any.

"I have a heavenly restriction" she said as she turned back to the stars "that's why I wear these glasses, I can't see cursed spirits without them" she took off her glasses.

"What's a heavenly restriction?" He has heard of it but honesty doesn't know what it is.

"They are bindings placed on a sorcerer at birth, so I got a restriction which meant I had zero cursed energy but my strength and speed are superhuman" she said almost proudly.

He turned back to watch the stars "huh that's interesting" he took a deep breath "Well the Jogan is my right eye" he turned to her and met her eyes as he opened his right eye letting her see the glowing eye.

"It…well I don't know what it is, I can see cursed energy with it and that's all I really know right now" he closed his eyes again and went back to watching the stars.

"What do you mean you don't know what else it can do, how do you know that it doesn't stop at just seeing cursed energy?" She asked as she caught onto his wording.

He softly smiled as he rubbed his face and then met her eyes and opened his right eye again while closing his left one.

They were quite close Boruto noticed while looking at the other teenager before he spoke "I can tell that there is more, I don't know how either but I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that this eye is far more powerful than it currently is." He said with confidence laced within his tone.

"It's the eye of a God after all"